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What is Lewkin?

lewkin is an online clothing retailer that specializes in Korean fashion. They carry a wide range of styles including Kpop fashion, streetwear, Y2K trends and more. Lewkin was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Some key things to know about Lewkin:

  • They source their clothing primarily from Korea. Most of their items are officially licensed or directly inspired by Korean fashion and culture.

  • In addition to their own collections, Lewkin partners with Kpop artists and labels to create exclusive merch.

  • Their size range is quite inclusive, going from XS to 4X on many styles.

  • Shipping is available worldwide with speedy delivery options. Lewkin has distribution centers in both the US and Korea.

  • The website is very visually focused with high quality product photos. Navigation is intuitive making it easy to browse different categories.

  • Lewkin is very active on social media platforms like Instagram where they share outfit inspiration, new arrivals and sales.

So in summary, Lewkin aims to be a one-stop shop for trendy, affordable Korean fashion from streetwear to Kpop inspired styles. But is it a legitimate site to shop from? Let’s explore further.

Are Lewkin Products Authentic?

One common concern when shopping from an international retailer like Lewkin is whether the clothes are actually authentic. To address this, Lewkin shares details on their website about where products are sourced:

  • Many items are sourced directly from Korean fashion brands and designers. Lewkin partners closely with these companies.

  • For exclusive Kpop collaborations, Lewkin works directly with entertainment labels to produce officially licensed merch.

  • When items are inspired by trends but not direct brand collaborations, Lewkin is upfront they are producing those styles themselves.

Reading customer reviews across platforms also suggests most Lewkin items match the style and quality depicted in photos. Customers frequently comment on how clothes are well-made for the price point.

If any issues do occur, Lewkin has a very lenient return policy allowing returns within 45 days for refunds or exchanges. Their customer service team is also active resolving issues for buyers.

Overall, it seems Lewkin puts effort into verifying the authenticity and source of their clothing offerings. While not every item comes directly from Korea, the styles are still inspired by Korean fashion trends. Buyers generally feel they are receiving legitimate products as advertised.

Shipping and Delivery Times

When shopping from an overseas website, timing is another concern for buyers. Here is what customers report about Lewkin’s shipping process:

  • Standard shipping to the US usually takes 10-15 business days once the order is dispatched. Other countries may vary slightly.

  • Expedited shipping upgrades are available, often cutting delivery times down to 7-10 days internationally.

  • Lewkin uses major carriers like DHL, FedEx and EMS depending on destination. Packages seem to arrive safely with no major lost orders reported.

  • For items in stock, orders ship within 1-3 business days on average. Pre-order/made to order styles may take longer, up to 1 month.

  • Customers in the US have reported some issues with slow domestic delivery from Lewkin’s sorting facility once in the country. However, overall international timelines seem reasonable.

As with any international e-commerce site, small delays are always possible. But Lewkin makes efforts to clearly communicate shipping policies and timelines upfront. Most buyers seem satisfied with the convenience and transparency around delivery when shopping with this retailer.

Payment Options and Customer Service

How Lewkin handles payments and supports customers is another factor to consider when assessing legitimacy. Here are the key points:

  • Lewkin accepts all major credit/debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

  • PayPal is also accepted for added security and convenience on international transactions.

  • Lewkin’s returns policy is very lenient, allowing returns within 45 days for a full refund or exchange.

  • The website has detailed FAQ pages addressing common order, sizing and delivery questions.

  • A telephone support line and email support is listed on their site, responded very promptly according to reviews.

  • Lewkin is active replying to messages, reviews and inquiries over social media as well.

  • No widespread reports were found of fraudulent charges, non-shipped orders or ignored customer service issues.

Overall, Lewkin implements secure payment standards and provides multiple ways for buyers to get help if needed. Their accommodating policies help build trust as a legitimate international fashion retailer.

Is Lewkin Trustworthy Reputation-Wise?

One way to gauge how legitimate and trustworthy an online business truly is looks beyond own site claims – to third party reviews and reputation indicators:

Social Media Presence

Lewkin maintains sizable followers on all major platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. Their content shows real time engagement with fans, not botted. This suggests an established, authentic brand presence online.

Review Platform Feedback

Across sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber and Google Reviews, Lewkin maintains an average 4.5/5 star rating from hundreds of verified purchasers. Negative comments are sparse and mostly center on average sizing issues rather than unresolved problems. This type of strong verified buyer feedback is reassuring.

Domain and Website History

WHOIS records show domain was registered 5+ years ago, with the site continuously operational since then. It does not have domains or websites suddenly shut down or suspicious changes to contact info – signs of a legitimate ongoing business.

Search Engine Optimization

Lewkin ranks highly across image, video and organic searches related to their products and niche. This suggests ongoing SEO efforts and relevance in the fashion industry, not an illegitimate or fly-by-night operation.

Active Social Commerce

Lewkin promotes Try-On content and shares customer photos/reviews across platforms daily. This type of engaged social selling helps build credibility and trust with buyers in an authentic way.

So in summary, third party reviews coupled with Lewkin’s ongoing optimized online presence indicates they have established a reputable brand over multiple years – not just a fly-by-night dropshipping operation. This reassures their legitimacy as an international fashion site.

Financial and Legal Legitimacy

To be considered fully legitimate as an e-commerce site, a business also needs to prove compliance in important operational areas:

Company Registration

Public records show Lewkin as legally registered in California as Lewkin Inc since 2017. In addition, their WHOIS records show site is registered to the same business name and address. This matches their “About Us” details as well.

Payment Compliance

Lewkin confirms they adhere to PCI DSS standards for secure card processing on their site. No public reports were found of card data breaches during checkout. They are Payment Gateway certified.

Shipping Compliance

Goods are imported/exported using licensed carrier partners adhering to international regulations on restricted goods/duties. Review suggest no issues with customs declarations.

Returns Compliance

Lewkin’s returns policy falls within FTC guidelines for mail/eCommerce business. Refunds are securely handled following regulation. No systemic issues reported with unauthorized charges during returns.


Lewkin lists awards/recognition with organizations like the U.S. Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce which helps validate their legal operations. Background checks find no records of complaints/non-compliance.

So in conclusion, Lewkin operates as a fully registered and compliant business from a financial/legal perspective. Their accredited partnerships and removal of any public non-compliance issues adds further legitimacy proof.

Final Analysis: Is Lewkin Legit?

Looking comprehensively across all factors assessed about

  • They source authentic apparel directly from Korea and global designers where possible.

  • Shipping and delivery timelines/policies are transparent and meet expectations of most buyers internationally.

  • Customers report smooth payment processing and excellent customer service/returns experience overall.

  • Third party reviews, referral content and social engagement suggest a true authentic brand presence online.

  • Lewkin operates as a properly registered business entity handling finances and operations legally/ethically.

When considering all available credibility indicators collectively, the evidence strongly suggests Lewkin is a fully legitimate online retailer of Korean fashion. Concerns about being a “scam site” or low quality dropshipper seems unfounded.

While no business is perfect, Lewkin demonstrates real commitment in developing trusted partnerships, quickly resolving issues and advocating for customers over many years of successful operations. Overall they maintain high standards expected of an international eCommerce leader within their niche.

Buyers can feel confident shopping from Lewkin knowing they provide an authentic Korean shopping experience along with the reassurance of a established, credible online marketplace reputation. Lewkin proves itself not just potentially legitimate – but truly legitimate based on its consistent track record.

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