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A Closer Look at LA Fitness Complaints – What Customers Really Say About Their Experiences

As one of the largest fitness chain operators in the United States, LA Fitness has hundreds of gym locations nationwide. However, no company is perfect and LA Fitness also has its fair share of unhappy customers who’ve left complaints.

In this in-depth review, we’ll analyze LA Fitness complaints gathered from multiple sources to gain valuable insights. Our goal is to understand the root causes of customer dissatisfaction and determine recurring pain points.

Let’s begin our exploratory investigation! 🏋️‍♀️

BBB LA Fitness Complaints

The BBB lists 124 closed complaints against LA Fitness in the last 3 years. Key takeaways from their complaints include:

  • Many mention difficulties cancelling memberships or being charged after cancellation.

  • Complaints about unwanted charges, poor communication and refusal of refunds.

  • Dissatisfaction with customer service responsiveness and resolution of issues.

So improper cancellation policies and defective member services seem to be longstanding concerns. 🚩

ConsumerAffairs LA Fitness Reviews

On ConsumerAffairs, LA Fitness has a low 1.3/5 rating from 1,820 reviews. Major review themes include:

  • Outdated equipment and facilities not matching promotional photos.

  • Contractual obligations felt like a “scam” according to some members.

  • Many reference ongoing costs and extra charges even after cancellation.

  • Rude staff behavior and poor response to complaints also featured.

Unmet maintenance standards, misleading contracts and customer neglect come through strongly. 😕

Trustpilot LA Fitness Feedback

LA Fitness holds a mediocre 2/5 star rating from 112 Trustpilot reviews. Complaint highlights consist of:

  • Frustration with difficulty unsubscribing or dealing with hidden extension charges.

  • Dissatisfaction over replacement membership cards not being issued on request.

  • Unclean facilities, broken equipment and locker room areas in bad shape.

Imaging, retention efforts and premises upkeep are apparently problem areas too. 🤨

PissedConsumer LA Fitness Complaints

This site compiles 19 LA Fitness complaints citing:

  • Disapproval of annual membership auto-renewal notices not being sent on time.

  • Missing refunds despite written requests and cancellations fulfilled online.

  • Poor communication from staff regarding payment collection errors.

Notice delivery, flawed cancellation handling and customer support falter here. 😔

In summary, LA Fitness complaints consistently touch on contract frustration, hidden charges, unclean facilities and unhelpful customer service. 🚧 🚧

LA Fitness Corporate Office & Contacts

Now let’s break down ways to potentially address these issues:

LA Fitness Headquarters:
500 S. Kraemer Blvd, Brea, CA 92821
Toll-Free: +1 866-223-7527


Better Business Bureau:
File a complaint at for resolution assistance.

Attorney General’s Office:
Escalate to the AG’s office if LA Fitness is non-responsive to complaints.

Legal Action:
Consulting with a lawyer may be necessary depending on the issue severity.

With this information, customers now have comprehensible options to seek remedy from LA Fitness when facing problematic experiences. 💪


To sum up, prominent complaints lodged against LA Fitness relate to:

  • Frustration with membership cancellation and improper charges

  • Concerns over unclean and run-down facilities/locker rooms

  • Dissatisfaction with customer service responsiveness

  • Misleading/confusing contract terms and hidden costs

While not representative of every member, these recurring themes in public complaints deserve addressal for improved customer fulfillment.

LA Fitness still has room to enhance transparency, address systemic issues and better support dissatisfied customers according to available online feedback. 🏋️‍♀️

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