is safewill legit or not? Reviews and complaints by users

Safewill: A Legitimate Online Will Writing Service

In the digital age, convenience and accessibility have become key considerations in almost every aspect of life, including estate planning. Safewill, an online will writing service founded in 2017 by lawyer and entrepreneur Adam Brett, has emerged as a notable player in this field, particularly in Australia. But in a world where trust and legality are paramount, one question persists: Is Safewill truly legitimate? This article aims to address this question comprehensively while delving into the services Safewill offers.

Safewill’s Inception and Ethos

Safewill’s journey began in 2017 when Adam Brett recognized the need for a more accessible and affordable way for individuals to create legally valid wills. The company was born out of the idea that technology could streamline the often complex and costly process of will creation. Safewill is headquartered in Australia and serves the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Accreditation and Legal Compliance

A key indicator of legitimacy in the legal sphere is accreditation. Safewill proudly carries accreditation from both the Law Society of New South Wales and the Law Society of Victoria, two of Australia’s most respected legal bodies. This accreditation signifies Safewill’s commitment to adhering to the legal standards and requirements of the region.

Safewill’s commitment to legal compliance goes beyond accreditation. The service employs a team of experienced lawyers who meticulously review every will created through its platform. This legal scrutiny ensures that each will complies with the intricate and ever-evolving laws of Australia. This attention to detail is critical in guaranteeing that your final wishes will be legally upheld.

The Value of a Free Will Review

Safewill provides an added layer of assurance to its users through a valuable free will review service. For a nominal fee, you can have your drafted will reviewed by a qualified lawyer. This extra step helps ensure that your will is not only legally sound but also tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Recognition and Customer Reviews

Legitimacy often shines through recognition and positive reviews. Safewill has received notable attention from reputable publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Australian Financial Review. Furthermore, the service has garnered praise and commendation from customers who have found Safewill to be an effective and reliable tool for their estate planning needs.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

As with any service, Safewill comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when deciding if it’s the right choice for your estate planning needs.


  • Affordability: Safewill offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional legal services for will drafting.
  • Convenience: The entire process of creating your will can be completed online, from the comfort of your home.
  • Legal Expertise: Safewill’s legal team ensures that your will complies with Australian law.
  • Free Will Review: For added peace of mind, you have the option to have your will reviewed by a qualified lawyer.


  • Not Suitable for Complex Estates: Safewill’s services may not be suitable for individuals with intricate estate planning needs.
  • Limited Geographic Availability: Safewill is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand.

A Well-Informed Decision

If you are considering Safewill for your will creation needs, it is advisable to thoroughly review customer feedback and possibly consult with a lawyer. Legal matters, especially those involving the distribution of your assets and the future well-being of your loved ones, require careful consideration and expertise. While Safewill offers a convenient and affordable solution, the complexity of individual estate planning needs may warrant the guidance of a legal professional.

In conclusion, Safewill has established itself as a legitimate and reliable online will writing service, particularly suitable for individuals seeking a straightforward and cost-effective approach to creating a will. However, the choice to use Safewill or any online will writing service should be made with careful consideration of your unique circumstances and estate planning requirements. Taking the time to make an informed decision ensures that your final wishes will be upheld in a manner that aligns with your desires and the laws of Australia.

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