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An In-Depth Look at bills itself as the “#1 Fragrance Online Store in the Philippines”[1]. But is this website truly trustworthy for purchasing authentic designer perfumes? Let’s take a deeper look at and evaluate all available evidence on its legitimacy.


Some basic details on that provide initial context:

  • The company was established in 2012, so it has operated for over 10 years now in the Philippine market.[2]

  • carries a large selection of popular brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and more.[3]

  • They offer various payment methods including credit card, bank deposit and COD (cash on delivery).[4]

  • is registered as a legitimate business in the Philippines and has a physical address listed.[5]

So at first glance, several signs point to this being a bona fide online perfume retailer established for many years rather than a short-lived scam. But other factors require deeper investigation.

Table 1: Comparing to Fraudulent Sellers

Characteristic Typical Fraudulent Seller
Years in Operation Over 10 years Often only months before shutting down
Physical Address Yes, in Philippines Usually only virtual with no real premises
Payment Methods Multiple options May only accept risky payment forms
Brand Selection Large portfolio Often stock generic counterfeits
Reviews/Feedback Abundant online Typically avoid leaving traces
TrustPilot Rating 4.6/5 based on 22k reviews Seldom reviewed by customers

As this table highlights, compares favorably to tell-tale signs of deceptive sellers based on established track record, legitimate storefront and reviews from thousands of customers.

Evaluating Authenticity Claims

A top concern for any online perfume retailer is whether products are truly authentic versions of advertised name brands. On

  • They claim to only sell 100% original perfumes directly sourced from suppliers/distributors.[6]

  • Returning alleged fakes for refund is accepted as per their satisfaction guarantee.[7]

  • When queried, the owner readily provided documents like invoices and import records upon request to validate authenticity of stock.[8]

  • Users have conducted blind tests comparing bottles to retail stores with no discrepancies found.[9]

Given the accessibility of independent authenticity validation, willingness to prove claims and lack of complaints indicating widespread counterfeits – the evidence suggests delivers real name brand fragrances as described.

Website & Seller Ratings/Reviews

Aggregated online merchant/scam assessment sites provide additional perspectives:

  • ScamAdviser gives a “great” rating with zero detected scam warnings after analysis.[10]

  • TrustPilot showcases a 4.6/5 star rating from over 22,000 customer reviews for[11]

  • Facebook posts also show to have tens of thousands of active followers and extremely positive engagement. [12]

Widespread unedited reviews and top ratings across reputable platforms provide compelling validation from real users that their experiences meeting and exceeding expectations. Such unanimous positive feedback would be nearly impossible for a deceptive operation to fabricate so convincingly across so many outlets over 10+ years.

Customer Feedback Themes

Analyzing common themes in’s large volume of user-generated reviews, we find:

  • Praise for quick and reliable delivery even during pandemic disruptions.[13]

  • Appreciation of large variety, low prices and frequent promos vs retail stores.[14]

  • Satisfaction that fragrances smell and perform identical to samples tested in malls.[15]

  • Willingness to repurchase and recommend based on consistently positive experiences.[16]

  • Minimal complaints, and those acknowledged are addressed rapidly by responsive customer support.[17]

Overall, feedback portrays a reputable online business providing genuine luxury fragrances at affordable prices while maintaining high service quality over many years. Reviews give no indication of systemic issues with counterfeits, poor fulfillment or unresolved problems.

The Verdict – Is Legitimate?

Considering all available evidence –’s longstanding track record, registration as an official Philippine business, transparent inventory documentation upon request, top website ratings, and overwhelmingly positive reviews from tens of thousands of real verifiable customers – it can confidently be concluded this online retailer offers an authentic shopping experience for genuine designer perfume brands. While still exercising standard e-commerce precautions like comparing fragrances received to retail samples, has clearly established itself as a trustworthy destination for affordable luxury fragrances online in the Philippines. After 10+ years, they maintain an exceptional reputation upheld by consistently delighting their large customer base.

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