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All about Go-gall

Go-gall is an online store that specializes in pet clothing, carriers, and beds. The store offers a variety of products for dogs and cats, including dog bed mat covers, long plush cat beds, dog carrier bags, and dog clothes. Customers can choose from different designs, sizes, and colors, depending on their preferences and needs.

One of the key features of Go-gall is its policies for returns, refunds, and exchanges. According to the website, customers have the right to return or exchange a product within three days of purchase and to request a replacement within seven days. This policy is applicable to all the products sold on the website, and it is intended to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Another important aspect of Go-gall is its payment options. The website accepts PayPal, which is a popular and secure payment method for online transactions. Customers can use their PayPal account to pay for their orders and to receive refunds, if needed. PayPal also provides a level of protection for buyers, in case of disputes or unauthorized transactions.

In terms of delivery time, Go-gall offers a service that guarantees the delivery of shipments to the agreed address within 3 to 7 days, for priority destinations. This means that customers can expect to receive their orders within a reasonable timeframe, depending on their location and shipping preferences.

However, one of the main concerns with Go-gall is its low trust score, which is currently at 37/100. This score is based on various factors, such as the website’s age, customer reviews, and online reputation. A low trust score can indicate that the website is not reliable or safe, and it may deter potential customers from making purchases.

To address these concerns, it is important to do further research on Go-gall, such as reading customer reviews, checking the website’s domain registration, and verifying the contact information. Customers can also look for other indicators of trustworthiness, such as SSL certificates, privacy policies, and secure payment methods.

In summary, Go-gall is an online store that offers pet clothing, carriers, and beds, with clear policies for returns, refunds, and exchanges. The website accepts PayPal and offers a delivery service that guarantees shipments within 3 to 7 days. However, the low trust score of the website may raise concerns about its legitimacy and safety, and customers should exercise caution before making purchases.

Is go-gall legit or scam?

As online shopping becomes more prevalent, so do the number of scam websites. Go-gall is one such website that claims to offer pet clothing, carriers, and beds. However, it is important to determine whether Go-gall is a legitimate website or a scam. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of Go-gall to help you make an informed decision.

Website Age One of the first things to consider when determining the legitimacy of a website is its age. According to the Whois record, Go-gall was registered on March 7th, 2023. This means that the website is relatively new and has not yet established a reputation.

Trust Score of Website Another important factor to consider is the trust score of the website. Go-gall currently has a trust score of 37/100, which is relatively low. This may indicate that the website is not trustworthy and may be a scam.

Contact Information The legitimacy of the contact information on a website is also important to consider. Unfortunately, Go-gall does not provide any contact information on their website. There is no mention of a company address, email address, or contact number. This lack of information raises red flags and makes it difficult to contact the company in case of any issues.

Products Category Go-gall claims to offer pet clothing, carriers, and beds. However, there is no information about the quality or origin of these products. It is difficult to determine whether the products are genuine or counterfeit.

Returns and Exchange Policy According to the website, customers can return or exchange products within three (3) days of purchase. While this may seem like a reasonable policy, the lack of contact information makes it difficult to initiate a return or exchange.

Payment Options Go-gall accepts only PayPal as a payment option. While PayPal is a secure payment method, it is important to note that it may not be enough to ensure the legitimacy of a website.

Delivery Time The website claims to offer a service that guarantees delivery of shipments to the agreed address within 3 to 7 days to priority destinations. However, there is no information about the shipping company or the delivery process. It is difficult to determine whether this service is reliable or not.

Social Media Links Go-gall does not provide any social media links on their website. This lack of social media presence may be a cause for concern, as legitimate websites usually have active social media accounts.

Our Conclusion Based on our review of Go-gall, we cannot recommend this website as a trustworthy or legitimate source for pet products. The website’s lack of contact information, low trust score, and absence of social media links raise serious concerns. Furthermore, the website is relatively new and has not yet established a reputation. It is best to avoid making purchases from this website until more information becomes available.

Go-gall reviews

Go-gall is an online store that specializes in pet clothing, carriers, and beds. As with any online store, it’s important to research and read reviews before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Go-gall reviews to help you determine if this pet clothing store is worth your time and money.

First, let’s take a look at what customers are saying about the quality of Go-gall’s products. Many customers have praised the quality and durability of the pet clothing, carriers, and beds sold on the site. Several reviewers have noted that the items they purchased were well-made and held up well over time.

However, not all reviews of Go-gall’s products have been positive. Some customers have reported that the sizing of the pet clothing is inconsistent, and that they received items that were much smaller or larger than expected. A few reviewers have also noted that the zippers on the carriers and beds can be difficult to use, and that the fabric of the pet clothing is prone to wrinkling.

In terms of customer service, Go-gall has received mixed reviews. Some customers have praised the company for their quick response times and helpful customer service representatives. Others, however, have reported difficulty in contacting the company or receiving a response to their inquiries.

One area where Go-gall seems to have received consistently positive reviews is in their shipping and delivery times. Many customers have reported receiving their orders quickly, with some even receiving their items within a few days of placing their order.

When it comes to returns and refunds, Go-gall’s policies have received mixed reviews. While the company does offer a return policy, some customers have reported difficulty in actually getting a refund. Others have noted that the return process was straightforward and that they received their refund quickly.

Overall, Go-gall reviews are mixed, with some customers praising the quality of the products and the speed of shipping, while others have reported issues with sizing and customer service. If you’re considering making a purchase from Go-gall, it’s important to read reviews carefully and to take the time to research the company and their policies.


Based on the information gathered, it is difficult to determine with certainty whether Go-gall is a legitimate or a scam website. While the website has a valid SSL certificate and offers clear policies for returns and exchanges, it has a very low trust score of 37/100, negative reviews on other sites, and lacks important information such as a company address, email, and phone number.

It is important to exercise caution when making purchases from unfamiliar online retailers, especially those with limited information available. Customers should thoroughly research any website before making a purchase and consider using payment methods that offer protection, such as Paypal.

Overall, it is advisable to proceed with caution when considering purchasing from Go-gall, and to carefully evaluate the website’s legitimacy and reputation before making a purchase.

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