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Unique Mooncake Brands to Check Out this Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching on September 10th, marking the time for family reunions and enjoying mooncakes under the full moon. This year, there are plenty of innovative mooncake brands in Singapore offering unique takes on the traditional treat. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at 3 brands leading the way with creative packaging, unusual flavors, and specially crafted mooncakes.

Mdm Ling Bakery – Playing with Packaging

Homegrown bakery Mdm Ling Bakery is known for putting a fun spin on their mooncake packaging each year. In 2022, they’ve truly outdone themselves with an interactive packaging concept that doubles as a board game. Their new launch is the “World’s First Monopoly Mooncake Street Smart Edition”, where the Monopoly board and properties are reimagined with delicious-sounding mooncake inspired names.

Playing a game while enjoying mooncakes is a great way to spend time with loved ones over Mid-Autumn. The Monopoly box itself contains 18 mooncakes in your choice of 4 different series. Beyond just being innovative packaging, Mdm Ling puts care and thought into crafting unique mooncake flavors within each series.

Their signature LAVALICIOUS! series offers global influences like Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Nanyang Coffee Caramel. For nostalgic dessert fans, the DESSERTLICIOUS! series recreates orange peel red bean and longan danfeng tea flavors. Kueh lapis lovers can indulge with the LAPIS-LICIOUS! range decorated with edible flowers. They even have halal and vegetarian options.

Mdm Ling’s festive game boxes don’t stop at Monopoly either. You can choose from entertaining mooncake puzzles like The Queen’s Gambit Chess Box or the kid-friendly Snacks & Ladders version. With their thoughtful innovations, it’s no wonder Mdm Ling Bakery is a leading name in unique mooncake packaging year after year.

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La Levain – Premium Flavors Crafted by Experts

When it comes to flavored mooncakes with a creative spin, artisanal bakery La Levain stands out from the crowd. Headed by Executive Chef Wythe Ng, a Baker of the Year finalist, their mooncakes use only top-quality ingredients in limited seasonal releases.

This Mid-Autumn, La Levain debuts their Liqueur Truffle Snowskin Mooncake collection crafted to tantalize taste buds. The set features 4 artistically made snowskin mooncakes infused with premium spirits like raspberry liqueur, Japanese sudachi, and passionfruit. Biting into one revealed innovative fillings like hojicha cheesecake or decadent dark chocolate encasing liquor-laced cream centers.

Their flavors withstood the test as our favorite was the refreshing tang of raspberry filling the crisp snowskin shell. La Levain mooncakes are certainly not your average sweet treats. Under Chef Ng’s expertise, they showcase exciting new flavor profiles perfected for the discerning palate.

For those seeking a more traditional option, the Baked Teochew Mooncake set offers the savory flavors of molten salted egg or earl grey latte in a buttery flaky crust. With limited yearly productions focusing on quality over quantity, La Levain establishes itself as the top choice for premium handcrafted mooncakes.

JU Signatures – Artisanal Excellence

Taking mooncakes to an artisanal level is JU Signatures, led by 30-year culinary veteran Chef Wong Kok Shyong. Their creations showcase Wong’s meticulous attention to detail, using only natural ingredients in small batch productions.

A highlight is their signature Flaky Teochew Orh Nee Pumpkin Mooncakes, garnering praise for the buttery yet light pastry layered with smooth creamy filling. Varieties include classic pumpkin orh nee as well as innovative flavors like matcha mochi lava. Eating one is an indulgent experience with each bite.

JU Signatures also presents the JUxtaposition snowskin series playing with both Eastern and Western influences. The Champagne Truffle variety astonished with a bubbly praline center encased in lotus paste. Their tradition-meets-modern technique even extends to a Cantonese range featuring nuts and double yolks in pastry crust.

Beyond exquisite taste, JU Signatures stands out for their emphasis on health. Mooncakes contain less sugar, oils and preservatives compared to others while natural colorings are used. It shows Wong’s care in crafting not just delicious but better-for-you mooncakes. Through meticulous techniques, JU Signatures sets the bar for exceptional mooncake artistry.

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Final Thoughts

The Mid-Autumn Festival is made even more enjoyable exploring new mooncake brands offering creative takes on the tradition. This year, Mdm Ling Bakery, La Levain and JU Signatures lead the innovation through imaginative packaging, bold flavors, and artisanal techniques.

Whether seeking interactive games, premium seasonal launches, or hand-crafted excellence – these brands deliver unique mooncake experiences. With limitless passion and vision, they preserve heritage while progressing the art form. This Mid-Autumn, celebrate reunions under the moonlight while discovering what Singapore’s top mooncake innovators have instore. May the flavors and joy they stir inspire many festival reunions to come.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a special time for families and friends to come together to celebrate under the light of the full moon. One integral part of the celebrations is enjoying mooncakes – the traditional treat that has been passed down through generations. In modern times, mooncakes have evolved from simply being a food enjoyed on this occasion, to becoming an art form in itself.

Brands like Mdm Ling Bakery, La Levain and JU Signatures are at the forefront of innovating and progressing mooncake culture in Singapore. They recognize that tastes and preferences change with each new generation. While honoring tradition and recipes of the past, they also embrace reinventing classics and pioneering new concepts. This ensures mooncakes remain a relevant and exciting part of Mid-Autumn festivities for years to come.

Their passion and creativity have transformed mooncakes into so much more than just a snack. Mdm Ling turns the Mooncake Monopoly box into an interactive experience families will treasure for its novelty and memories made. La Levain elevates flavors by crafting seasonal limited releases using premium ingredients in artistic presentations. JU Signatures pursues mooncake artistry to a whole new level of meticulous techniques and natural balanced ingredients.

Through continually pushing boundaries, these industry leaders keep the mooncake tradition alive and inspire newcomers to the festival. They prove that honoring heritage does not require staying rigidly steeped in the past. There is room for tradition alongside new interpretations, as history is meant to be built upon by each generation.

More than that, their innovations help spread appreciation for mooncakes beyond those who typically celebrate Mid-Autumn. Unique offerings tantalize even casual festival observers and introduce new audiences to the cultural significance. This expands the legacy so mooncake craft may continue to be shared widely for many years to come.

As technology and lifestyle changes sweep across societies, it is encouraging to see how brands such as Mdm Ling, La Levain and JU Signatures navigate progressing a beloved festival symbol. Their passion and artistic visions light the way forward for mooncakes to remain as special the 100th Mid-Autumn Festival as they are today. May their optimism and excellence help secure mooncakes a place in celebrations for another century to come.

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