mani finance real or fake? Reviews and complaints

An In-Depth Look at Mani Finance Pvt Ltd

When evaluating companies to work with, thorough due diligence is important. In this post, I’ll provide an extensive review of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd to help analyze their legitimacy and suitability. Let’s start with the basics.

Company Background

Mani Finance Pvt Ltd (MFPL) is a private limited company incorporated in India on April 28, 1992, making it over 30 years old. Its registered office is located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

MFPL operates in the financial services industry, providing other financial services according to its profile. The company has an authorized capital of 1 crore INR and paid-up capital of 0.65 crore INR.

Its corporate identification number is U65923WB1992PTC055286 and company registration number is 055286. Overall, MFPL seems well-established with a long track record in the financial space. But what about its leadership?

Board of Directors

Currently, two directors are listed for MFPL – Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta. Both have been with the company since its inception over 30 years ago, bringing deep experience and institutional knowledge.

Researching the directors further revealed no concerning issues like regulatory actions or legal disputes. Their extensive involvement suggests a commitment to MFPL’s long-term success. Strong, stable leadership is a positive signs.

Charges and Credit Lines

Reviewing MFPL’s charges platform showed an active loan of 17 lakhs INR from HDFC Bank as of November 2022. No other outstanding charges were noted.

A single, manageable credit line is preferable to an overloaded balance sheet. It implies judicious use of leverage to enhance operations versus excessive risks. MFPL’s position seems responsibly managed.

Regulatory Compliance

An important factor when vetting financial companies is regulatory compliance. MFPL appears to be in good standing according to The Company Check records:

  • Annual filings are up to date as of March 2022.
  • No pending or historical litigation against the company.
  • Directors are not identified in any regulatory actions.
  • No outstanding penalties or compliance defaults listed.

Adhering to reporting obligations and avoiding legal issues signals strong governance practices.

Contact Details

Mani Finance Pvt Ltd can be reached at its Kolkata headquarters. While no website or phone number are disclosed, the physical address provides a legitimate location for record-keeping.

Local presence builds trust versus anonymous online-only entities. And facile contact paths aid smooth communication and issue resolution if needed.

peer and industry Analysis

Mani Finance has common directors with four other active companies in related industries like steel and manufacturing. Cross-directorships aren’t inherently problematic and can indicate synergies.

Comparing financial metrics of Indian peer firms operating in other financial services positioned MFPL competitively in areas like capitalization and credit utilization. It appears on solid footing relative to industry norms.

User Sentiment and Reviews

No independent reviews of Mani Finance were found from customers or rating sites. However, the lack of publicly visible complaints is another positive sign.

When issues do arise, transparency helps build confidence. While feedback could provide additional perspective, the absence of negative press is not a red flag on its own. More data points would be preferable over time.

Alternative Options

As with any decision, it’s wise to consider alternatives. Some other Kolkata-based financial institutions providing comparable services include:

  • Peerless Financial Services
  • Ugro Capital
  • Western Management Consultants
  • Magma Fincorp
  • Silverline Technologies

Comparing options objectively based on track record, offerings, pricing and reviews assists getting the best overall fit. Continued due diligence of potential partners remains advisable.


Based on the extensive information examined, Mani Finance Pvt Ltd appears to be a longstanding, compliant company in good legal and financial standing. Strong leadership tenure, balanced use of credit, and regulatory adherence suggest responsible practices.

While user feedback would offer additional perspective, no overt red flags or concerning patterns emerged from the available data investigated either. For Kolkata businesses prioritizing an established local provider, Mani Finance may warrant consideration. Naturally, personalized due diligence tailors the right partner to specific needs.

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