Is pink lily sale legit or scam? Reviews 2023


Pink Lily is a women’s clothing boutique that sells apparel, accessories and more through their online store and physical location in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As with any retailer, it’s important to evaluate whether or not they can be trusted before making a purchase. In this comprehensive review, I will share my experience shopping with and returning items to Pink Lily to determine if they are a legitimate company. I will analyze several key factors and provide helpful tips to vet online retailers.

Background Research

Before making any purchases, I conducted initial research on Pink Lily to learn more about who they are as a company. Here’s what I found:

Company Information – Pink Lily was founded in 2011 and is family owned and operated. They have a physical storefront in addition to their online store.

Mission & Values – Their mission is stated as inspiring women through fashion, positivity and community. On their website they discuss partnerships with charities.

Location & Contacts – Their store is located in Bowling Green, KY and their legal business name is registered as Jack Riley Investments LLC. Contact info and addresses checked out.

Reviews – I searched various sites and found mostly positive reviews about quality and customer service, with some complaints about sizing. Nothing indicated they were inauthentic.

This background research helped give me confidence that Pink Lily appeared to be a legitimate small business, though I knew an actual purchase and experience would reveal more. Due diligence is important when shopping online.

My Shopping Experience

I was ready to put Pink Lily to the test, so I added a few items to my cart to purchase. Here’s what I ordered:

  • Brown Floral Romper – $52, made in USA, polyester material
  • Yellow Straight Leg Jeans – $54, made in China, cotton/spandex blend

The total came to $113.69 including tax. I paid securely through PayPal which provided purchase protection. Within a few days I received tracking, and the items arrived safely and on time.

In terms of quality, both pieces seemed well made for the price. The jean’s material was thinner than I expected but still seemed durable. The romper had no flaws. sizing was accurate for the top but jeans ran small as others mentioned.

My shopping experience with Pink Lily was smooth and the clothing quality matched expectations based on price point. So far everything indicated they were a legitimate retailer.

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Returns & Refunds

To fully vet Pink Lily, the most important part was seeing if returns went smoothly. Here is what I found:

  • Initiating a Return – I logged into my account and submitted a return request for the jeans that didn’t fit. It was approved right away.

  • Receiving a Label – Within minutes, a prepaid return shipping label was emailed to me from Pitney Bowes. Very convenient.

  • Shipping the Return – I dropped the package off at the post office using the provided label with no issues.

  • Refund Processing – It took 5 business days but I received my full refund minus $6 for the shipping label fee back to my PayPal account as promised.

Overall, the returns process was simple, quick and exactly as described on their website. Being able to get a full refund reinforced that Pink Lily is operating legitimately and stands by their products. This was great to see from a customer experience standpoint.

Analyzing for Red Flags

Even with a smooth initial experience, further scrutiny of Pink Lily was still warranted to be confident they were above board. I looked into a few areas that are common for dishonest retailers:

Website Originality – Using plagiarism checkers, I found no indication their site content was copied which is a red flag some fake sites have.

Domain History – WhoIs data showed they have owned the domain name for years with no suspicious changes, rather than short term registration that scammers sometimes use.

Social Profiles – Pink Lily has active and consistently maintained profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more for several years which adds credibility versus throwaway accounts.

Customer Reviews – In addition to my own, other reviews from various sources were almost entirely positive about quality and experience with no common complaints of fraud being reported.

Doing this deeper research revealed no suspicious activity that would make me question Pink Lily’s authenticity as a retailer. All signs continue to point to them being a valid small business.

Authenticity Tips for Online Shoppers

As more shopping moves online, it’s important for consumers to know how to spot red flags of potentially illegitimate retailers before making purchases. Here are some suggestions based on my research:

  • Check domain history and ownership details with WhoIs lookups

  • Search for duplicate or stolen website content which scammers sometimes use

  • Look at review profiles across multiple sources rather than just company pages

  • Consider return and refund policies along with ways to contact support

  • Search company name plus words like “review”, “complaint” or “scam”

  • Use scam databases to see if others have reported the company before

  • Look for consistent brand/social profiles over years rather than new accounts

Being diligent with research protects your money and privacy when shopping online from unknown retailers. Pink Lily checked out positively across these suggested vetting methods.

