Is legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2024

Unraveling the Enigma: A Comprehensive Examination of – Legit Investment or Elaborate Scam?


In the vast realm of online investment opportunities, the need for vigilant scrutiny has never been more crucial. The allure of financial gains often conceals potential pitfalls, urging users to tread carefully. In this extensive analysis, we delve into the intricate details surrounding, aiming to unveil whether it stands as a legitimate investment platform or conceals the shadows of a potential scam.

Background on

Unveiling the Origins

Initiating our journey, we embark on gathering foundational information about

  • Domain Registration: Since August 1st, 2019, has navigated the online landscape for over three years.
  • Ownership Veil: LLC shields the owner’s identity, casting a shroud over transparency.
  • Business Model: presents itself as a “trusted blockchain and cryptocurrency company,” offering crypto mining and trading services. Its allure lies in investment plans promising daily returns.

Gaining insight into’s roots provides a preliminary understanding that paves the way for a more nuanced analysis of its legitimacy.

Domain Reputation & Reviews

The Tapestry of Opinions

Diving deeper, we navigate the maze of online reviews and reputation indicators:

  • Trustpilot’s Dichotomy: stands at a 3.5/5 star rating on Trustpilot, with 7 ratings of 3 stars or higher. Yet, the quality of reviews raises eyebrows.
  • Scam Adviser’s Verdict: A 99% confidence score categorizes as a “scam,” citing privacy concerns and a dearth of contact information.
  • The Suspicion Warning: Scam Detector labels as “very suspicious,” sounding a cautionary note about the investment industry it champions.
  • SiteJabber’s Silence: The absence of reviews on SiteJabber hints at either low traffic or a deliberate effort to remain under the radar.

This tapestry of opinions, ranging from positive Trustpilot reviews to stern scam warnings, raises a red flag, necessitating further exploration.

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Technical Analysis

Peering Into the Digital Infrastructure

Transitioning into the digital realm, we subject to meticulous technical scrutiny:

  • Site Speed Mastery: Clocking in at around 2 seconds for page loading, demonstrates commendable speed with compressed resources.
  • SSL Duality: The presence of a valid SSL certificate injects a dose of legitimacy, yet the prevalence of SSL on scam sites complicates the narrative.
  • Navigating Robots.txt: A permissive robots.txt allows search engines unrestricted access, facilitating proper indexing.
  • Sitemap Strategies: The existence of a sitemap.xml signals an effort towards SEO optimization.
  • Contact Conundrum: While contact details, including phone and address, are provided, the revelation of a PO box as the physical address adds a layer of skepticism.
  • HTML Harmony: An inspection of page headings and links reveals a logically structured HTML, devoid of immediate red flags.

While the technical analysis applauds’s construction, the veil of ownership privacy continues to cast doubt on legitimacy.

Domain & Link Analysis

Unraveling the Online Tapestry

Navigating the intricate web of domain authority and linkages, we uncover additional layers of’s online presence:

  • Domain Authority Dance: A DA of 32 positions as relatively low on the investment site spectrum, not uncommon for a newer operation.
  • Backlink Ballet: Majestic’s discovery of only 4 recent backlinks, emanating from low-quality personal blogs, unveils a limited organic reach.
  • Mentions in the Digital Echo: Sparse mentions on Google Search, mostly casting in a negative or suspicious light, contribute to the skepticism.
  • Chronicles of Site Age: The site’s three-plus years of existence offer a semblance of reputability, yet the dearth of quality backlinks in that time sparks questioning.

This analysis paints a canvas of contradiction – an established age but a limited online presence, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Content & Messaging Analysis

Decoding the Message

Embarking on a journey through the rhetoric of’s on-site content, we scrutinize its messaging and marketing claims:

  • Payout Puzzles: The advertised daily returns of 1-5% lack clarity on investment periods or associated risks, rendering them dubious.
  • Buzzword Ballet: The deployment of terms like “mining” and “trading” lacks transparency, leaving users in the dark about the actual processes.
  • Deposit Dilemma: Prominently highlighted deposit buttons, devoid of accompanying risk warnings or transparent terms of use, hint at a lack of openness.
  • Regulatory Riddles: The absence of any mention of licensing or registration, mandatory for financial entities, adds to the cloud of suspicion.
  • Team Tango: A cursory glance at the team bios reveals a lack of detail and expertise in fields like mining and trading.

The marketing rhetoric of seems to pivot more towards a get-rich-quick narrative than a legitimate investment platform, leaving its substance in the shadows.

