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Quiz Storm is a mobile trivia game available on iOS and Android platforms. It promises to reward players with real-life money for playing and answering trivia questions correctly. The game has gained immense popularity among mobile gamers since its launch. However, the big question that many players have been asking is whether the game is legitimate or a scam. In this blog post, we will delve into the game’s mechanics, reviews, and user experiences to determine whether Quiz Storm is worth your time or not.

Gameplay Mechanics

Quiz Storm presents players with a series of trivia questions, most of which are easy to answer. Each question has two possible answers, with one being correct and the other incorrect. The game rewards players with coins for answering questions correctly, and the amount of coins earned varies depending on the level of difficulty of the question.

The game features a treasure chest that players can open every 20 correct questions answered. Opening the treasure chest earns players more coins, providing an incentive for players to keep playing.

In addition, players can use their coins to purchase boosts. The lightbulb boost gives players a hint about the correct answer, while the fast forward boost allows players to skip a question entirely.

quiz storm Reviews and User Experiences

One way to gauge the legitimacy of Quiz Storm is by looking at the reviews in the App Store or Google Play Store. Many players have reported reaching the cashing out point, where they claim to have earned real-life money from playing the game. However, upon attempting to cash out, many players experience massive delays that prevent them from receiving their winnings.

Furthermore, some players have reported that the developer’s email address provided in the game is no longer in service, making it impossible to contact them. These experiences have led to many players questioning the legitimacy of Quiz Storm and whether it is just another scam app.

Recent Updates In a recent update, Quiz Storm removed the ability to cash out or view potential earnings. This move caused many players to become suspicious of the game’s legitimacy, as they were no longer able to redeem their winnings.

However, a more recent update has restored the ability to cash out, but with strict requirements. According to the update, players must earn a minimum of $300 and answer 100 questions correctly before being able to cash out. Additionally, players must watch 100 advertisements, among other requirements, before being able to redeem their earnings.

Despite these requirements, many players who have met them still report difficulties in collecting their winnings. As such, the legitimacy of Quiz Storm remains questionable.


In conclusion, Quiz Storm presents an exciting and engaging trivia game with the promise of real-life rewards. However, its legitimacy remains questionable, with many players experiencing difficulties in collecting their winnings. While some players have reported success in redeeming their earnings, the overall consensus among users is that Quiz Storm is not worth the time investment. As with any mobile game that promises real-life rewards, it is essential to exercise caution and thoroughly research the game before investing any significant time or money into it.



Quiz Storm is a mobile app that allows users to play a trivia game and earn virtual coins, which can be used to purchase in-app items. The game presents users with a series of multiple-choice questions, each with two possible answers. If the user chooses the correct answer, they earn coins. The app also offers boosters such as hints and skips to help users progress through the game.

One of the major draws of Quiz Storm is the promise of earning real money. The app advertises that users can cash out their virtual coins for real money or gift cards once they reach a certain threshold. However, many users have reported significant issues when attempting to cash out.

According to user reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store, Quiz Storm appears to have significant problems with paying out earnings to users. Many users have reported that they have reached the threshold for cashing out, but when they attempt to do so, they encounter long delays or are unable to collect their winnings at all. Some users have even reported that the email address provided for contacting the developer is no longer in service.

In a recent update to the game, the cash out feature was removed entirely, and users were only able to earn virtual coins. This caused a great deal of concern among users who had been working towards cashing out their earnings. However, the feature was later added back in, with more stringent requirements for cashing out.

According to user reviews, users must now earn a minimum of $300 and answer 100 questions correctly before they can cash out. Additionally, users must watch a large number of advertisements, and even after meeting all of these requirements, they may still encounter problems when attempting to collect their earnings.

Many users have expressed frustration and disappointment with Quiz Storm, feeling that the app’s promises of earning real money are false and misleading. While the game does offer users a fun way to pass the time and earn virtual coins, the issues surrounding cashing out earnings make it clear that Quiz Storm is not a reliable source of income.

In conclusion, while Quiz Storm may seem like a fun way to earn some extra money, the app’s issues with paying out earnings to users are a cause for concern. Users who choose to play the game should be aware that the cash out feature is not a reliable means of earning real money, and they should not rely on Quiz Storm as a source of income.

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