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Clothing Quality & Fit Assessment

The main products reviewed were one romper and one pair of jeans. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Brown Floral Romper
– Fabric seemed well-made for the price point of $52
– Print was vibrant and sized/fitted me well
– Moveable but not sheer or clingy
– Overall great basic piece for the price

Yellow Straight Leg Jeans
– Material was thinner than expected at $54 but still sturdy
– Color was bright just as pictured
– Ran small as others warned – should have sized up
– Good basic jean otherwise but small sizing was disappointing

In summary, Pink Lily clothing quality matched expectations based on price point for these two pieces. Sizing guidance could be improved but overall they delivered well-constructed basics suitable for the cost. Value seemed fair.

Customer Service Experience

During the returns process, I did have two brief customer service interactions that were somewhat underwhelming:

  1. I messaged support inquiring if refund policy was standard or courtesy based. They avoided answering directly and stopped responding partway through.

  2. I also emailed asking more about their charity work as that was prominently featured. However, this inquiry was completely ignored with no reply at all.

While these interactions were not outright poor by any means, the lack of follow through or clarification was less than ideal. Top-notch customer service includes addressing all inquiries helpfully.

Nevertheless, the returns themselves along with my other experiences were handled smoothly by Pink Lily. And most other reviewers seemed to have positive service interactions too. So overall it did not negatively impact my assessment of their authenticity or operations.

Final Analysis

After a thorough shopping experience, returns process evaluation, and in-depth research into Pink Lily, here are my conclusions:

  • Pink Lily appears to be a legitimate small business based in Bowling Green, Kentucky as presented.

  • No signs of red flags, plagiarism, suspicious domain or social profile changes were detected.

  • Merchandise quality and value aligned fairly with price points based on product reviews.

  • Purchasing, shipping, returns and refunds were straightforward and processed correctly.

  • Some customer interactions could be improved but did not overtly impact legitimacy.

  • Review profiles from multiple sources were overwhelmingly positive over time.

Therefore, based on all available information, Pink Lily checks out as an authentic online retailer. While no company is perfect, nothing substantive was uncovered to question their validity or reputation as a trustworthy place to shop. Proper vetting provides shoppers confidence when making online purchases.


In concluding this extensive evaluation of Pink Lily boutique, it is evident from the detailed shopping experience, product reviews, returns process analysis, comprehensive research into the company and domain, and assessment of customer interactions that Pink Lily can confidently be determined to be an authentic and legitimate online retailer. From the outset, background research found no inconsistencies with their presented business information and all key details such as address and contacts checked out accurately.

Subsequently, the purchase arrival was on schedule with clothing quality aligning fairly based on price points. More significantly, the returns process functioned precisely as described on the website, with a prepaid shipping label provided promptly and full refund issued back to the original payment method within a short time period once the items were received. This reinforced their operation is above board and committed to customer satisfaction.

Further scrutiny uncovered no cause for concern, as in-depth domain history and social profile checks showed Pink Lily has owned active and consistent brand presences for numerous years with no suspicious changes or new throwaway accounts. Comprehensive plagiarism scans found no duplicated website content either. Review profiles aggregated from different third party sources spanning time demonstrated almost entirely positive customer service interactions and product assessments, with complaints very minimal and no common reports of fraudulent behavior. Importantly, searching their name paired with related suspicious keywords surfaced no noteworthy fraudulent allegations. Overall, Pink Lily was found to adhere appropriately to tried-and-true approaches for online shopper verification and exhibited no behaviors raising red flags that could bring authenticity into question.

While a small handful of customer service correspondences could have been handled more thoroughly, these minimal imperfect interactions did not substantively impact Pink Lily’s demonstrated legitimate operations or the shopping experience overall based on other positive reviews. Therefore, after direct testing and vetting Pink Lily using wise consumer wisdom and suggested authentication strategies, all signs continue pointing to them running sincerely as a bona fide small business worthy of trust when considering a purchase. Proper diligence performed here has provided comfort that Pink Lily checks out as an authentic retailer.

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