is sevenstore legit or scam store? Reviews & complains 2023


In the expansive realm of online shopping, navigating the seas of authenticity can be a daunting task. Sevenstore, an online retailer specializing in streetwear and sneaker brands, has been the subject of speculation regarding its legitimacy. In this in-depth review, we embark on a journey to unravel the truth behind Sevenstore’s operations, exploring various facets to provide a comprehensive answer to the burning question: Is Sevenstore legit or potentially a scam?

Company Background

Sevenstore, with its roots in Liverpool, UK, had humble beginnings in 2011 as a bricks-and-mortar store specializing in streetwear. Over the years, it has evolved into a global online platform, shipping its curated selection of products worldwide. Crucially, Sevenstore is under the ownership of Footasylum Ltd, a prominent retail giant with a portfolio of fashion stores across the UK. This association with a major public company not only provides a credibility boost but also stands as a stark contrast to the anonymity often associated with scam operations.

The brand maintains an active and authentic presence on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, showcasing new arrivals and sales. The well-maintained and engaging nature of these channels serves as a testament to Sevenstore’s commitment to being a legitimate, long-term player in the retail landscape.

Customer Reviews


Delving into customer reviews, the lens turns to Trustpilot, where Sevenstore boasts a robust 4.2/5 rating from over 1,627 reviews. A closer look reveals positive sentiments regarding swift and dependable shipping, responsive customer service, and product quality meeting brand standards. While occasional delays or damaged items are mentioned in negative reviews, the fact that Sevenstore actively addresses such concerns within 24 hours adds a layer of credibility.


On the expansive canvas of Reddit’s sneaker and streetwear communities, users share their firsthand experiences with Sevenstore. The overwhelming consensus leans toward positivity, with users vouching for smooth transactions, fast deliveries, and a trustworthy track record spanning multiple years.

Trusted Reviews Aggregators

Multiple review aggregator sites lend additional support to Sevenstore’s legitimacy. ScamAdviser, ReviewLobby, and IsitScam all provide positive assessments based on trust scores, analysis of policies, and an aggregation of customer reviews. This consensus from diverse and impartial platforms strengthens the claim that Sevenstore operates legitimately.

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Additional Legitimacy Factors

Beyond customer reviews, several other factors contribute to the validation of Sevenstore as a legitimate entity:

Strong Policies

Sevenstore displays detailed policies on returns, refunds, privacy, and shipping. The transparent communication of these policies aligns with the practices of legitimate companies, in stark contrast to the evasive tactics often employed by scam sites.

Secure Checkout

The use of a protected third-party payment processor adds an extra layer of security to transactions, mitigating the risk of fraud. This practice stands in opposition to scam sites that often employ direct payment forms.

Trusted Company Ownership

Being under the umbrella of Footasylum Ltd provides an additional layer of accountability. The reputation of the parent company is at stake, further solidifying the legitimacy of Sevenstore.

Accuracy & Availability

The consistency between listed products and their official brand counterparts, along with truthful details such as sizes and colors, serves as an indicator of a legitimate operation. Scam sites, on the contrary, often invent non-existent products.

Social Proof

Sevenstore actively fosters an engaged community through its social media channels. The authentic interactions observed are challenging for scam sites to emulate, contributing to the platform’s credibility.

Industry Recognition

Accolades from trade publications for excellent customer service standards provide external validation of Sevenstore’s legitimacy within the industry. This third-party verification is a rarity for scam operations.

Domain Registration

Whois records reveal that the domain has been registered since 2011 to Footasylum Ltd, further tying it to a tangible, physical business. Legitimate domain registration adds another layer of credibility to Sevenstore’s authenticity.

Final Verdict

In the culmination of this thorough investigation, the scales tip in favor of Sevenstore being a fully legitimate online retailer. While perfection remains an elusive goal for any company, Sevenstore consistently demonstrates a commitment to conducting business transparently, satisfying customers with reliable service, and building trust through responsiveness.

The amalgamation of evidence across various checkpoints suggests that customers can confidently shop at Sevenstore, expecting genuine products as described without falling victim to fraud or scams. For aficionados of streetwear and sneakers, Sevenstore stands recommended as a reputable and trustworthy destination. In the dynamic world of online retail, Sevenstore emerges not only as a curator of style but as a reliable purveyor of authenticity and customer satisfaction.


In the vast expanse of the digital marketplace, where skepticism often mingles with the allure of online shopping, the scrutiny of Sevenstore’s legitimacy has undergone a meticulous exploration. This comprehensive review, delving into the company’s history, customer reviews, and additional legitimacy factors, seeks to provide a conclusive answer to the question that echoes in the minds of potential consumers: Is Sevenstore a legitimate hub for streetwear and sneaker enthusiasts, or does it lurk in the shadows of potential scams?

As we traverse the narrative of Sevenstore, it becomes evident that the company’s roots in Liverpool, UK, stretch back to 2011, evolving from a small bricks-and-mortar establishment into a global online platform under the ownership of the esteemed Footasylum Ltd. This affiliation with a major public company not only bestows credibility but also acts as a beacon, guiding consumers away from the murkiness that often shrouds less legitimate entities.

Venturing into the realm of customer experiences, Trustpilot’s canvas unveils a 4.2/5 rating from over 1,627 reviews, highlighting the commendations for swift shipping, responsive customer service, and adherence to brand standards in product quality. While the occasional hiccup surfaces in the form of delays or damaged items, the proactive engagement with negative reviews showcases Sevenstore’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

The echoes of positivity resonate further in the vast landscape of Reddit, where users share narratives of smooth transactions, swift deliveries, and years of unblemished interactions with Sevenstore. The resonance of these testimonials creates a symphony of confidence, drowning out the dissonance often associated with scam operations.

The harmony swells as multiple review aggregator sites, including ScamAdviser, ReviewLobby, and IsitScam, join the chorus, providing a resounding affirmation of Sevenstore’s legitimacy. These platforms, employing natural language processing, policy analysis, and review aggregation, converge on the conclusion that Sevenstore is not a phantom of the internet but a tangible entity fostering genuine customer satisfaction.

Beyond the reverberations of customer feedback, the additional legitimacy factors fortify Sevenstore’s standing as a reputable player in the industry. Transparent policies on returns, refunds, and privacy, coupled with secure third-party checkout processes, stand as pillars of assurance for potential customers. The watchful gaze of Footasylum Ltd as the parent company and the accurate representation of products further solidify Sevenstore’s commitment to operating above board.

In the tapestry of online retail, where scams often cast a looming shadow, Sevenstore emerges as a beacon of authenticity. The vibrancy of its social media engagement, recognition from industry publications, and the longevity of its domain registration paint a portrait of a company not merely surviving but thriving amidst the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

In conclusion, the preponderance of evidence, gathered from the experiences of real customers, the scrutiny of industry experts, and the validation from third-party platforms, leads to a resounding verdict. Sevenstore is not a clandestine operation seeking to dupe unsuspecting consumers; it is, in fact, a legitimate and reputable online retailer. For those navigating the currents of streetwear and sneaker fashion, Sevenstore stands as a trustworthy harbor, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a shopping journey with confidence. The canvas of online retail is vast and varied, but within it, Sevenstore unfurls as a canvas of authenticity, inviting consumers to paint their fashion narratives without the fear of encountering scams or deception.

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