Is seatsnet legit or scam? Reviews 2023 and tickets

What is is a website that claims to sell event tickets, primarily for concerts and sporting events. However, upon reviewing the site more closely there are some concerns about its legitimacy.

The about page provides very little information about who owns and operates the site. There is no physical address or contact phone number listed – only a basic email form. This lack of transparency is the first red flag.

Let’s take a deeper look at and examine several indicators that can help determine if it is a real ticket seller or potentially a scam. Understanding these legitimacy factors is important for consumers to shop online safely.

Domain Age and Registration

One thing to check is when the domain name was registered. Domain age can be a potential indicator of legitimacy, as scammers often use newly created domains for their schemes.

Checking the WHOIS records for reveals that the domain was registered in August 2019. This means it is still relatively new, having been active for less than 3 years. Most trustworthy retailers will have domains years older than this.

The WHOIS information also lists the domain owner only as an anonymous proxy service rather than a business identity. Together these registration details do not inspire much confidence in the site’s authenticity based on domain history alone.

Company Contact Information

Legitimate businesses should make contact details like a physical address and phone easily available on their website., however, only lists a basic contact form with no other info.

Not having transparent owner/location info is suspicious. It’s not possible for customers to verify the company actually exists where it claims or research reviews. Lack of open communication channels raises more doubts.

Contact forms are also problematic as there is no guarantee anyone is monitoring or responding to messages sent. Customers have no recourse if issues arise either. Overall the missing physical presence warrants extra vigilance here.

Website Traffic and Popularity

Checking analytics services like Alexa can provide insights into a domain’s popularity and traffic levels over time. Low or nonexistent ranks could indicate a thinly-veiled scam site versus an established retailer.

Looking up on Alexa reveals it has virtually no measurable traffic according to their global rankings. This suggests extremely limited real user engagement with the site.

Legitimate ticketing platforms get millions of visitors and have high Alexa ranks to show it. The complete absence of in these metrics is a huge warning sign and implies it operates more as a fake front than functioning business.

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Is legit or Not? Reviews and payment methods 2023

Domain Security and SSL Certificate

All ecommerce sites handling private customer data should use HTTPS encryption to protect transmissions. Having a valid SSL certificate installed demonstrates technical best practices are followed.

On, a security certificate is configured correctly. However, digging deeper shows it was only obtained around 2 months ago – quite recent considering the domain’s age.

While HTTPS alone isn’t proof of fraud, the lack of long-term security dedication alongside other questionable signs decreases confidence the site prioritizes user trust and data protection highly.

Pricing and Products Appear Too Good to Be True

Browsing listings reveals popular events being sold far below market value which seems implausible. Tickets to sold out shows are strangely “available” as well.

For example, front row tickets to a concert that originally sold for $500 each are priced at only $75 on the site. Major sporting finals seen as $5 seats when all others resell for hundreds.

When deals look too expensive to be credible, it’s usually because they aren’t real offers at all. No legitimate business could stay operating selling at mammoth losses continuously. Be very wary of “deals” that fall into this trap of seeming too good to be true.

Reviews and Discussions Are Mixed or Missing

Third party websites collecting customer reviews provide a valuable outside perspective on companies. However, searching brings up very little discussion of experiences purchasing from them.

A few review sites have one or two mixed reviews written long ago, but otherwise the domain is invisible across rating platforms. For such a new company, lack of any profile is suspicious as most leave reviews – good or bad.

The sparsity of user impressions online implies either no one is actually buying from them, or any reviews get scrubbed. Neither option provides confidence they are who they claim to be.

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Payment Methods Accepted Are Risky

Reputable sites accept major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other recognized processors only. But also lists gift cards as payment.

Gift cards are non-reversible and often associated with empty promises or stolen card use. Accepting them when better options exist signals the site aims less for customer protection versus fast transactions regardless of consequences.

This payment preference combined with all other doubts raises alarm about possible involvement in money laundering, resale of unlawfully obtained tickets, or flat-out fraud outright. Consumers deserve full confidence in both product and process.

Weighing All Factors Together

Taking a holistic look incorporating domain age, missing company info, no traffic history, questionable deals, sparse reviews, risky payment habits – shows multiple signs of being dishonest or illegitimate in nature.

The website does not inspire any sense of trustworthiness or built reputation through transparent practices. Too many cryptic gaps exist versus established industry leaders.

