Is lucky sudoku app legit & good App? Lucky sudoku reviews & complains 2024

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Lucky Sudoku App

In the ever-evolving world of smartphone apps, promises of online income opportunities are not in short supply. One app that has been making waves recently is Lucky Sudoku, which claims to offer cash rewards simply for playing sudoku. But does it live up to the hype, or is it just another illusion of quick riches? In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve deep into the world of Lucky Sudoku, assessing its legitimacy and true income potential through extensive research and hands-on testing.

The Enigma of Lucky Sudoku

Lucky Sudoku is a free-to-play sudoku puzzle game available on both Android and iOS platforms. What sets it apart from traditional sudoku games is its promise of helping you earn real money through a process known as “point mining.” The idea is simple: complete sudoku grids of varying difficulties, and you can allegedly redeem the points you accumulate for real cash, gift cards, and more, using services like GCash.

Chasing the Pot of Gold – A Reality Check

To get a real sense of the income potential offered by Lucky Sudoku, I decided to put it to the test. I downloaded the app and dedicated a month to using it extensively. What I found was somewhat sobering. While the initial tutorials and marketing materials implied substantial daily payouts, my actual experience fell far short of these claims.

On average, the weekly rewards I received ranged from ₱10 to ₱50. To achieve these amounts, I had to put in hours of dedicated play, and even then, it wasn’t consistent. For the app to deliver on its promises of higher earnings, I needed to engage in intensive puzzle-solving or go all out on aggressive friend referrals.

This leads us to a common trend in the app’s user base. The majority of user reviews and testimonials I came across echoed a similar sentiment. The actual payout rates, compounded by currency exchange fees and high withdrawal minimums, significantly reduce the income potential touted by the app’s creators.

The Puzzle of User Experience and Technical Bugs

The heart of Lucky Sudoku lies in its gameplay, and in this aspect, the app delivers a standard and well-designed sudoku experience. However, no app is without its challenges, and Lucky Sudoku is no exception. I encountered frequent glitches and technical issues that, at times, dampened the overall experience.

Common problems included instances of lag during gameplay, app crashes when attempting to earn points or simply logging in, and a noticeable discrepancy between the implied difficulty levels of puzzles and their actual challenges. These technical bugs were more than just a minor inconvenience; they significantly impacted how much I wanted to use the app.

What’s more, support responses to these technical issues were inconsistent, with some inquiries taking days to receive a response. While the app remained playable, these technical hiccups added a layer of frustration to the overall user experience. Unsurprisingly, a quick scan of user reviews on app stores revealed that many others had similar complaints.

The Quest for Realistic Income Alternatives

If you’re seeking to make some extra income online, there are more dependable and transparent alternatives to Lucky Sudoku. These options offer clearer structures and more realistic earnings potential. Here are a few worth considering:

  • Online Microtasks: Websites like Appen and Lionbridge offer reliable hourly rates for tasks such as data entry and content moderation.
  • User Testing: Platforms pay users $10 to $60 per test to use apps and websites and provide feedback, which is often more lucrative than spending time on Lucky Sudoku.
  • Survey Sites: While not immensely profitable, sites like SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks offer a steady stream of income by completing questionnaires.
  • Passive Income Apps: Apps like Ibotta and Receipt Hog provide cashback on everyday purchases, and while it may not make you rich overnight, it’s a far more effortless way to earn compared to Lucky Sudoku.

Exploring Alternate Revenue Models

One aspect that sets Lucky Sudoku apart from traditional income-generating apps is its reliance on alternate tactics rather than straightforward income promises. These tactics include:

  • Aggressive Referral Programs: The app offers high commission rates to incentivize recruitment, often seen in tutorial videos created by app promoters.
  • In-App Purchases: Lucky Sudoku includes items such as hints and bonus lives, encouraging users to spend real money for continued engagement and monetization.
  • Data Collection: The app’s extensive permission requests and analytics suggest a keen interest in user data, going beyond points and rewards.
  • Promoted Affiliate Products: Many top players in the Lucky Sudoku community integrate affiliate codes into their promotions, earning commissions from apps and services they promote.

While these are common monetization strategies in the world of mobile apps, they primarily prioritize growing the platform and increasing user engagement, rather than delivering on the income promises that initially attract users.