User Discussion Analysis

Echoes from the User Realm

Diving into the realm of user-generated content, we scrutinize discussions and commentaries:

  • Reddit’s Verdict: Several threads on Reddit unanimously brand as a scam, citing unverified claims and user complaints as reasons to steer clear.
  • Bitcoin Forum’s Echo: Multiple reports questioning the legitimacy of, albeit without clear resolutions, underscore privacy concerns as a significant red flag.
  • Watchdog’s Warning: Scam accusation sites reverberate with labels and warnings against Marake, creating a chorus of caution.
  • Positivity Paradox: Positive mentions, albeit sparse, mostly appear on review sites, raising suspicions of potential manipulation.

Synthesizing user discussions with prior findings paints a compelling narrative – one that leans towards skepticism and distrust rather than confidence.

Putting the Pieces Together

The Mosaic of Deception

In a symphony of findings, the composite picture points towards a high likelihood that is orchestrating a deceptive operation:

  • Reputation Reservations: Dubious reputation and unverified user experiences cast shadows on’s legitimacy.
  • Promotional Puzzlement: Overly optimistic marketing claims lacking substantiation intensify the veil of skepticism.
  • Online Presence Puzzle: Limited reach and authority online fail to independently validate’s proclaimed legitimacy.
  • Transparency Tangle: The lack of clarity on operations and ownership, combined with contradictory marketing claims, fosters an environment of suspicion.
  • Investigative Inconsistency: Discrepancies between marketing narratives and investigative findings amplify the doubts.

While individual assessments may have gaps, the collective mosaic portrays as a likely fraudulent scheme designed to lure unsuspecting investors. Approaching with extreme caution is not merely advisable but imperative, given the myriad unresolved legitimacy issues and concerns about consumer protection. In the absence of substantial proof to independently verify operations, reputable authorities maintain the label – is a suspected scam site.


In the intricate labyrinth of online investments, our exhaustive analysis of has woven a narrative fraught with contradictions, skepticism, and a prevailing sense of deception. As we bring our scrutiny to a close, it becomes increasingly evident that stands on shaky ground, overshadowed by unresolved legitimacy concerns and a myriad of consumer protection issues.

The extensive exploration into’s background revealed a domain with a history spanning over three years. However, the opacity surrounding ownership, guarded by LLC, raises immediate red flags. The website’s self-description as a “trusted blockchain and cryptocurrency company” becomes questionable in the face of our findings, particularly given the promotional nature of investment plans promising daily returns.

Navigating the tapestry of reviews and reputation indicators presented a bewildering contrast. While Trustpilot showcased a mixed bag of positive reviews and Scam Adviser declared a “scam” with a staggering 99% confidence score, the lack of SiteJabber reviews and the ominous warnings from Scam Detector underscored the inconsistency in the platform’s online reception. The divergence in opinions signals a need for deeper scrutiny, urging users to proceed with caution.

Technical scrutiny revealed a well-crafted digital façade, with commendable site speed and the presence of a valid SSL certificate. However, the veil of ownership privacy and the revelation of a PO box as the physical address added layers of skepticism. Domain and link analyses further painted a complex picture – an aged domain with limited online presence and authority, leaving us with more questions than answers.

The on-site content and messaging analysis exposed a marketing strategy that leans heavily towards a get-rich-quick narrative rather than a legitimate investment platform. Payout rates and the use of buzzwords lack clarity, leaving users in the dark about the actual processes involved. The absence of regulatory disclosure and the superficiality of the team bios contribute to an overall narrative of substance lacking to support the performance promises made by

Venturing into user discussions added a human touch to our analysis, revealing a chorus of skepticism and distrust. Reddit and Bitcoin Forum threads echoed cautionary tales, while scam accusation sites resounded with warnings. Positive mentions, albeit sparse, seemed relegated to review sites, raising suspicions of potential manipulation. The amalgamation of user commentary overwhelmingly associated with dubious character rather than trust and legitimacy.

As we piece together the mosaic of findings, a compelling narrative emerges – is likely orchestrating a deceptive operation designed to entice unsuspecting investors. The high likelihood of fraudulent practices, the lack of transparency into operations and ownership, and the contradictory nature of marketing claims underscore the need for extreme caution. Approaching should not just be a decision but a well-informed imperative, given the myriad unresolved legitimacy issues and concerns about consumer protection.

In the realm of online investments, where trust is paramount, serves as a stark reminder that not all that glitters in the cryptocurrency sphere is gold. Until concrete evidence emerges to dispel the shadows of doubt, potential investors are advised to exercise vigilance, conduct thorough due diligence, and prioritize their financial well-being over the allure of questionable promises. The cautionary tale of resonates not only as a specific case study but as a broader lesson in navigating the intricate landscape of online investments with prudence and discernment.

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