Is shopeeplus legit or not? Reviews & complains 2024

Unmasking Shopeeplus: Navigating the Landscape of Legitimacy

In the burgeoning realm of online shopping, the need for consumers to discern between legitimate retailers and potential scams is more critical than ever. Shopeeplus, a seemingly new player in the e-commerce scene, demands scrutiny. This article undertakes a comprehensive investigation to unveil the authenticity of Shopeeplus.

Shopeeplus: A Closer Look

On the surface, Shopeeplus mirrors the popular Southeast Asian e-commerce giant, Shopee. However, beneath this veneer lies a tapestry of inconsistencies that beckon attention.

Shopeeplus made its debut in 2020, positioning itself as an “online shopping platform.” Despite this, the absence of company information on their website and the deviation in their domain, using .net instead of Shopee’s official .com, raises significant questions about their legitimacy.

The Suspicion Surrounding Reviews

Consumer reviews, a cornerstone of assessing trustworthiness, reveal a disconcerting narrative about Shopeeplus.

Scam Detector

Rates as “medium risk” with a 63.6% trust score, hardly a resounding endorsement.

Assigns an abysmal 1% trust rating, a glaring red flag indicative of dubious practices.

Discovers struggling with virtually no organic traffic, further undermining its legitimacy.

Reddit Discussions

Threads express skepticism about Shopeeplus, warning users of potential scams. A stark imbalance between negative and positive reviews raises alarms.

The collective sentiment from independent sources paints a murky picture, casting doubts on Shopeeplus’ authenticity and its ability to safeguard users.

Shopeeplus vs. Shopee: A Comparative Analysis

A valuable litmus test involves directly comparing Shopeeplus to the reputable Shopee marketplace.

Company Transparency

Shopee boasts transparency in its operations, while Shopeeplus conceals ownership and leadership details, eroding accountability.

Security Assurances

Shopee safeguards buyers through robust escrow, policies, and address records. Shopeeplus lacks these investor-inspiring features.

Consistency of Presence

Shopee maintains a cohesive brand over various domains and apps, while Shopeeplus diverges in confusing, non-standard ways.

Track Record of Trust

Shopee enjoys international trust from over 300 million satisfied customers, while Shopeeplus remains an unknown entity with little goodwill.

The discernible discrepancies position Shopeeplus as a dubious contender in contrast to Shopee’s crystallized authenticity and customer-centric approach.

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Recognizing Red Flags of a Potential Scam

Certain behaviors often hint at deceptive practices. Let’s examine whether Shopeeplus exhibits these red flags.

No Contact Info

Shopeeplus hides behind anonymity, shirking the accountability that legitimate firms strive for.

Fake Reviews

Positive ratings on Shopeeplus display similarities, implying potential astroturfing instead of genuine feedback.

Stock Photography

The use of unrelated stock images signals false promises of inventory.

Unverifiable Claims

Lofty proclamations lack third-party validation found on reputable platforms.

Low Website Quality

Technical flaws, typos, and a generic format divert from the production values of major e-commerce sites.

The amalgamation of these factors paints a picture of a potential scam rather than a trustworthy, customer-focused operation. Extreme caution is advised.

Risks of Using Shopeeplus

Beyond doubts about authenticity, severe risks await those who engage with Shopeeplus.

Credit Card Theft

Without robust security, sensitive financial data is vulnerable to unauthorized access.


Reports abound of “lost” orders or sellers becoming inaccessible after transactions.

Phishing Danger

Visitors could become targets of credential theft or malware from Shopeeplus’ untrusted domains.

Lack of Recourse

With no verified ownership or regulations, grievances would likely go unheard.

Disappearing Act

Entire storefronts and product listings vanish overnight, leaving customers deceived.

Against the backdrop of substantial risks and nonexistent brand credibility, prudent shoppers must avoid Shopeeplus for their safety.

Alternative Options for Southeast Asian Shoppers

For a reliable e-commerce experience in the region, consider these alternatives:


A highly-rated competitor with a solid 10+ year presence across 9 markets.


A Singapore-based site with robust buyer protection systems.


A respected fashion and lifestyle destination with over 33 million active customers.


Indonesia’s leading online marketplace with diverse product selections.


A top 10 most visited site in Indonesia, known for safe payment options.


A popular Malaysian e-commerce site with 11+ years of operation.

These verified alternatives provide the accountable, responsive shopping experience that Shopeeplus fails to replicate.


In the vast tapestry of online commerce, Shopeeplus emerges as a cautionary tale, a narrative fraught with uncertainties and red flags that beg the question of its legitimacy. As consumers increasingly turn to the digital realm for their shopping needs, the imperative to discern between genuine platforms and potential scams becomes paramount. Shopeeplus, despite its outward resemblance to established e-commerce giants, unveils a mosaic of concerns upon closer inspection.

Launched in 2020, Shopeeplus positions itself as an “online shopping platform,” yet its veil of authenticity remains thin. The absence of company information and the divergence from the official domain of Shopee immediately cast shadows of doubt. Transparency, a fundamental tenet of trustworthy online platforms, is conspicuously absent in Shopeeplus’s narrative.

Reviews, the collective pulse of consumer sentiment, reverberate with skepticism. Scam Detector’s conditional trust score,’s damning 1% rating, and the negligible organic traffic on collectively paint a picture of a platform struggling to gain recognition and trust. Reddit discussions amplify the cautionary whispers, warning users to tread carefully in the uncharted waters of Shopeeplus.

Comparisons with the reputable Shopee marketplace illuminate the stark divergence in credibility. Shopee, with its transparent operations, robust security measures, and a proven track record, stands as a bastion of reliability. In contrast, Shopeeplus appears to be a mere shadow, attempting to leverage the trust established by others without earning it through time and integrity.

Red flags, those subtle signals of potential deceit, weave through Shopeeplus’s narrative. The absence of contact information, suspiciously similar positive reviews, stock photography, unverifiable claims, and a generally lackluster website design collectively contribute to a canvas of concerns. These indicators, often associated with fraudulent operations, erode the foundations of trust that consumers seek in their online interactions.

Beyond the nebulous authenticity of Shopeeplus lies a landscape of risks for those who dare to engage. Credit card theft, non-delivery, phishing dangers, lack of recourse, and the ominous disappearing act of entire storefronts are perils that loom large. The appeal of enticing deals and discounts on Shopeeplus pales against the backdrop of these substantial risks.

For Southeast Asian shoppers seeking alternatives, the market offers a constellation of reputable platforms. Lazada, Qoo10, Zalora, Bhinneka, Bukalapak, and 11Street stand as beacons of reliability, offering accountable, secure, and responsive shopping experiences that Shopeeplus fails to deliver.

In conclusion, the narrative of Shopeeplus serves as a stark reminder that vigilance is the price of admission in the digital marketplace. As consumers, navigating this complex landscape demands discernment, a critical eye, and a commitment to safety. Shopeeplus, with its cloak of uncertainty and the array of warning signs it presents, invites prudence. The resounding advice emerges clearly: Avoid Shopeeplus. In the dynamic dance of online transactions, let the refrain be one of caution, and may your digital shopping endeavors be not only convenient but also shielded by the armor of security. Stay safe in the boundless expanse of the digital marketplace.

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