Is Prosperi Academy Legit or scam? Prosperi Academy review 2024

Prosperi Academy Overview

Prosperi Academy is an online education company that provides trading courses and simulated trading software to help students learn financial markets and portfolio management skills. Founded in 2021, the company has aimed to make financial education more accessible through its online curriculum and tools.

However, Prosperi has faced some criticism regarding its customer service and policies. This blog post will provide an overview of Prosperi Academy, examine its ratings and reputation based on customer reviews, analyze key aspects like response rates and transparency, and discuss some alternatives to consider.

Company Details

To learn more about Prosperi, you can visit their website at Here are a few things to note about the company:

Lack of Verification

Prosperi hasn’t provided any verified details on their website like company registration or educational accreditation. This lack of transparency and verification could raise doubts for potential customers.

Customer Complaints

There have been multiple complaints on sites like Trustpilot regarding unauthorized deductions from customer accounts and difficulties obtaining refunds. Others have mentioned a lack of transparency around automatic payments and subscription cancellations. These complaints suggest issues with Prosperi’s policies and customer support.

Mixed Reviews

While some customers praise the courses and trading simulator provided, others describe technical problems, incomplete content, and poor communication from the company. This indicates a mixed experience among Prosperi’s existing customer base.

Given these factors, it’s important to thoroughly research Prosperi from multiple sources before making a financial commitment to their programs. Their lack of transparency raises questions about legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Rating and Reputation – Is Prosperi Academy Legit?

Examining Prosperi’s rating and reputation can help assess their credibility and reliability from a customer experience perspective:

Poor Trustpilot Rating

Prosperi has an overall Trustpilot rating of just 2.1 stars out of 5, below the benchmark average rating. This poor score reflects widespread dissatisfaction among reviewers.

Response Rate to Reviews

They have replied to only 42% of negative reviews on Trustpilot, indicating a lack of proactive engagement to address customer grievances.

Response Time of 1 Week

A response time of a full week may not sufficiently address urgent customer service issues for some. Prompt responses help build trust.

Impact of Negative Reviews

Unfavourable reviews highlight specific complaints that damage a company’s reputation if not addressed satisfactorily. This could affect Prosperi’s credibility and trustworthiness long term.

Overall, Prosperi’s low rating and mixed reputation raise concerns about their ability to satisfy customers and resolve issues smoothly. This reflects poorly on their service quality and reliability.

Response Rate and Time

Let’s examine Prosperi’s response rate and time in more detail:

Staffing Levels Unknown

It’s unclear how many customer support staff Prosperi employs to handle inquiries. Insufficient resources could contribute to slow response times.

Lack of Priority System

There’s no information on how Prosperi prioritizes requests – urgent issues may not receive timely attention compared to simpler queries.

Inconsistent Responses

Some reviews note varying response quality – from no reply to fast but unsatisfactory responses. This inconsistency fails to reassure customers.

Delays Discourage Customers

Lengthy delays, as seen in Prosperi’s average 1 week response time, may frustrate customers and discourage them from continuing the dialogue.

Crisis Management Needs Improvement

Prosperi does not appear adequately prepared or staffed to handle spikes in contacts during promotional periods or following critical reviews.

Overall, Prosperi lacks transparency around their support metrics and processes. This undermines confidence in their ability to address customer needs quickly and consistently.

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Lack of Transparency

Transparency regarding policies and processes is important to build trust:

  • Payment and cancellation policies are unclear based on complaints. Sudden deductions cause disputes.

  • No information is publicly provided about ownership, leadership or educational board affiliations.

  • Revenue sources, payment processor and use of customer funds are undisclosed.

  • Complaint handling and escalation procedures lack visibility for accountability.

  • Educational program accreditation, certifications and quality assurance are not verified.

  • Privacy and security practices for payment processing and data collection are undefined.

This overall lack of transparency in disclosing operational details leaves customers in the dark and questioning Prosperi’s legitimacy and intentions.

Consider Alternative Providers

Given Prosperi’s mixed reviews, poor rating and transparency concerns, it’s worth considering alternatives that may better meet your needs:

  • Coursera – Offers financial markets courses from top universities like Yale and practical certifications.

  • Udemy – Large catalog of trading courses taught by experienced financial professionals and traders.

  • Training with brokers – Firms like Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade provide trading education with paper trading.

  • CFA – Respected financial designation focusing on portfolio management and analysis skills.

  • Books/YouTube – Leverage free educational resources before committing funds to an unproven provider.

Doing thorough research on multiple proven options allows for a balanced comparison of offerings, reputation, reviews and teaching philosophies. This helps identify the best fit program.


In summarizing the key points regarding Prosperi Academy, it’s evident that the company faces an uphill battle to address credibility issues and improve the client experience. While the goal of providing affordable online financial education holds merit, Prosperi’s execution has left many customers dissatisfied.

The lack of basic details verifying the company’s legitimacy and educational rigor create a major obstacle from the start. Without transparent accreditation of courses, certifications of instructors, or verified ownership data, prospective students have no assurances about the quality and reliability of services. This erodes confidence and trust that other established providers have worked to build.

Compounding this issue are numerous complaints found across review sites detailing unclear or problematic policies. Unanswered questions around payment processing, cancellation terms, and complaint resolution undermine assurances that customer funds and privacy are properly protected. Access to transparent policies outlining rights and responsibilities on both sides is paramount.

Perhaps most concerning are the delays and inconsistencies seen in Prosperi’s customer support responsiveness. With online education being a service industry driven by the client experience, slow or unaddressed issues damage satisfaction and loyalty. Particularly for a new company still proving itself, prompt issue resolution is key to retaining users and gathering positive feedback over time.

Given the 1 week average response benchmark and variable quality of replies indicated, Prosperi has work to do in order to provide consistently attentive service capable of handling volume fluctuations. Customers expect timely support comparable to established competitors in the online learning marketplace.

Finally, the poor 2.1/5 rating on Trustpilot reflects a real reputational hurdle for Prosperi moving forward. Although some positive reviews exist, the prevalence of complaints cannot be ignored. These reviews highlight challenges that need management’s urgent attention, whether related to technology, pedagogy or administration. Overcoming negative publicity requires transparent action over an extended period to change perception.

In light of alternative quality offerings from reputable providers, potential Prosperi clients seeking financial education would be best served exploring all options before enrollment. With unanswered legitimacy concerns and a patchy customer experience track record thus far, Prospective nonetheless seem to face an uphill battle to changing market sentiment. Only through demonstrated performance over time can trust and confidence be regained.

In Summary

While Prosperi aims to make financial education accessible online, their mixed reviews, lack of transparency and poor rating raise legitimate concerns about reliability, policies and customer service levels.

Given the significant lack of verifiable details, complaints regarding refunds and communication, and a focus on revenue generation over transparency – prospective students would be well advised to tread carefully or consider more established alternative education providers instead.

Overall assessment of Prosperi suggests room for improvement in legitimacy, responsive support and addressing credibility issues head-on before pursuing additional growth. Customer trust and protection should be top priorities.

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