is gogroopie legit or scam? Gogroopie reviews & complaints 2023


When shopping online, it’s important to do your research on companies to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable brand. Reading reviews from real customers provides valuable insights into what to expect from the customer experience and quality of products or services.

This post reviews Go Groopie, an online marketplace that aims to offer discounted items across different categories. We’ll look at what the company is about, the shopping experience, and most importantly, what actual customers say about ordering and interacting with Go Groopie.

By analyzing reviews found on sites like Britain Reviews, we can gain a well-rounded picture of both the positives and negatives to help decide if Go Groopie is worth considering for your shopping needs. Let’s take a deeper dive.

About Go Groopie

Go Groopie operates as an online marketplace connecting buyers with merchants selling a variety of inventory at discounted prices. Their website and app allows browsing products organized into categories like:

  • Electronics & gadgets
  • Health & wellness items
  • Shoes & clothing
  • Arts & crafts supplies
  • Personalized gifts
  • Novelty & hobby items
  • Food & drinks
  • Accessories
  • Pet supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Educational materials
  • And more

In addition to products, Go Groopie lists travel experiences like country or city breaks, family holidays, and activities in and around London. They aim to be a “one-stop shop” for deals across multiple categories.

Membership on the site is free, allowing access to search through special offers. All items are advertised as discounted from original prices. The marketplace model connects buyers to multiple merchant sellers.

Shopping Experience

According to the website, joining Go Groopie is simple – just provide an email or sign up using Facebook or Google. From there, customers can browse products through the website or mobile app.

Once an item is added to the cart, checkout requires entering payment and shipping details. Supported payment methods include all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. Go Groopie then coordinates order fulfillment with the merchant seller.

For any issues that come up, the company provides customer service reachable by phone, email, or online messaging. This covers questions about orders, returns, refunds or other post-purchase assistance.

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Customer Reviews

Now let’s explore what actual customers say about their Go Groopie shopping experience based on reviews found online:

Positive Feedback

  • Several reviewers mentioned placing multiple orders with no issues receiving products as described.
  • The variety of inventory across different categories was appreciated.
  • Some reported getting good deals, especially on shoes, clothing and personal items.
  • Fast delivery and smooth checkout process praised.

Negatives Raised

  • Common complaints involved orders not arriving or experiencing long delays.
  • Inaccurate or misleading product photos compared to what was received.
  • Poor customer service response to requests for order updates or refunds.
  • Difficulty getting a full refund even after approved returns.
  • Concerns over security of payment information on the site.

Let’s look at some reviews in more detail:

Detailed Customer Reviews

Ordered a sofa from website. Supposed to contact me to confirm delivery date. Never did. Raised ticket(s) on their website. No response. Sent them email. No response. Found their ‘registered’ office phone number. Answer machine referring back to the website. And so on with the endless loop… Ended up getting both Paypal and the Credit Card Company involved. This is clearly a scam site that relies on the customer giving up. Avoid at all costs!!!

  • Stephen L.

This lengthy complaint describes the frustrating “run around” one customer faced trying to receive a large item purchase or dealing with poor customer support. Issues like no contact from the seller and unanswered inquiries are major red flags.

I am waiting for a refund on a bell I sent back there were parts missing

  • Ann G.

A seemingly routine return experience turned problematic according to this reviewer, highlighting potential risks with returns and refunds not being properly processed as expected.

_ Can’t send … as I haven’t received my order it’s been over a month now boo to you……….._

  • Sheila B.

A succinct one-star review conveying frustration over a late/missing order and dissatisfaction with the shopping experience overall.

_ I ordered a matching leopard print necklace and earrings set. I did receive a matching set but it was different to the picture shown. I will keep it as it is nice but beware you may not get exactly what you ordered._

  • Jennifer

While not fully unhappy, this reviewer notes a mismatch between the product listing and what was received. Accuracy is important, and this hints at quality control issues on Go Groopie.

Alternatives to Consider

Whether based on the variety of offerings, prices or customer satisfaction, Go Groopie may not be the best fit depending on individual needs and preferences. Some alternative online marketplaces to potentially consider include:

  • Amazon – Huge selection, fast shipping and robust customer protection policies. May find better deals with Prime membership.

  • Ebay – Popular global marketplace to find deals directly from individual sellers and stores. Robust buyer/seller ratings system instills trust.

  • Etsy – Specifically for artisan and handmade goods. May discover unique personalized gifts and crafts not elsewhere.

  • AliExpress – Dropshipping gateway selling trendy gadgets, clothing and more directly from Chinese manufacturers. Very low prices.

  • Wish – Similar to AliExpress but owned by the same company. Known for ultra-cheap items at the risk of longer shipping and quality concerns.

  • Local online classifieds – Sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji allow buying used items locally with opportunities to see/test before buying.

Doing research into alternatives can help identify marketplace options offering better reassurance, product selection or consumer protections for your specific needs and comfort level.


In reviewing Go Groopie, it’s clear the marketplace model aims to provide convenience through one website to access deals across product categories. However, analyzing customer feedback reveals some concerns over order fulfillment accuracy, response to issues, and difficulty getting resolution to problems.

While a few reviewers said their Go Groopie experience went smoothly, the number of complaints suggests quality may be inconsistent or that certain customers faced unresolved problems. This level of risk could outweigh the benefits for many shoppers.

Overall, more reliability, shopper safeguards and positive reviews may be found on established marketplaces like Amazon depending on individual priorities. But Go Groopie could still offer value for occasional, low-risk purchases if core customer service responsibilities are fulfilled. Performing thorough research on any company remains important advice before shopping online.

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