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Is Legit or a Scam? A Closer Look is a relatively new online jewelry retailer that caught my attention. As someone who regularly shops for jewelry online, new stores pique my interest – but they also raise questions. With no reviews available yet, I decided to take a deeper look at Glasana to try and determine if it’s a trustworthy place to shop or potentially a scam.

Here’s what I found after thoroughly analyzing various aspects of the site.

Site Design and Product Selection

The first thing I noticed is that Glasana has a very professionally designed website. The layout is clean and clutter-free, navigation is intuitive, and product pages are detailed. They offer a wide assortment of jewelry across categories like necklaces, bracelets, rings and chains.

Looking closely at the product images, they all appear to be high quality renderings rather than genuine product photos. But overall the site design left a positive first impression in terms of usability and aesthetic appeal.

Company and Contact Information

Where Glasana started raising some red flags for me was in the lack of transparent company details provided. Scanning across the various site pages, I could not find:

  • The physical address of the business
  • Names and photos of owners/management team
  • Business registration or credential details

The only contact information given is a phone number and email form. There is no About Us page elaborating on the company history or mission.

Not providing basic company information is atypical for legitimate online retailers and ecommerce stores. The absence of this type of transparency is disconcerting, especially for a new store with no reviews yet. Consumers have no way to fact check or verify who is really operating Glasana.

Payment and Shipping Policies

Digging further into the site’s policies, I found Glasana accepts mainstream payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, and digital wallet options. They do not mention accepting wire transfers or demanding upfront payments – two red flags often associated with jewelry scams.

Their shipping policy states orders are processed within 2 business days and shipped via major carriers. No delivery times are guaranteed and returns are accepted within 14 days for refunds.

While the payment and shipping info aligned with reputable online retailers, on its own this section did little to alleviate concerns from the missing company background details.

Search Enginer Results and Brand Mentions

Wanting to independently verify the legitimacy of Glasana beyond just their own site, I did some searching:

  • Googling the business name returned only their website as the top result. No third party mentions, reviews or profiles surfaced.

  • Searching trademark and business registration databases also produced no matches to Glasana.

  • Plugging some long tail keyword searches like “Glasana reviews”, “Glasana scam” into Google yielded no external discussions.

The lack of any identifiable footprint for Glasana online beyond their own domain was extremely suspect. Established brands, even new ones, have reviews, blogger coverage or trademarks filed that I could not locate.

Product Pricing and Quality

Looking at Glasana’s jewelry price points, everything seemed reasonably priced for the quality advertised in the photographs and descriptions. However, without being able to physically inspect samples, it’s impossible to verify claims about materials, craftsmanship and durability.

Being a new store without reviews, customers have no insight into the actual product quality from real user experiences either. Subpar or counterfeit goods are common red flags associated with jewelry scams as well.

Overview and Recommendation

After a thorough analysis of across various aspects like company transparency, online presence, payment policies and product offerings – there are simply too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies for me to recommend trusting them yet as a retailer.

As a new online store with zero third party validation from reviews or mentions, their legitimacy cannot be confirmed. The lack of company contact details and branding footprint raise the biggest red flags.

While their site design is polished, scammers have also gotten savvy at creating professional looking fake storefronts. Until Glasana establishes some credibility over time, I would advise consumers to avoid purchasing from them – especially for larger orders.

Rather than accusing them definitively of being a scam, a safer approach is to wait and see if Glasana starts providing more transparency to identify themselves. Customers should also look for independent reviews to surface online in the coming months.

For now, this new jewelry retailer remains an uncertainty. Proceed with extreme caution or shop elsewhere until their legitimacy can be verified through increased transparency and third party validation over time. Customer trust and safety should always take priority on new and unproven online stores.

Signs to Watch For Regarding Glasana’s Legitimacy

Moving forward, here are some signs I will keep an eye out for that could help determine if Glasana ends up being a trustworthy retailer or not:

  • Registration of business name as a trademark
  • Addition of company address and owner profiles
  • Emergence of customer reviews on their website or other review sites
  • Mentions/coverage of Glasana in jewelry blog posts or online publications
  • Responses to inquiries seeking more transparency about their operation
  • Length of time they remain in business fulfilling orders smoothly

If over the next 6-12 months Glasana takes steps to increase transparency and third parties start validating their legitimacy, it could help alleviate initial concerns. But for now, their questionable online presence means shopping elsewhere is the safer choice. Staying critical and looking for independent verification should always be the approach with new retailers of unknown legitimacy.

I will try to remember to re-evaluate in the future to see if their credibility has improved or issues remain. My goal here was to provide a transparent analysis for consumers similarly trying to determine if this new jewelry site can be trusted or poses scam risks worth avoiding. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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