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Is a Legitimate Site? is a site that is purportedly offering a $750 Shein gift card. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into reviews, discussions and other data available online to determine whether is a legit site or a scam.

What is is a simple one-page website promoting a “Flash Reward” offer of a $750 gift card from Shein, a popular Chinese fast fashion retailer. The site claims users can get the reward by completing simple tasks like following Shein’s social profiles, sharing a link or filling out a survey.

However, there are no other details provided about the organization running the site, its terms and conditions, policies or contact information. Typing in takes you directly to the offer with no navigation menus or additional pages. This lack of transparency raises some initial red flags.

Reviewing Sources to Verify Legitimacy

To get to the bottom of whether can be trusted, let’s analyze reviews and discussions taking place across multiple reputable sources:

ScamAdviser Review

The site aims trusted reviews and ratings for websites. Their scan of flagged it as “scam” with a poor trust score due to numerous red flags like no company details, short domain history and spammy backlink profile.

Reddit Discussions

On the SHEIN subreddit, several posts from dubious users promote But most responses warn it’s likely a scam and to be careful sharing personal information on unfamiliar sites.

YouTube Videos

Multiple YouTubers have uploaded videos either questioning whether is legit due to its barebones look and lack of transparency or outright deeming it a scam. Viewers also raise doubts in the comments.

Site Analysis Tools

Using built-in scanning features of browsers, tools like BuiltWith found the site uses cheap hosting, has anonymized domain registration and no HTTPS security in place. All strong signs the site operators aim to conceal their identity.

No Verified Success Stories

A telling fact is an absence of real reviews from users claiming to have received the promised $750 gift card from On the flip side, many users report being scammed on Reddit forums after supplying info here.

Comparing to Shein’s Official Policies

One way to discern legitimacy is comparing unofficial offers to a company’s policies. Shein clearly states on its Ambassador page it does not promote any third party reward or gift card offers. Terms also forbid selling, copying or re-purposing its images, logos for commercial use without consent. violates these guidelines.

Alternative Explanations Debunked

While some skeptical users proposed runs authorized marketing campaigns or affiliate promotions, deeper inspection disproves these theories. Shein promotes official partners, campaigns and reward programs only through its verified platforms and pages.

Verdict – It’s a Scam

After a thorough online audit of multiple trusted review sites and discussions, the consensus is clear – shows all the hallmarks of an illegitimate website aiming to scam users of personal information or install malware. Best to avoid it completely.

Other Reward Offers to Approach Cautiously

Since lucrative-looking rewards often conceal scams, it’s worth knowing some signs suggesting other offers could also be deceptive:

  • Unbranded domains using company names/logos without permission

  • Barebones or unprofessional designs with grammatical/spelling errors

  • Requests for sensitive personal details upfront without reviews

  • Absence of terms, privacy policies or real company contact info

  • Disputes unaddressed or reviews showing victims of thefts/phishing

  • No evidence of anyone actually receiving the promised prizes

  • Contradicting the official policies/programs of referenced brands

Whether it’s deals promising an iPhone, Amazon cards or a Shopify store worth thousands – apply due diligence before sharing info or downloading anything from unfamiliarDomains like sheingifted promising windfalls. Stick to authorized channels of well-known brands instead.

Alternative Legitimate Options

While Sheingifted is fake, here are some authentic ways Shein shoppers can get discounts, earn rewards or connect as brand ambassadors:

Shein VIP Membership

For an annual or monthly fee, VIP members get exclusive coupon codes, faster shipping and other perks directly from Shein.

Shein Student Discount

Shein offers students 15% off sitewide by verifying student status on UNiDAYS. Works on regular orders and sales.

Shein Credit from Surveys

Complete surveys with Toluna, SurveyJunkie and other reputable market research platforms to earn Shein store credit redeemable on the official site.

Shein Affiliate Marketing

Earn cash commissions through the legitimate Shein affiliate program by maintaining a fashion blog or social channels and promoting products with tracked special links.

Shein Brand Ambassador Program

Apply through Shein’s official form to become an ambassador, post gifted items with hashtags and get discounts for endorsing the brand authentically.


To summarize, does not seem to be operating with good faith based on multiple verified negative reviews and lacking transparency. Best to steer clear of providing any information here to stay safe from potential scams or hacks. Stick to Shein’s authorized ambassador programs and partnership opportunities instead for real discounts and rewards when supporting the brand online. Due diligence helps avoid being misled by suspicious freebie come-ons online.

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