Is shopalluro legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Is Shopalluro Legit or a Scam Site? A Comprehensive Review

Online shopping has become an integral part of everyday life for millions of people around the world. With the click of a button, we can have almost any product delivered right to our doorstep. However, along with convenience comes risk – not every online retailer can be trusted. In this blog post, I will do an in-depth review of to determine if it is a legit online store or a scam site.

Site Background and Rankings is an online fashion retailer that sells women’s clothing, accessories, and beauty products. The site was registered in 2021, so it is relatively new. When first looking at a site, domain registration details and website authority rankings can provide early clues about legitimacy.

Some red flags with Shopalluro are its low domain authority of only 7 and page authority of 3 according to Moz. These metrics indicate the site does not have much authority on the web yet. A legit site would generally have higher rankings after being in business for over a year. Its Alexa global rank is also poor at over 3 million. Low authority signals can mean the site is fly-by-night and aims to scam customers before being shut down.

Trustworthiness Indicators

To get a better sense of Shopalluro’s trustworthiness, I checked it on several scam checking databases:

  • ScamAdvisor gives the site a “bad” reliability rating of 1 out of 100 based on various trust indicators. It flags the site as possibly being a scam.

  • TrustPilot has no reviews for Shopalluro, which is strange for an established online store and could mean it is withholding potentially negative reviews.

  • Other review sites like SiteJabber and Feedbackal also do not have any customer reviews for the domain.

The lack of third-party reviews from trustworthy sources is a major red flag, as legit e-commerce sites always have reviews from past customers. Overall, its poor trustworthiness ratings signal the site should be avoided.

Website Quality and Policies

Low quality websites with grammatical errors, broken links, and lacking transparent policies are more indicative of scam sites versus established retailers. Let’s examine Shopalluro’s website quality:

  • The About Us page has no details about the company or owners. Contact information is limited to a generic form.

  • Grammar and structural issues exist throughout the site content.

  • Important pages like Terms & Conditions, Shipping & Returns are either missing or incomplete.

  • No secure payment options are listed, only generic “credit card” payments.

  • Customer support contact methods are lacking beyond a basic email form.

The overall poor website structure, lacking transparency, and absence of important retail policies raise concerns about Shopalluro’s legitimacy. Reputable sites clearly outline ownership, payment security, and purchase/return procedures.

Product Selection and Pricing

When evaluating a questionable website, analyzing listed products and pricing provides more insight. Here’s what I noticed with Shopalluro:

  • The product selection is limited with only around 50 items, unlike major retailers with thousands.

  • Many item photos are stolen from legitimate sites based on reverse image searches.

  • Prices seem too good to be true compared to trusted competitors selling similar items.

  • No reviews or ratings are shown for any products.

Inflated inventory with stolen photos coupled with suspiciously low prices are classic warning signs of a fake shopping site. Legitimate retailers have properly sourced photos and competitive market-based pricing.

Overall Verdict

After a thorough evaluation of using various legitimacy checking methods, the evidence strongly indicates this site should be avoided. From its new domain age to lack of customer reviews and feedback, poor website quality and red flags in products – there are too many problematic indicators that point to the site being a scam. Unless significant improvements are made to address transparency concerns, I would not trust sharing payment or personal information with this retailer. Stick to well established major brands and retailers verified by third parties when shopping online to avoid potential scam sites like this one.

Signs of Other Questionable Retailers

While Shopalluro exhibited clear signs of being illegitimate, what else should consumers look out for with other potential scam sites? Here are some additional common warning signs:

Untraceable Contact Details

Lack of a physical address, phone number or professional team listings are red flags. Legit sellers provide transparent ownership information.

Poor Social Proof

Absence of customer reviews on site and across review platforms means the seller is likely withholding negative feedback.

Suspicious Domain Details

Newly registered domains or domain privacy hides the registrant, which fraudulent sellers commonly do to avoid accountability.

Payment Restrictions

Refusal of payment methods like credit cards signals the goal is often money laundering rather than legitimate commerce.

Stock Photo Inventory

If item images are likely stolen from other retailers, it indicates the site does not actually have real products to ship.

Faulty Website Design

Typos, broken links and a generally unprofessional, low quality structure indicate little care for the customer experience.

Being aware of these common scam site characteristics empowers consumers to make safer online purchases from trusted, verified retailers only. Do your research and stay wary of retail sites exhibiting questionable signs.


In summary, this comprehensive review finds to be an illegitimate online retailer based on numerous factors examined. From its new domain registration to lack of transparency, customer reviews and notable issues with the website and listed products – all signs point to the site being a potential scam. While online shopping offers convenience, it also introduces risks that savvy consumers can mitigate through research and awareness of questionable site attributes. By learning to identify such scam signs and avoiding sites altogether that do not inspire trust, people can feel confident making purchases only from legitimate online retailers.

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