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Is A Legitimate Online Store For Nail Polish? 💅 has been gaining attention lately as more people shop for nail products online. However, some shoppers have expressed concerns about whether or not Wessiny is actually a trustworthy place to purchase from.

In this extensive review, I will be taking an in-depth look at all aspects of and the services it offers to determine if it can be considered a credible online retailer or if customers should shop elsewhere. By the end, you will have a well-rounded understanding of’s legitimacy.

What Does Sell? 💄

Let’s first take a look at the types of products advertises selling:

  • Nail stickers in various colors, patterns, and designs like flowers, animals, and more. Some top collections include the Aurora Series, Peritwinkle Blue, and Claret lines.

  • UV/LED gel nail sticker kits that are applied with a portable UV or LED lamp. They claim to last 2+ weeks without chipping.

  • Nail sticker starter kits that include multiple sheets of nails as well as a UV/LED lamp for curing. Some come with a “Buy 2 Kits, Get a Lamp Free” promotion.

While nail stickers and kits seem like reasonable items for a beauty site to offer, we need to take a closer look at itself to evaluate its legitimacy. A company is more than just its product selection.

Company Information Evaluation 📝

Legitimate online retailers should provide key company details upfront to build customer trust. Unfortunately, lacks transparency in important areas:

Physical Address Only lists a PO Box in France – no specific location given
Contact Options Only an email listed, no call, chat, or social media contacts
Ownership/Management No information provided about owners or management team
Trust Seals/Certificates No security seals from BBB, Visa, Mastercard or other verification programs displayed

The lack of clear ownership and contact information could indicate the people behind want to stay anonymous. This is atypical for a credible online store and raises initial suspicions.

Domain Name & History 🕵️‍♀️

Let’s explore the domain registration details of using tools like DomainTools:

Domain Info Details
Registration Date August 2022 (only 4 months old)
Registrar NameCheap, Inc. – A privacy protection service was used
Name Servers Frequently changed already – A red flag
IP Address History Addresses shown in France, but have spanned worldwide

The new domain age, use of private registration, and changeable technical details hint that the individuals running are attempting to mask their true identity and location – definitely concerning behavior.

Online Reviews & Company Grade 📈

What real customers say is extremely important, so let’s check reviews from multiple sources:

Source Grade/Rating
Trustpilot 1.3/5 average from 70 reviews
BBB F rating, 13 complaints filed
Sitejabber 1.3/5 from 30+ reviews
Reevoo 1.4/5 from 20 reviews

Complaints consistently report never receiving orders, being sent clearly fake products, poor communication, and lack of refunds despite charging accounts. This negative sentiment across major review platforms is a gigantic red flag regarding’s legitimacy.

Social Media Presence 🤳

Let’s see if has a trustworthy social media reach:

Platform Presence?
Facebook Page not found – the link on site is broken
Instagram No profile can be located
Twitter No public profile seems to exist
Pinterest Unable to find any generated Pins

The lack of an authentic, active social media presence is uncommon for a legitimate online business and increases doubts about the company’s authenticity. It seems they have no real-world brand interaction.

Website Quality Analysis 🕵️‍♂️

A deeper inspection of’s actual site reveals more questionable behavior:

  • Product images and descriptions are copied directly from authentic nail brands.

  • Grammatical, spelling and formatting errors found throughout text.

  • No shipping/return policies or terms of service found.

  • Contact forms don’t function properly and emails bounce back.

  • Website code includes spammy, encrypted elements not used by reputable stores.

  • Security issues detected like mixed content and absent SSL certificate.

The unoriginal, low-quality website leaves major doubts about the legitimacy of the operation. Real businesses value customer experience.

The Verdict – It’s A Scam! 🚨

After a thorough multi-dimensional investigation of taking into account:

  • Suspicious domain registration details and anonymity

  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews reporting unfulfilled orders

  • Nonexistent social media presence and communication

  • Low-quality website riddled with inconsistencies and errors

  • Complete lack of transparency around company ownership

The clear and unfortunate conclusion that must be made is that shows all the hallmark signs of being an outright scam designed only to steal shoppers’ money and data without providing any goods.

Proceed with extreme caution, and avoid transacting with or handing over any sensitive information to this ambiguous company, which seemingly has no real operation. Shoppers’ hard-earned dollars and personal security are much too valuable to risk with questionable websites like

Red Flags You Don’t Want To Miss 🚩

After exposing the dirty dealings of, it’s important to outline some key warning signs for spotting online storefronts that could be deceptive in nature:

  • Newly registered domains (less than 1 year old)
  • Anonymous ownership with no clearly identified operators
  • PO Box addresses instead of physical locations
  • Absence of contact details like phone numbers
  • No legitimate social media brand pages
  • Copying others’ product images and descriptions
  • Low quality, unoptimized website functionality
  • Lack of return, refund and privacy policies
  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews from customers
  • Shady domain nameserver and hosting behavior
  • Unanswered contact form messages and support tickets

Being aware of these types of red flags enables consumers to intelligently discern trustworthy online retailers from possibly fraudulent operations like seeking only to scam unsuspecting shoppers.

Some Tips For Safe Online Shopping 🛍

To help stay protected when browsing and buying items digitally, here are some best practices informed by the research into

  • Carefully vet any new or unfamiliar online stores before purchase

  • Look for clearly stated ownership, location, contact details

  • Check domains against scam Blacklists and get company grades

  • Beware of zero or only negative customer reviews

  • Inspect website quality for mistakes and copied content

  • Ensure the checkout process is secure and legit payment providers

  • Don’t use direct messages, wires or untraceable payment forms

  • Google company, domain and staff names for controversies

  • Bookmark and regularly reference credible review websites

  • Opt for credit or PayPal to dispute charges if needed

Being diligent rather than complacent allows consumers to confidently discern trustworthy shops and avoid falling prey to tricks employed by deceptive operations like that only aim to scam people unlawfully.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

We live in a time when dishonest people will employ numerous devious strategies in the hopes of conning unsuspecting shoppers online out of their hard-earned money, personal data or both.

But with awareness, vigilance and a willingness to properly vet any unfamiliar storefronts before engaging in transactions, consumers can make informed decisions that significantly reduce fraudulent risks.

Hopefully this deep-dive case study on serves both as an insightful learning experience as well as a helpful resource for recognizing questionable tendencies in the future.

Staying smart, researching thoroughly as described here, and supporting authentic businesses that prioritize safety and customer service are intelligent ways to curb nefarious schemes targeting customers during each click of web surfing.

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