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Nasure is a brand that produces various health supplements aimed at supporting people with diabetes or other health conditions. One of their flagship products is Nasure Diabetes Care Colostrum Milk, which has received mixed reviews from customers and health authorities.

In this in-depth blog post, we will take a comprehensive look at Nasure milk reviews from multiple sources to understand both the positive customer testimonials as well as the concerns raised by regulatory bodies. Our goal is to present a balanced perspective by analyzing reviews from various platforms while following best SEO writing practices.

Customer testimonials on YouTube

One of the best places to find unfiltered customer opinions is YouTube, where people freely share their experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the top Nasure milk reviews on the video platform:

In a 1 minute 33 second video titled “Nasure Diabetes Colostrum Milk – What Customers Say…”, several customers share positive reviews of the product’s effects:

  • A woman says it helped control her blood sugar levels and she no longer feels fatigued after using it for 2 months.

  • A man states it regulated his blood pressure and he feels more energetic in his daily activities.

  • Another customer mentions it improved her cholesterol levels and she lost 5kg of weight with regular use.

Overall the testimonials paint a picture of Nasure milk helping manage diabetes symptoms like blood sugar spikes, fatigue, high BP etc. and even facilitating weight loss. However, it’s worth noting that individual results may vary.

TikTok reviews

TikTok has also emerged as a platform where users freely share product reviews. A search for “nasure diabetic milk review” on TikTok yields over 42 million views, indicating its popularity.

One video by user @marieannp shows her blood sugar levels dropping from a high of 220mg/dL to the normal range of 120-140mg/dL after drinking Nasure milk for a few weeks. She says it controls her diabetes “better than any medication”.

Another creator @justmariee shares that it improved her A1C levels from 9.2 to 6.8 within 6 months of use. She credits the product for helping manage her diabetes without insulin injections.

While anecdotal, these TikTok reviews present Nasure milk in a positive light for diabetes management. However, more scientific studies would be needed to establish its efficacy and safety.

Facebook video review

On her Facebook page, famous Filipino actress Karla Estrada posted a 1 minute 6 seconds video sharing her experience using Diacare Colostrum Milk, the same product but under a different brand.

She mentions it helped control her blood sugar levels, avoid hypertension and eye problems. Karla also says the milk allows her to sleep well and feel energized throughout the day.

Being a celebrity endorsement, this review may come across as biased. However, it does align with claims made in other customer testimonials about Nasure milk aiding diabetes management. Of course, one person’s results don’t apply to all.

Health authority advisories

While customer reviews paint a positive picture, it’s also important to consider advisories issued by health regulatory bodies. Let’s examine some of them:

  • In 2013, the Philippines’ FDA warned the public against a skim milk powder claiming to contain colostrum and offering therapeutic benefits. No details were provided about any specific brand.

  • Recently in 2022, the FDA issued Advisory No. 2022-1260 advising the public not to purchase or consume Nasure Diabetes Care Colostrum Milk as it is an unregistered food product with undisclosed ingredients and unproven claims.

  • The advisory states the product’s label does not comply with labeling requirements and its safety and efficacy for diabetes treatment is not supported.

So in summary, while customers found benefits, health authorities have raised red flags around the product’s registration status and lack of proof for its medical claims. This presents a contradictory perspective versus positive user reviews.

Online store listings

Let’s see what information online stores provide about Nasure milk in their product listings:

Lazada PH lists a 400g pack of Nasure Diabetes Care Colostrum Milk for ₱949, with 5 stars from 1 review. It claims the product helps stabilize blood sugar as a comprehensive nutrition supplement.

However, no verifiable scientific evidence is referenced. The listing also doesn’t address the lack of registration flagged in the FDA advisory.

Shopee PH sells the same 400g pack for ₱999. Its description highlights nutrients in bovine colostrum but again offers no proof for diabetes treatment or management claims.

Overall, online stores present the product in a positive light focusing on its composition rather than addressing regulatory non-compliance concerns. Buyers may not be fully informed of the contradictory views.

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Nutritional aspects

While the above discussions center around its role in diabetes, let’s examine Nasure milk from a nutritional perspective:

Bovine colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced in late pregnancy and early lactation. It contains antibodies, growth factors, cytokines and other components which boost immunity.

Compared to traditional milk, colostrum is richer in protein (13% vs 3.5%), vitamins, minerals, and immune-enhancing compounds. It also contains prebiotics that support gut and overall health.

Proponents argue these nutrients could offer benefits for diabetes by reducing inflammation, boosting metabolism and blood sugar control. However, robust clinical evidence is still lacking, as acknowledged even by product supporters.

More research would be needed to establish clear links between colostrum consumption and diabetes management or treatment. Individual results will also vary greatly.

Medical perspective

To get a balanced medical viewpoint beyond just customer reviews, let’s examine some expert opinions on using colostrum supplements for diabetes:

  • A 2020 review in Medical News Today concluded while bovine colostrum appears safe, more high-quality human studies are still needed to validate its anti-diabetic effects.

  • According to WebMD, there is insufficient evidence that colostrum alone can treat diabetes or lower blood sugar levels. It may work as an adjunct to medication but should not replace prescribed treatment.

  • A 2023 article on Healthline states while colostrum nutrients could aid diabetes in theory, definitive proof is lacking. More research with larger sample sizes is still required before strong recommendations.

In summary, medical experts acknowledge colostrum’s nutritional profile but emphasize the need for more rigorous clinical trials to substantiate any anti-diabetic effects – especially when used as the sole treatment approach. Caution is advised regarding unproven claims.

Regulatory compliance

To wrap up our comprehensive analysis, let’s revisit the topic of Nasure milk’s regulatory compliance status:

The lack of product registration with Philippines’ FDA means its safety, efficacy and labeling have not been properly evaluated and approved for sale as a food supplement.

Registration is mandatory under the country’s Food Safety Act to ensure only compliant products reach consumers. Selling unregistered items is illegal and can mislead public health.

While customers found benefits, the contradictory views between positive reviews and FDA warnings highlights the need for the manufacturer to work with regulators.

Proper scientific studies and registration would help validate claims, address safety concerns and provide consumers transparent, trustworthy information to make informed choices.


In this in-depth blog post, we analyzed Nasure milk reviews from multiple perspectives – customer testimonials, online listings, medical experts and regulatory authorities.

While some users reported positive experiences, robust clinical evidence and compliance with laws are still lacking according to health experts and advisories.

More research is warranted before strong conclusions can be made regarding its efficacy for diabetes treatment or management. Individual results will also differ greatly.

Overall, a balanced assessment shows the need for the manufacturer to work closely with regulators to validate claims, address concerns and provide transparent product information to consumers. Only then can the various viewpoints be reconciled.

I hope this comprehensive analysis provided valuable insights into understanding the mixed reviews around Nasure milk. Please let me know if any part needs further clarification.

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