is welocalize legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Is Welocalize a Legitimate Company?

Welocalize is a globalization company that provides translation, localization and product testing services to many large enterprise clients. However, there have been some questions from individuals online about the legitimacy of the company and whether it’s a good opportunity to work with. In this blog post, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at Welocalize based on research from their website, reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Reddit, as well as addressing some common queries people have about working with them.

## Company Overview and Services

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in New York, Welocalize emplys over 1500 people worldwide with offices in 13 countries. They serve a wide range of industries including technology, life sciences, gaming and more. Some of their major clients include Intel, Microsoft, IBM and General Electric.

The main services Welocalize offers include:

– **Translation** – Welocalize supports over 230 language combinations for translation projects including documents, websites and software localization.

– **Localization** – They help adapt content for specific regions, ensuring it’s culturally appropriate by making changes to measurements, dates, currencies etc.

– **Product Testing** – As part of quality assurance, Welocalize recruits testers globally to check localized products work as intended in their target market.

– **Project Management** – Managing the full localization process from start to finish including workflow, resource allocation and vendor coordination.

– **Cloud Technologies** – Welocalize provides tools and services like Welocalize One, a cloud-based platform for centralizing multi-language content.

Based on their many years of experience and large client portfolio, Welocalize does seem to be a legitimate provider of translation and localization services for big corporate customers. However, there are still questions around some of their other roles like product testing.

## Is the Welocalize Product Testing Role Legit?

One of the main roles that gets conflicting reviews online is Welocalize’s search quality evaluator or product testing position. This involves raters examining search results and pages to evaluate factors like relevancy, usefulness and user experience.

Some key points around this role:

– **Pay and Commitment** – Pay is around $13-$15 per hour for US raters working part-time (10-15 hours per week minimum). However, the sign-up and testing process is lengthy without guarantee of getting hired.

– **Difficult Testing Process** – Reddit posters complain the entrance exam and sample tasks are overly long and stringent. There are concerns not all are evaluated fairly.

– **No Guaranteed Work** – Even after passing tests, some claim they never received work or communication from Welocalize despite an expressed interest in the role.

– **Boring Repetitive Tasks** – Raters say the work involves rating similar search results and webpages for hours on end without much variety or learning.

– **Remote with Little Support** – As remote independent contractors, raters have to self-manage their hours with limited interaction from Welocalize managers.

While Welocalize is certainly a large company offering real jobs, the legitimacy of their product testing program has clearly frustrated some would-be employees. The difficult application process combined with possible false promises of ongoing work feeds concerns it may just be used to collect free labor with no intent of consistent employment. However, others online also say they have had a positive experience in this role. So opinions do seem mixed.

## Is Working at Welocalize Recommended?

To get a more balanced perspective, here’s a look at what real employee reviews say about working at Welocalize directly from sites like Glassdoor and Indeed:

**The Pros:**

– Welocalize is seen as a reputable brand name in the translation industry with opportunities for career growth.

– Flexible work arrangements are available including full-time remote once you’re established at the company.

– Positive reviews mention good salary, benefits and bonus structure for full-time positions.

– Many employees appreciate the interesting global work and exposure to different languages/cultures.

**The Cons:**

– Higher than average stress levels reported from tight deadlines and client demands.

– Management style earns mixed reviews with some claiming it lacks direction and appreciation.

– High turnover mentioned as staff burnout from overload and pressure to take on too much.

– Limited upward mobility reported within departments once you reach a certain seniority level.

Overall, while Welocalize seems to treat established full-time employees fairly well generally, the work conditions do take their toll according to reviews. It comes down more to personal fit and how well one can handle busy production cycles under tight guidelines.

From the outside, the inconsistent experiences shared online with their product testing program raise uncertainty. However, pursuing regular full-time roles directly with Welocalize or their partners still seems reasonably safe overall based on the company’s reputation within the language industry. Just know what to expect from the demanding work environment.

## Vetting Opportunities Thoroughly

In summary, while Welocalize is a large established company offering real translation and localization services to clients, individuals should still vet any opportunity thoroughly before committing significant time and effort. Some key takeaways:

– Always research companies extensively on sites like Glassdoor to get a balanced view beyond just marketing.

– Be wary of any opportunity with an extremely lengthy or difficult application/testing process without a clear path to consistent employment.

– Treat freelance contractor roles skeptically if they promise high pay with limited commitment but provide no income proof or reviews.

– Consider consulting translation industry communities and asking pointed questions to understand program legitimacy.

– Pursue well-reviewed full-time opportunities directly with reputable firms rather than questionable contract work.

With diligent research factoring in all perspectives, it seems opportunities directly through Welocalize themselves or validated partners remain reasonably low risk overall for qualified candidates ready for the inherent challenges of the work. But freelance programs require more scrutiny. Due diligence serves anyone’s best interests when evaluating employment opportunities online.

In conclusion, while questions linger around some of Welocalize’s independent contracting roles, they do seem to be a large legitimate provider of translation and localization services to enterprises based on their tenure and clientele. However, not all programs may function as transparently advertised. Thorough research remains important when considering opportunities through any company.

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