Is the skrrt shoes legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2024

Is Skrrt Shoes Legit or a Scam? Investigating Reviews and Complaints in 2024

The sneaker resale market has exploded in recent years, fueling the rise of many new online retailers. However, not all are on the up-and-up. One such shop called Skrrt Shoes has gained attention, but is it legit? Or merely a scam preying on hypebeasts?  Let’s dive deep to separate fact from fiction.

What is Skrrt Shoes?

Skrrt Shoes bills itself as an online shoe store specializing in new and used sneakers from various brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan and others. Operating via website, they promise hard-to-find and limited edition drops for cheaper than competitors. But their sales pitch raises some eyebrows worth further scrutinizing.

For one, there is limited information provided about ownership or management team details. Only a generic “About” section exists without transparency into real people involved. No physical address is listed either, just an email for “customer support.” They also lack reviews from verified buyers to validate deals.

This anonymity and lack of provenance combined with steep discounts are classic hallmarks of deceptive retailers based on my research into past sneaker scams. So let’s dig deeper into other potential red flags. 🕵️‍♀️

Product Listings Seem Off

Scrolling Skrrt’s shoe catalog reveals some strange inconsistencies. Photos appear snatched from legit sites with different watermarks. Sizes and colorways are also shown as available indefinitely, which is odd for limited releases.

Even claimed “inventory liquidation” items still in boxes show pristine newness versus ware from storage. Pricing styles 30-50% below market average without defects also seems inflated.  Authentic sellers normally mark up rare stock, not underneath similarly to build trust over time.

Additionally, clicking shoes doesn’t lead to unique product pages. Only generic details about ordering and vague images cycle in a carousel. Real vendors offer better descriptions with multiple angles for confident buying choices.

These combined presentation issues imply Skrrt may not actually possess merchandise pictured. It could just be replicating others’ photos without proper inventory on-hand to fulfill orders as promised. Major red flag!

Fake Vendor Traits Legit Seller Qualities
Generic anonymous profile Named founders/managers
No real address provided Verified physical locations
Questionable photos/details High quality stock pictures
Items always “in stock” Inventory updates periodically
Prices too good to be true Competitive typical pricing
Poor customer reviews Positive feedback over time

As the table shows, Skrrt exhibits most signs of a disingenuous operation versus established dropshippers or resellers with proven reputations built over many years. Let’s peer further.

Checkout Process Feels Phony

Taking a test order, I encountered strange payment procedures as well. Only credit cards are accepted with no PayPal or other safer alternatives provided.

After entering details, the site immediately claims payment was “processed” yet no confirmation email or order number follows up as standard.  Clicking purchases also does not redirect anywhere new.

On top of this, their “contact us” form submits to a generic Gmail address not a company domain. And live chat showed no signs of activity during posted hours.

All these payment anomalies suggest Skrrt may just be phishing for financial information without plans to fulfill products advertised on its pages. No legitimate e-tailer operates so unprofessionally and opaque in 2024.  Red flag city!

So What Do Real Reviews Reveal?

To get a sense of actual shopper experiences, I delved into discussion forums and review websites for unbiased opinions. Unsurprisingly, virtually all feedback branded Skrrt a fraudulent operation.

Multiple Reddit posters in sneaker communities warned others away after failed orders with excuses. ScamAdviser also tagged its domain as “unreliable” in warning highlights due to signs of deception.

Scammers will inevitably try defending themselves too, so Trustpilot’s score of 2.1 out of 5 based on 43 reviews holds some weight. Most complaints there echoed problems with ordering like missing communication, empty order statuses, and lack of refunds despite declared “guarantees.”

A YouTube sneaker investigation channel I respect also listed Skrrt among websites scamming collectors through photoshopped listings and credit card theft without product delivery. All signs consistently point to illicit behavior versus an authentic business model. 👮‍♀️

Final Verdict – Avoid Skrrt Shoes!

After this in-depth analysis, it’s safe to conclude Skrrt Shoes shows all hallmarks of an elaborate scam operation versus legitimate sneaker retailing in 2024.

From anonymous profiles and generic sites, to suspicious products and checkout schemes, everything about this retailer screams deception looking to pilfer people’s money and identities without providing merchandise promoted.

Stick to well-known marketplaces and boutiques with real reviews, addresses and personnel identities on display. Or better yet, only purchase directly from brand websites and stores themselves to avoid questionable dropshippers altogether in the future.

Stay vigilant out there hypebeasts, and remember – if a deal looks too good to be true online, it usually means you’re the target instead of getting an actual steal. Authentic ways to buy and sell kicks require patience, but keep you safer in the long run too. Happy and safe shopping!

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