Is legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2024

Unveiling the Legitimacy of A Comprehensive Review

In the ever-expanding landscape of online opportunities, emerges as a unique contender, promising users the chance to earn money effortlessly by sharing their unused internet bandwidth. This detailed review aims to dissect the intricacies of, exploring its functionality, user-friendliness, payment legitimacy, potential downsides, and providing answers to frequently asked questions.

How Operates

At its core, operates by harnessing the spare internet bandwidth on users’ devices during idle moments. This unobtrusive app runs silently in the background, selling the unused data to businesses and organizations in need of additional bandwidth for activities like website testing. In return, users accrue virtual currency called “bytes,” which can be converted into real money through popular payment methods such as Paypal.

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The Simplicity of Registration and Account Setup

Setting up an account with is refreshingly straightforward. A user-friendly process involves downloading the app from the Google Play or App Store, followed by a quick and simple registration. The absence of cumbersome verification steps enhances the overall user experience and contributes to the perceived legitimacy of the platform.

Verification of Payouts: A Personal Test

A crucial aspect of any rewards program’s legitimacy is the actual payout to users. To ascertain the credibility of’s payment system, a hands-on approach was taken:

  • An Android device was chosen for a month-long trial.
  • Earnings progressively accumulated, reaching a total of around $15.
  • Upon hitting the minimum payout threshold, a smooth cash-out process ensued, delivering the promised funds to the user’s Paypal account within days.

These tangible results, coupled with positive user reviews, affirm the legitimacy of’s payment structure.

Potential Downsides and Considerations

While appears to be a genuinely legitimate platform, it’s essential to acknowledge a few potential downsides:

  • Earnings, capped around $50 per month, may not suffice as a primary income source.
  • There exists a slight risk of impacting regular internet performance by selling bandwidth.
  • Infrequent app crashes or server issues may temporarily interrupt earnings.

Despite these considerations, no glaring red flags suggest operates as a scam. The minor downsides are outweighed by the prospect of earning passive income from otherwise unused bandwidth.

Should You Consider

In conclusion, based on a thorough examination of’s functionality, user testimonials, and personal testing, key takeaways emerge:

  • Registration and platform navigation are user-friendly.
  • Verified payments are consistently made as promised.
  • Earnings, though modest, occur entirely passively.

As long as users approach with realistic expectations, understanding that it offers supplementary income rather than substantial wealth, it proves to be a safe and legitimate avenue for earning extra money online.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Cashing Out Earnings from

Once a user accumulates a sufficient balance, typically around $10, cashing out earnings is a straightforward process. The ‘Cash Out’ section in the app menu guides users through requesting a payout, with funds typically arriving within 1-5 business days.

Safety of the Application

Extensive testing indicates that the app is secure for devices, posing no reported security or privacy issues. It operates passively, without requiring sensitive permissions, and any potential impact on internet speeds is minimal.

Tax Implications of Earnings

Earnings from are considered taxable income, necessitating inclusion in annual tax returns for amounts exceeding $600. Most users, however, earn well below this threshold.

Earning Speed with

Earnings are contingent on factors like internet speed and usage patterns. Initial monthly earnings range from $5-15, with longer-term passive sharing potentially resulting in $30-50 per month for high-speed connections.

Using on Multiple Devices

The flexibility to install on several devices linked to the same account presents an opportunity to enhance total earnings. However, users should be mindful of potential performance impacts across numerous active devices simultaneously.


In conclusion, stands out as a promising avenue for individuals seeking to harness their unused internet bandwidth for passive income. Through a comprehensive exploration of its functionality, user experience, and payment legitimacy, the platform exhibits characteristics that align with a legitimate and user-friendly online earning opportunity.

The simplicity of the registration process, devoid of unnecessary verification hurdles, contributes to the overall positive user experience. The ease with which users can set up an account underscores’s commitment to making passive income accessible to a wide audience.

A pivotal aspect of any income-generating platform is its ability to deliver on promised payments. not only meets but exceeds expectations in this regard. Through personal testing and a review of user testimonials, the platform’s commitment to prompt and reliable payouts becomes evident. This tangible evidence substantiates the legitimacy of as a viable source of supplemental income.

While the platform exhibits commendable strengths, it’s crucial to acknowledge potential downsides. The capped earnings, reaching a maximum of around $50 per month, may not suffice as a primary income source. Additionally, the slight risk of impacting regular internet performance and occasional app disruptions, though minor, warrant consideration.

Nevertheless, these downsides are eclipsed by the inherent appeal of earning passive income effortlessly. emerges as a beacon for those seeking an additional stream of income without the need for active involvement. The hands-free nature of the platform, where users can accumulate earnings over weeks or months without lifting a finger, adds to its attractiveness.

As with any online opportunity, managing expectations is key. should be approached as a supplementary income source, offering a consistent flow of extra dollars for users willing to share their idle bandwidth. The platform provides a genuine, risk-free, and legitimate option for those looking to monetize otherwise dormant internet resources.

In the realm of online income opportunities, not only passes the legitimacy test but also distinguishes itself through its simplicity and reliability. For individuals who value the idea of earning money effortlessly while contributing spare bandwidth, is indeed worth exploring. Download, install, and embark on a journey of hands-free income generation through this innovative and legitimate platform.

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