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The Community Voice: User Reviews and Discussion Forums

To gather a comprehensive and impartial perspective on Lucky Sudoku, I scoured user ratings and comments on major app stores and discussion boards. Here’s what I found:

  • Google Play: The app holds an overall rating of 4.0/5 based on over 16,000 ratings. What caught my attention was a pattern of ratings spiking daily, followed by stabilization. This suggested the presence of incentivized or artificial reviews that may not accurately represent the user experience.
  • iOS App Store: On iOS, Lucky Sudoku holds a rating of 3.7/5 based on over 500 reviews. Here, technical glitches were more prominently reported, suggesting that Apple users may encounter more issues with the app.
  • Reddit and Facebook Groups: In various online communities, I found a mixed bag of experiences, with most users reporting earnings far below what was initially promised or implied in promotional videos. Technical problems were also commonly cited.

Considering these findings across multiple touchpoints, it’s clear that while some users may find Lucky Sudoku entertaining as a sudoku puzzle game, the consensus among the app’s user base confirms that its income potential does not align with the initial hype. Additionally, there are significant user experience issues that need to be addressed.

The Final Puzzle Piece: Conclusion

In concluding this in-depth analysis of Lucky Sudoku, it’s important to acknowledge that the app does deliver on its promise of providing a standard sudoku gameplay experience. It allows users to engage in hypothetical earnings through gameplay. However, the app’s legitimacy as a true income generator remains questionable, and this conclusion is based on several key factors:

  1. Vast Discrepancies: There are significant discrepancies between the earnings potential marketed by the app and the realistic income potential experienced by users. Currency exchange fees and complex terms minimize actual payouts.
  2. Technical Bugs: The presence of frequent technical bugs, as reported by many users, significantly impacts the overall user experience and raises concerns about the app’s reliability.
  3. User Reviews and Discussion Forums: App store ratings and user discussions across various platforms confirm issues aligning with my hands-on testing, including income disparities and technical problems.
  4. Monetization Strategy: The app’s monetization strategy appears to prioritize engagement and data-driven tactics over straightforward rewards, which may explain the discrepancies between income promises and actual earnings.
  5. Lack of Transparency: The app lacks transparency regarding the core workings of its reward system mechanics, leaving users uncertain about how their earnings are calculated.

Therefore, it is prudent to view Lucky Sudoku primarily as a sudoku puzzle game for entertainment purposes, not as a genuine income opportunity. If you are seeking to generate income online, there are more robust options available that provide clearer earnings potential and structures. Managing your expectations accordingly is crucial, as quick riches through apps like Lucky Sudoku may remain elusive.


In the intricate world of mobile apps promising quick income, Lucky Sudoku stands out as a puzzle of its own. The allure of playing sudoku and earning cash rewards is undeniably tempting, but as we’ve peeled back the layers of this app, a more complex picture has emerged.

Lucky Sudoku, in essence, is a standard sudoku game, delivering the familiar enjoyment of number puzzles. However, its claim of being a genuine income generator has proven elusive and falls short of the grand promises made in its marketing materials. The vast chasm between the advertised earnings and the stark reality is a glaring issue. Users who invest time and effort may find themselves facing minimal returns, often amounting to a few pesos per week. The true potential for substantial income appears elusive, often requiring relentless puzzle-solving and a host of friend referrals to bridge the gap.

Adding complexity to this picture are the frequent technical glitches that users encounter. Lag, crashes, and discrepancies between puzzle difficulties and their actual challenges have been common grievances. While these issues may not render the app unplayable, they undoubtedly tarnish the overall experience, leaving users frustrated and disillusioned.

Despite the app’s claims of being a revenue generator, its monetization strategy leans more towards user engagement and data-driven tactics, rather than straightforward reward systems. This nuanced approach may explain the discrepancies between the app’s income promises and the reality experienced by users.

When we delved into the world of user reviews and discussion forums, we encountered a mosaic of experiences. While some users found the app entertaining, the overwhelming consensus was that the income potential did not match the initial hype. This was a reality echoed not only in the ratings on app stores but also in the firsthand accounts of users who took to discussion boards to share their experiences.

In conclusion, Lucky Sudoku is best approached as a sudoku puzzle game for entertainment rather than a genuine income opportunity. If your goal is to generate income online, there are alternative avenues that offer more dependable and transparent structures. Managing expectations and being wary of the promises of quick riches is paramount, as the puzzle of Lucky Sudoku, while engaging in its own right, does not offer the financial rewards it initially implies. The quest for genuine online income continues, and it may be wiser to explore more promising and reliable avenues in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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