Joelact Scam Or Legit ? Reviews

Joelact Scam Or Genuine? Legitimate? Review

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular, offering convenience and accessibility to a wide range of products. However, along with the benefits come the risks of encountering fraudulent websites and scams. One such website that has raised suspicion is In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth review of, highlighting its pros and cons, as well as addressing the question of whether it is a scam or a legitimate online store.

Safety Index:

To begin our evaluation of, let’s consider its safety index. Based on our analysis, the safety index for is rated below average, with a score of 25/100. This indicates a higher level of risk associated with the website. Website Highlights:

  • Domain name:
  • Website name: Joelact
  • Email:
  • Product Categories Available On Its Website: Camping and Garden, Carpet, Kitchen Dining, Lazy Sofa
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Cartoon Vintage Rug, 121-piece Kitchen Spree, 117-piece Kitchen Spree, Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 16 Piece Cookware Pots and Pans Set, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Turquoise, The Dog Bed for Humans-Dark gray, Cartoons bean bag, etc.

Joelact Review – Pros and Cons To Identify Either Is Joelact Scam or Genuine:

To determine the legitimacy of, it is essential to consider its pros and cons. By examining these factors, we can gain a better understanding of the website’s trustworthiness.


  1. SSL Security: has incorporated SSL security, which ensures a secure connection between the user’s browser and the website. This is a positive aspect in terms of data protection.
  2. Contact Address: The website provides a contact address, indicating a level of transparency and accessibility.
  3. Matching Website and Domain Name: The website name aligns with its domain name, which adds credibility to its branding.
  4. Matching Email Domain: The email domain ( matches the website’s domain, reinforcing its legitimacy.

Cons (Drawbacks and Complaints):

  1. Lack of Contact Phone Number: At the time of this review, lacks a contact phone number on critical website pages such as “Contact Us,” “ABOUT US,” and the homepage. This absence may raise concerns about customer support and communication.
  2. Parent Company’s History: is associated with FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, a parent company known for operating multiple problematic sites such as Kadatars, Hunsap, Sizeling, Xapowe, Lucky-Toad, Fankay, LeuiasoShop, WejvmTop, and others. This history raises doubts about the reliability of the website.
  3. Suspiciously Low Prices: offers numerous products at significantly discounted rates. While low prices may seem attractive, they can be indicative of fraudulent websites. Exercise caution when encountering such offers.
  4. Lack of Social Media Presence: The absence of social media icons or links on the website raises questions about its credibility and legitimacy.
  5. Similarities with Problematic Sites: The design and content of bear resemblance to other websites with reported issues, including their “About Us” page. Such similarities should be taken into consideration when assessing the website’s trustworthiness.
  6. Complaints Against Similar Sites: Multiple complaints have been filed against websites associated with FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, indicating a pattern of potentially dubious practices.

Our Final Verdict:

Based on the information and analysis presented, there are significant indications that raise doubts about the trustworthiness and legitimacy of While it does have some positive aspects such as SSL security and a contact address, the lack of a contact phone number, the parent company’s problematic history, suspiciously low prices, and similarities with other questionable sites contribute to concerns.

It is advisable to approach with caution and conduct thorough research before making any purchases. Reading reviews and gathering additional information can help in making an informed decision. If you have any experiences or insights regarding, we encourage you to share them in the comments section, as your input contributes to a more comprehensive evaluation of the website.

Comment For More Information:

While we have highlighted certain drawbacks of the website, we value your input in further assessing its credibility and reliability. Your insights, experiences, and additional information are highly appreciated as they contribute to a more comprehensive evaluation of the website. Please share your thoughts, engage in the discussion, and provide valuable perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of Your contribution can help others in their decision-making process.

We also encourage you to share this post with your friends and family through your social media accounts to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with and similar websites.

If you are interested in exploring more suspicious sites, scams, or brief reviews, you can find them in their respective categories on our website. We strive to provide informative and knowledgeable articles across various categories, which you can navigate through our home page.

Note: Scam websites often change their name and content over time. The information provided in this review is based on the details available on the website at the time of writing. If you come across any different information later, it could indicate that the online store has made changes. However, the suspicious nature of the site should still be considered.


Q: How to get your money back from scammers? If you have fallen victim to a scam online store, it is crucial to take immediate action to safeguard your interests. First and foremost, contact your bank or credit card company without delay and explain the situation to them. Request their assistance in securing a refund for the fraudulent transaction. If you made the payment through PayPal, open a dispute via your PayPal account and contact their support team for further guidance. Provide them with a detailed account of the scam, including pertinent information such as the website or seller involved and any supporting evidence you may have. By taking these steps, you increase your chances of obtaining a refund and resolving the issue with the scam online store.

Q: What to do if I receive a completely different item than what I purchased? If you receive a product that is noticeably cheaper or entirely different from your original order, it is recommended to obtain the tracking information from the post office. This documentation typically contains essential details such as the delivery address and the weight of the item. It is not uncommon for the received item to have a lower weight than the intended one. Sharing this information with your bank, credit card company, or PayPal can significantly strengthen your case for a refund. Numerous individuals who have provided such evidence to their financial institution or payment service provider have successfully obtained full refunds with their assistance.

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To conclude, the review of raises significant concerns about its legitimacy and trustworthiness. While the website incorporates SSL security and provides a contact address, several red flags indicate that it may be a suspicious website. These include the absence of a contact phone number, the problematic history of its parent company, the suspiciously low prices of its products, the lack of social media presence, and the similarities with other questionable sites.

It is crucial for consumers to exercise caution when considering making purchases from or any similar suspicious website. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. The comments and experiences of others can provide valuable insights into the credibility and reliability of the website.

If you have already been a victim of a scam, it is important to take immediate action to protect yourself. Contact your bank, credit card company, or PayPal to report the fraudulent transaction and seek assistance in obtaining a refund. Provide them with detailed information and evidence of the scam to strengthen your case.

Remember to prioritize your online safety and remain vigilant when shopping online. Be wary of websites that exhibit red flags, and if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from falling victim to fraudulent activities.

It is essential to stay updated and informed about potential scams and share that information with others. By spreading awareness and helping protect others from scams, we can collectively create a safer online shopping environment.

Please note that the information provided in this review is based on the details available on the website at the time of writing. Scam websites may change their name, content, or tactics over time. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant and cautious when dealing with any online store.

Stay safe, stay informed, and shop wisely to protect yourself from online scams.

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