Unless vastly more concrete proof emerges of credibility, it’s wisest for consumers to avoid and potentially lose money or personal details there. Legitimacy cannot be proven, only doubted, based on available information today.

Protecting Yourself from Online Ticket Scams

Being aware of common signs of deception helps avoid falling victim, but some proactive steps provide added security:

  • Only buy from verified resellers like Ticketmaster not random sites

  • Check seller history/reviews on platforms like StubHub before independent deals

  • Never accept offers solely through social media, email or off-site

  • Use secure payment like credit cards not immediately available methods

  • Get screenshots of ticket listings for proof in case of disputes

  • Know event location policies in case false tickets get disputed at door

  • Report suspicious sites so others informed and authorities track crooks

Diligence in vetting sellers and skepticism of phenomenal deals prevents many scams. Combined with prudent payment habits, consumers can safely find great event tickets without risking their funds or identity being stolen online.

Analysis of’s legitimacy:

A key issue is lack of confidence in the site’s identity and location. Reviewing WHOIS records provides no verifiable owner, just a proxy service. No physical address or contact details allow corroboration they exist as a real company at an actual place.

This anonymity contrasts legitimate competitors transparently listing executives, locations, phone numbers and addresses on their websites. Hiding business information is a red flag rather than reassurance for customers.

The domain was also registered recently, which is common among scam sites that pop up, commit fraud then disappear. Trusted brands tend to use domains decades older showing long-term commitment.

Seatsnet’s lack of web presence history decreases confidence they intend operating long-term with integrity. Scammers prioritize fast payouts not repeat business or reputation.

No customer reviews is another oddity as even new, small firms get some organic impressions online. Not finding any independent perspective on purchasing experience raises suspicion about volume and nature of activities occurring on the site.

Examining DNS records shows the site using anonymous hosting services that don’t verify clients. Putting fraudsters in close proximity to victims takes little accountability. Legit firms invest in reliable hosting stressing security/compliance.

Product selections at unrealistically low prices compared to market values don’t add credibility either. No business could survive if legitimately liquidating high-value inventory at losses just to draw in customers.

Combined, these suspicious signs when identified by informed consumers help protect them from potential financial loss or identity theft downstream. As the old adage goes, if something appears too good to be true it usually is. Due diligence helps avoid regrets later.

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Is legit or Not? Reviews and payment methods 2023


Upon thoroughly examining and the available information, there are simply too many unanswered questions and suspicious signs to recommend engaging with this website. While no business should be condemned without cause, in the case of an online ticket seller legitimacy and transparency are paramount.

Seatsnet has chosen to omit standard contact details that allow verification of physical operation and owners. They have also opted for anonymous domain registration obscuring accountability. These are major shortcomings compared to industry leaders that prioritize building long-term trust.

The lack of an established online presence, reviews from real users, and measurable website traffic analytics imply extremely limited, if any, legitimate commercial activities are actually taking place on the site. This is problematic given the types of products promoted.

Add in the extremely discounted pricing that strains credulity and acceptance of payment avenues not fully backed by buyer protection programs, and confidence in this site as a reliable source diminishes further. Responsible businesses avoid actions jeopardizing consumer security.

Taken together, these suspicious factors identified through publicly available information suggest has not adequately demonstrated it operates with user interests in mind instead of more nefarious motivations. While not definitive proof of scamming, too many doubts persist.

Erring on the side of caution whenever unknown online vendors lack substantive details building confidence appears the wise approach here. Legitimate firms have nothing to conceal and gain from transparency that assures client trust every step of the way.

Unless and until significant new evidence arises clarifying more about seatsnet’s background, practices, and earlier users’ interactions – evidence notably lacking thus far – this website simply does not inspire a considered recommendation to personally engage or recommend to others at this point in time. Individual awareness and discretion best serve protection.

In Summary raises sufficient questions that potential customers cannot be reasonably certain it represents a dependable ticket vendor. Too many unanswered doubts persist versus what legitimate companies should transparently demonstrate.

There are always risks in any unfamiliar online purchase. But goes beyond newcomer status into suspiciously deceptive territory based on analysis of its domain registration history, lack of basic business details, questionable offerings and payment options accepted.

Unless far more proof emerges to independently verify its credibility, it remains inadvisable to chance losing money there. Individual accountability and some online skepticism protects best against potential fraud. With diligence, enjoyable events can still be experienced scam-free.

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