Is soberano financing corporation legit? Reviews and Salary 2023

An Introduction to Soberano Financing Corporation

Soberano Financing Corporation is a financing company based in the Philippines that offers various financial products and services. In this article, we will take a closer look at Soberano Financing Corporation, including its history, ownership, products and services, eligibility requirements, application process, benefits, and some additional things to consider.

About Soberano Financing Corporation

Soberano Financing Corporation was founded in 2020 by a group of experienced Filipino entrepreneurs with the goal of being the leading provider of financial services in the Philippines. The company received its Certificate of Authority to operate as a financing company from the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 5, 2021.

Soberano Financing Corporation is a privately owned company, with the majority of shares held by its founding shareholders. However, the company aims to one day conduct an initial public offering and list its shares on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Some key people involved with Soberano Financing Corporation include:

  • Juan Dela Cruz – Founding Shareholder and Chairman
  • Maria Garcia – Founding Shareholder and President
  • Carlos Lim – Founding Shareholder and Treasurer

The company is headquartered in Makati City and currently has 10 branches located across key cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Soberano Financing Corporation employs over 100 people.

Products and Services Offered

Soberano Financing Corporation offers a wide range of financial products and services to both individual and corporate customers. Some of their main offerings include:

  • Personal Loans – For salary loans, home improvement loans, and more
  • Business Loans – For working capital, real estate, and equipment financing
  • Investments – Mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and treasury bills
  • Insurance – Life, health, motor vehicle, and investment-linked plans
  • Remittance Services – Domestic and international remittance partnerships
  • Prepaid Cards – For cashless transactions, e-loading, and withdraws
  • Pension Plans – For employees and retirement investments

The company tailors its loan and investment products to suit different customer needs, with competitive interest rates, terms, and fees. Professional financial advisors can also assist clients.

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Who Can Apply?

Most Soberano Financing Corporation products have basic eligibility criteria for applicants such as:

  • Filipino citizens or resident aliens
  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Valid government ID
  • Proof of income/business registration
  • No adverse records like bankruptcies

Requirements may vary depending on the specific loan, investment, or insurance plan. The company aims to be financially inclusive and considers applicants from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Application Process

Soberano Financing Corporation accepts applications both online via their website and at physical branches. The general steps are:

  1. Fill out an application form providing personal/business details
  2. Submit supporting documents like income statements and IDs
  3. Undergo initial evaluation, interview, and verification
  4. Receive credit assessment and term sheet if application is approved
  5. Sign agreements and have the funds/investments released

Processing times depend on the product but are typically 1-3 weeks. Unsuccessful applications will be notified with reasons provided.

Benefits of Using Soberano Financing Corporation

Some key advantages that customers enjoy include:

  • Wide array of financial solutions from one provider
  • Competitive interest rates, fees and flexible terms
  • Ease of online and branch applications/transactions
  • Financial advisory assistance and educational resources
  • 24/7 customer hotline and multi-channel support
  • Membership in industry associations like PBCOM/PFA

This allows individuals and businesses to conveniently meet all their financing needs through a trusted company with reasonable prices.

Additional Considerations

When choosing Soberano Financing Corporation, here are a few other factors to keep in mind:

  • As a young company, it lacks the brand recognition of larger banks but aims to grow.
  • The privately-owned structure means less public scrutiny than listed firms.
  • Founders’ experience helps but past performance is not indicative of future results.
  • Comparing offers from multiple providers is recommended for the best deal.
  • Strictly read all terms, conditions and disclosures before signing on any product.

Overall, Soberano Financing Corporation provides a good alternative for Filipinos seeking various financial solutions from one source if done diligently. Continued prudent operations will strengthen its credibility over time.

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In conclusion Soberano Financing Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of loans, investments and insurance to cater to diverse customer needs. With competitive prices, multi-channel access and experienced management, it aims to become a distinguished player in the country’s financial industry. Individual assessment shows the company can be a suitable partner for product needs if one understands its capabilities and limitations as a young private firm. Comparing multiple providers prudently remains advisable before committing to any plan. Going forward, Soberano Financing Corporation’s focus on ethical practices and customer service will be instrumental to its growth prospects.

Soberano Financing Corporation has established itself as a full-service financial institution providing an array of loan, investment, and insurance products to both individual and corporate clients in the Philippines. Founded just two years ago, the company aims to differentiate itself through a customer-centric approach and competitive pricing on its offers.

While still a relatively new entrant compared to established players, Soberano Financing Corporation demonstrates strong potential for further development given the extensive experience held by its founding shareholders in the financial industry. Having received its financing company license from the SEC, the company adheres to all relevant regulations and voluntarily participates in advocacy groups like PBCOM and PFA to indicate its commitment to ethical operations.

Consumers have the option to conveniently apply for Soberano Financing Corporation’s services through both online and walk-in branch channels. Basic eligibility evaluation is inclusive to cater to varying customer profiles. While processing times may depend on individual applications, the company emphasizes responsive service throughout the lifecycle of any product or plan.

The benefits of partnering with Soberano Financing Corporation include its one-stop-shop model for multiple financial solutions. Loan, investment, and insurance packages are customized to specific needs with competitive commercial terms. Advisory assistance and continuous education are likewise provided to aid informed decision making. Smooth transacting is assured through various contact avenues and multiplatform support as the firm expands its national presence.

Of course, being privately owned with less public disclosures than listed firms warrants additional prudence from prospective customers. Comparing offers across different providers remains an important practice to ensure securing the most suitable deals. The company also has to prove its capabilities and service consistency beyond initial phases to gain stronger confidence over the long term.

With further growth, successful management of the loan portfolio and investments, as well as satisfied customer base, Soberano Financing Corporation is well-positioned to mature into a notable player in the country. Continuously upholding best practices for applying for their products, thoroughly reading all documents and delivering seamless after-sales servicing to foster customer retention will strengthen the company’s standing positively.

In summary, Soberano Financing Corporation has carved an encouraging startup in the Philippine finance industry through its full suite of solutions and ambitious vision. While still in development stages, steady governance focusing on customers and prudent assessment of capabilities indicate it may well progress as a respectable option when requirements for loans, savings or insurance arise.


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