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Is Legit? A Look Into This UK Banking Utility Site is a website that provides UK bank account and sort code validation services. But is it a legitimate site to use, or could it be a scam? In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at to determine whether it can be trusted.

What is is an online utility that was created to validate UK bank account numbers and sort codes. A sort code is a six-digit number that identifies the bank branch where an account is held in the UK banking system. When combined with an eight or ten-digit account number, it provides a unique identifier for each bank account. allows users to enter either a sort code alone or a full sort code and account number combination. The site will then perform validation checks to confirm whether the numbers provided are in a valid format for a UK bank account and belong to the bank associated with that sort code.

In addition to validation, the site also provides information about the bank branch associated with the entered sort code. This includes the bank name, town and full address details. For account number checks, confirms whether the length and format of the number match the requirements for that particular bank.

So in summary, exists as an online reference tool for validating UK bank account details. This can be useful for a variety of purposes like confirming account information is correct before making payments.

Is Safe to Use?

To assess whether can be considered a legitimate and safe site, we analyzed it for any signs of risks:

Trustworthiness Indicators: The site has trust seals from McAfee Secure and GeoTrust displaying its SSL encryption. Scam sites won’t have official security certifications.

Domain History: has been registered since 2002, indicating it’s an established long-term business. Scams tend to use newly registered domains.

Negative Reviews: A search turned up no reports of the site being involved in fraudulent activities or data theft. Scam warnings would exist if it was untrustworthy.

Purpose & Features: The sole purpose of the site is to provide a useful bank validation service, not to gather surplus personal info. Features align with its purpose rather than deception.

Owner Information: Whois data lists the registered owner as Unified Software Ltd, a legitimate UK-based company with an address and phone number. Scam domains use privacy to hide.

Based on these factors, shows all the signs of being a trustworthy website rather than a phishing scam or fraud operation. Its long online presence and focus on utility over excessive data collection point to it being a safe site.

How Does Work?

To use the sort code and account number validation features on

  1. Visit the website and either select “Sort Code Check” or “Account Number Check”

  2. For a sort code check, enter just the six digit code. For a full check, input the sort code and eight or ten digit account number.

  3. Click the “Check” button to submit the details.

  4. The site will return a message confirming if the number(s) are in a valid format. It will also display the associated bank name and branch details.

  5. For account checks, it verifies the length and format matches the requirements of that specific bank.

The process is straightforward and only requires basic account information without more sensitive personal details. Results display instantly to quickly verify the numbers are linked to the expected bank and branch location.

Why Use

There are several common reasons why individuals and businesses may want to utilize the account validation features on

  • Confirming Banking Details: Double checking sort codes and account numbers are correct before making any payments or transfers to unfamiliar recipients. This minimizes risks of sending money to wrong accounts.

  • Verifying Received Payments: Receiving parties can enter details received to confirm the account the money was sent to matches expectations. This provides payment security and resolution for any issues.

  • Validating Customer Information: Companies can cross-reference account numbers provided by clients against records at to ensure they are legitimate before ongoing transactions.

  • Record Keeping Accuracy: Organizations may use to audit internal banking records, verifying sort code-bank branch combinations listed are active and associated correctly.

  • Investigating Payment Problems: If there are delays or rejections in funds transfers, the validation site can help analyze if improper account details were supplied initially.

So in many payment and banking relationship situations, offers simple due diligence to catch errors and reduce risks. Its online checks require minimal effort for important number confirmation.

Other Uses for Sort Code Lookup

While the core function of is bank account validation, the site also facilitates some additional useful lookup features:

Sort Code Search

If only having a sort code to work with, users can search for it directly on The search results will provide associated bank name along with branch address and any other available location details. This allows pinpointing the specific branch a sort code number corresponds to.

IBAN Conversion

For international fund transfers, the site converts valid UK sort code-account number combinations entered into the equivalent IBAN format. This International Bank Account Number standardizes bank account references globally for electronic payments between countries.

Mobile Banking info

Most major UK banks now offer mobile apps to manage accounts on smartphones. supplements results by including direct links for downloading the relevant banking app, when available, from official app stores. This streamlines the process of setting up mobile access for the identified accounts.

So while primarily designed for validation, the breadth of available information at creates extra utility beyond just confirming account details match expectations. These extended features benefit both individuals and businesses wanting broader banking reference solutions.

Security and Privacy at

Dealing responsibly and transparently with users’ personal banking information is crucial for any service handling sensitive account data. So how does address security and privacy?

The site uses HTTPS encryption for all sessions, as verified by trust certificates displayed. This protects submitted sort codes and account numbers from interception or tampering during transmission online.

No account login or additional private credentials need to be supplied beyond the basic reference numbers. The validation check is designed as a standalone lookup without excessive data collection requirements. also states clearly via a link at the bottom of pages that it complies with UK data protection laws. Personal information is solely used for the validation purpose and not distributed or sold to any third parties.

Features are based around an intent of convenience rather than long-term data retention also. No user accounts or profiles are created during normal verification checks either. So in both technical measures and privacy policies, prioritizes responsible data handling practices.

Overall, the online security and limited data usage model give users confidence their bank details and personal privacy are reasonably well-protected when accessing the lookup and validation tools provided. No unnecessary risks seem associated with the simple information disclosed for standard lookups.

Final Thoughts on

In summary, passes assessment as a legitimate and safe online resource for UK banking account validation. As a long-established domain owned by an identifiable company, with no public complains or suspicious activity reported, all indications point to it being a trustworthy site to use.

The ease and speed of basic sort code and account number lookups provide clear benefits for both individuals and organizations wanting to verify payment details are accurate before potential financial transactions. Risks of errors are reduced with its on-demand checking abilities.

Privacy and security also appear reasonably well-prioritized through technical measures like encryption, a limited data model that eschews excessive private information collection, and transparency about legal compliance. Users can feel assured using the site poses minimal threats.

Overall, for quick and basic UK bank account referencing needs, delivers a useful utility purpose without questionable downsides. It can be confidently relied on as a legitimate online banking resource.

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