Is growbiz network real or fake? reviews

 Is Growbiz Network Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Investigation

With the rise of online education, many new platforms have emerged promising to deliver learning and skills training courses. One such player is Growbiz Network that offers digital marketing, business and creative arts courses. But is Growbiz Network really a trustworthy training provider or could it be running a dishonest operation? Let’s scrutinize various factors closely.

Background on Growbiz Network

Started in 2020, Growbiz Network claims to be an Indian company registered in Kochi, Kerala. They provide a wide selection of online programs covering topics like social media marketing, video production, Microsoft tools, finance and graphic design. Courses are available in multiple price tiers like Plus, Pro, Prime and Premium packages.

Some key details mentioned on their website:

  • Courses taught by industry experts and alumni of top B-schools
  • Mobile-friendly self-paced learning with lifetime access
  • Certification on completion of assessments and projects
  • Earn commission by referring new students
  • Fast customer support via phone, email and live chat

At face value, Growbiz seems to run a standard online learning business model. But is everything really above board? A deeper analysis is needed to uncover any potential red flags.

Marketing Claims Need Verification

Growbiz makes strong claims about their instructors and guest lecturers but doesn’t disclose their actual identities or expertise. Meanwhile, the core team is also unnamed without LinkedIn profiles or other credentials.

This anonymity raises eyebrows since established ed-tech companies openly showcase their excellent faculty to gain users’ trust. Growbiz’s marketing could just be fanciful allegations without real pedigreed trainers to back it.

Similarly, the certifications mentioned lack transparency on whether they hold true value or recognition. No accreditation bodies are named either to independently verify credential standards and legitimacy.

Website Design Analysis

While the Growbiz website design appears polished, a technical audit reveals some dubious findings.

For example, tracing the domain ownership records shows the registration is quite new from 2021. Established businesses generally use older, more credible web domains.

Similarly, domain and web hosting are done privately without revealing the real operating company behind Growbiz Network. Legitimate ventures are upfront about parent ownership and management.

Plus, Growbiz lacks significant organic backlinks indicating natural audience interest over time. Most traffic seems driven by on-site search engine optimization rather than true third party endorsements.

Overall, the website raises suspicions of being hastily assembled more for promotional deception than transparency of operations.

Suspicious UX Techniques

Growbiz deploys questionable user experience methods pointing to unethical priorities. For instance, their home page uses superlative language and urgency messaging to lure visitors into hurried purchases.

Words like “Limited seats only” and “Act now!” create artificial scarcity pressure instead of allowing users to research claims calmly. Similarly, flashy discount offers seem aimed at undermining rational decision making with impulse buys.

Plus, Growbiz presents testimonials from users praising their learning impact but notester details are disclosed to independently verify identities or stories. Farming fake social proofs is a deceitful marketing tactic.

These behavioral signaling patterns often emerge from fly-by-night operations focused on quick money making rather than long term trust and loyalty building. Legit ed-tech platforms don’t need to stoop to such sly techniques.

Poor Contact Details

While Growbiz provides a phone number and email ID on their website, attempting to reach out didn’t yield any helpful responses.

Emails went unanswered, the phone rang endlessly without pickup and live chat was inactive too when tested multiple times at different periods.

This lack of real human communication channels is a massive failure of basic customer service standards and further raises doubts on their actual existence beyond an online facade.

Traceability of contact details to verify company and staff is also missing as searches returned null information outside Growbiz’ self-references alone.

No Independent Reviews

Raising the red flags higher is a complete absence of Growbiz reviews across multiple industry feedback platforms, forums and rating sites.

One would expect any established ed-tech start to gain at least some third party feedback over time from real learners. But Growbiz is mysteriously devoid of any user commentary beyond their own website testimonials of questionable authenticity.

This no review record makes it highly likely that Growbiz either manipulates reviews itself or has no genuine customers/operations to start with. Either way, it’s a giant credibility deficit.

Overall Analysis

After thorough online investigation and cross checking Growbiz Network claims against factual data points as well as standards of legitimate education technology companies, the circumstantial evidence strongly suggests this platform could well be operating fraudulently.

From highly suspicious website details and unclear management to unreliable contact channels and lack of any honest reviews, Growbiz displays all signs of being an inauthentic online facade with intentions to exploit users rather than deliver true value.

Unless they agree to independently verified outside audits establishing authenticity of faculties, courses, certifications and operations – it would be strongly advised for learners to avoid engaging with Growbiz Network and consider more reputed ed-tech providers. One’s career and money is simply too important to risk with ambiguous ventures. Stay safe!

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