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A Comprehensive Review of Why You Should Avoid Shopping on This Suspicious Website

If you’re considering shopping on, think again. This online store claims to offer a wide range of items at incredibly low prices, but there are several red flags that indicate it may not be a trustworthy or legitimate website. In this review, we will outline the reasons why you should steer clear of to protect yourself from potential scams and fraudulent activities.

No Business Address Provided

One of the most concerning aspects of is the lack of a business address. Legitimate online stores typically provide a physical address where customers can reach out for inquiries or concerns. The absence of a business address raises suspicions about the true nature of this website, and it also means that customers have no way to contact the store in case of any issues. Additionally, not knowing the origin of the items being sold can be a significant cause for concern.

Recent Website Creation was created in October 2022 and is set to expire in October 2023. The relatively short lifespan of the website suggests that it may be a disposable site, commonly used by scammers to quickly set up shop, deceive unsuspecting customers, and disappear before any legal action can be taken against them. The creation date of the website is a clear indication that caution should be exercised when considering making a purchase from this site.

Lack of Customer Support

A legitimate online store should provide reliable customer support channels to assist customers with their inquiries or issues. However, disappointingly offers no functional email support and fails to provide a phone number for customers to reach out to. Attempts to contact customer service have proven futile, further adding to the suspicion surrounding the store’s legitimacy.

Absence on Social Media

Genuine online stores typically maintain an active presence on social media platforms, engaging with customers, and showcasing their products. However, does not have any social media accounts, which is highly unusual for an established and reputable business. The absence of social media presence raises doubts about the credibility and trustworthiness of the website.

Unrealistic Discounts entices customers with unbelievably low prices and substantial discounts. However, these discounts are often too good to be true. Legitimate stores rarely offer such massive discounts without a catch. The extremely low prices are merely a bait to lure unsuspecting customers into making purchases. In reality, no legitimate store can sustain such steep discounts without compromising their own profitability. It is essential to exercise caution when encountering heavily discounted prices, as they are often indicative of scam websites.

Shady Refund Policy

While claims to offer a 30-day refund policy, there’s a significant caveat. Customers are required to bear the cost of return shipping, which can be exorbitant and make the refund process inconvenient and expensive. Legitimate online stores usually cover return shipping costs, ensuring a hassle-free and customer-friendly return policy. The requirement for customers to pay for return shipping raises further concerns about the integrity of

Potential Scenarios When Shopping on

If you decide to shop on despite the warnings, it is essential to understand the potential risks involved. Reports indicate that operates by debiting customers for their purchases, sending confirmation emails and tracking details, but never actually delivering the items. This practice is common among fraudulent stores aiming to deceive customers. Furthermore, some customers have reported receiving counterfeit or inferior products, falling victim to the bait-and-switch scam. For instance, instead of receiving the item they ordered, they might receive a completely unrelated and cheaper item, such as a pair of socks instead of a bean bag.

Additionally, shopping on puts your credit card information at risk. There have been instances where customers’ credit cards were hacked, resulting in unauthorized charges or overcharges. It is crucial to exercise caution and protect your sensitive financial information from potential fraudulent activities.

The Verdict: is a Scam

Based on our findings, is a suspicious and fraudulent website. The lack of a genuine business address, outrageous discounts, recent website creation, absence on social media, and problematic customer support all point to the fact that is not a legitimate or trustworthy online store. Shopping on this website puts you at risk of receiving inferior products, losing your money, or even having your credit card information compromised.

If You’ve Already Shopped on

If you’ve already made a purchase from and suspect fraudulent activity, it is crucial to take immediate action. Contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction and seek a chargeback. Acting swiftly can increase your chances of recovering your funds. If the transaction has already been completed, file a dispute claim to report the fraudulent activity and seek resolution.

Additionally, it is important to secure your credit card information, especially if you created an account on or used the same password for other online accounts. By taking steps to protect your personal and financial information, you can minimize the risk of further harm from potential hackers.

In conclusion, is a scam website that tries to lure customers with cheap items and unrealistic discounts. We strongly advise against making any purchases from this store. It is crucial to exercise caution and be vigilant when shopping online, as there are numerous fraudulent websites like Deleuza, Oraqui, Pititor, and Gracesunny that seek to deceive unsuspecting customers.

To protect yourself from online shopping scams in 2023, it is recommended to follow these easy steps:

  1. Check the domain age: Verify how old the website is using a domain age checker tool like Older, established websites are generally more trustworthy.
  2. Verify the physical location: If the website provides a return address, copy it and paste it into your browser’s search engine. This can help determine if it is a genuine warehouse address or a residential one.
  3. Check for customer reviews: Look for customer reviews online. If there are no customer reviews available, it is advisable to exercise patience or contact us for further verification before proceeding with a purchase.
  4. Assess social media presence: Ensure that the social media buttons provided on the website actually lead to the store’s legitimate social media pages. Non-functioning social media buttons are often a sign of a fraudulent website.

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In conclusion, is a highly suspicious website that raises numerous red flags. From the absence of a business address and recent website creation to the lack of customer support and nonexistent social media presence, the evidence strongly suggests that is not a trustworthy or legitimate online store.

The website’s practice of offering unrealistically low prices and significant discounts is a common tactic used by fraudulent websites to lure unsuspecting customers. Moreover, the shady refund policy, where customers are required to bear the cost of return shipping, further reinforces the notion that is not operating in good faith.

Customers who have taken the risk of shopping on have reported scenarios where they were charged for their purchases, received confirmation emails and tracking details, but never actually received the items they ordered. In some cases, customers received counterfeit or inferior products, falling victim to the bait-and-switch scam. Additionally, there have been instances of credit card information being compromised, leading to unauthorized charges or overcharges.

Considering these facts, it is evident that is a scam. It poses a significant risk to your financial security, personal information, and overall shopping experience. Therefore, it is strongly advised to refrain from making any purchases on this website.

If you have already made a purchase on and suspect fraudulent activity, it is essential to act swiftly. Contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction and seek a chargeback. By taking immediate action, you increase your chances of recovering your funds. In cases where the transaction has already been completed, filing a dispute claim is crucial to report the fraudulent activity and pursue a resolution.

To protect yourself from online shopping scams in 2023, it is essential to follow some simple steps. Verify the domain age of the website, check for a physical location and customer reviews, and assess the store’s social media presence. These precautions can help you identify legitimate and trustworthy online stores, safeguarding your online shopping experiences.

In a world where online shopping has become increasingly popular, it is vital to remain vigilant and cautious. Always prioritize your online security and be skeptical of suspicious websites that offer too-good-to-be-true deals. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, you can protect yourself from falling victim to scams and fraudulent activities.

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stay safe, shop smart, and choose reputable online stores that prioritize customer satisfaction and security.

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