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In today’s Review, I will be revealing all you need to know about this online earning platform known as “miratel technology”

In this “miratel technology Review”, I will be answering questions like; Is miratel technology Legit? Is miratel technology scam? How does miratel technology works? Who is the owner of miratel technology? miratel technology registration or signup, miratel technology login or signin, is miratel technology paying? miratel technology withdrawal, miratel technology Plans and Packages and many more about miratel technology will be discussed in this “miratel technology Review”

                What is Miratel Technology

MIRATEL TECHNOLOGY is a new platform launched on 28th of November 2022. Miratel technology claims to be an is an online metaverse and innovation structured to solving problems faced by people using different features and increased commercialization.

    When was Miratel technology launched

According to the last post written, it is clear that Miratel was launched on the 28th of November, 2022.


          How much do you earn on Miratel technology

Miratel technology is a known to be a new platform as at now. However, miratel technology earning as a good earning structure in it. I want to talk about a fact but kindly go with me to the review if it is real or scam.


Activities earnings on Miratel technology

-You get whooping sum of N2000 back to your dashboard immediately after registration

-Daily survey of MIRATEL website grants you N250

-Welfare of Mirapost gives you N350


Affiliate earnings on miratel technology

– You get N2,600 per every user you invite to MIRATEL

-You get another N200 per each user every of your downline invite (level 1 referral)

-You also get another N100 for every user your downline invites brings in. (level 2 referral)



– A non Affiliate earner can decide to withdraw anytime as withdrawal is automated. Automation bottom is on user’s dashboard. Minimum is N20,000

Affiliate users can withdraw twice weekly with minimum withdrawal of N5,000 ( Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 5pm)


Is Miratel technology legit?

Just as other platforms that have mainly come and go, miratel technlogy claims to be legit and also stand a time of fortune for the people. But for now, one can not stand to tell on if to get it followed or not. Also, kindly note to risk if only you can forget about losing it but if still not sure, you can check my conclusion.


 My personal Conclusion

My conclusion is always the last part in writing of any platform and it is written with all truthfulness. Kindly know we are not ready to say or write anything bad about the platform but as things are, the platform is an affiliate website which will not last in any way at all. Also, you joining this platform should mainly mean you can refer (bring people to the platform with your referral bonus). The platform in any way can not be able to pay the activities earnings and also the referral bonus is huge and also okay for you but the problem here is the fact that it is not even going to be daily withdrawal like other platforms (1440 hours in a week) instead, it is just 2 hours in a whole week for affiliate withdrawal (referral bonus platform) which is the only thing they are paying (the daily earnings is not sure).


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