Is free diamond ml apk legit or not? Reviews 2023

Diamond Rewards – A Legitimate Option for Earned Diamonds

Among the myriad of apps, Diamond Rewards stands out as a potentially legitimate means of earning diamonds over time. This app rewards users for completing straightforward tasks, such as watching video ads, completing surveys, and more.

While the earnings per task are modest, ranging from 5-20 diamonds on average, consistent use can accumulate a substantial amount over weeks or months. The simplicity of the tasks ensures accessibility for most users, and the earned rewards are directly deposited into the Mobile Legends account upon meeting certain thresholds, without any hidden charges or subscription traps.

Diamond Rewards, while not a shortcut to instant wealth in the game, appears to operate legitimately as a supplementary method for gradually earning free diamonds. It distinguishes itself from other dubious “free diamond” apps by maintaining transparency and reliability in its earning system.

Be Wary of Unrealistic Reward Claims

Conversely, apps and tools that promise unrealistically high rewards, such as “unlimited diamonds” or tens of thousands in rewards, often turn out to be scams. Some claim to directly inject diamonds into accounts or request sensitive personal information, posing significant risks.

Mobile Legends has robust security measures in place, making it nearly impossible for external apps to manipulate transactions. Any app promising such feats is likely engaging in dishonest practices. Be vigilant and opt for apps like Diamond Rewards, which rely on a transparent and verified earning system.

Watch Out for Hidden Subscription Traps

Another red flag associated with some “free diamond” apps involves unclear or concealed subscription details. Certain apps may initially appear free but automatically enroll users in paid subscriptions after a trial period without their explicit consent.

These subscription traps generate revenue by deceiving users into unintentional monthly charges, diverging from their promises of rewarding users. Always scrutinize the terms, especially regarding auto-renewing subscriptions, before installing any reward apps. Legitimate developers, like those behind Diamond Rewards, maintain transparency about their service remaining free without hidden charges.

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Claims of “No Ban” Should Raise Concerns

Apps marketed as allowing “free diamonds with no ban” should trigger caution among Mobile Legends players. Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends, strictly prohibits the use of exploits and unauthorized third-party services.

Any app that boldly flaunts “no ban” claims is likely operating outside the game’s policies, putting users at risk of account suspension. Legitimate reward programs, such as Diamond Rewards, operate securely within Moonton guidelines, avoiding direct alterations to in-game economies or security bypasses.

Check Reviews and Ratings Before Installation

Prior to trying out any “free diamonds” app, it’s prudent to check app store ratings and genuine user reviews. Be vigilant for signs such as unfulfilled reward promises, confusing subscription details, account bans, or security concerns in 1-star reviews.

The ratings and reviews on platforms like Google Play and the iOS store act as early warnings, allowing users to identify apps with exploitative practices. Opt for apps like Diamond Rewards that boast positive reviews and high ratings, indicating a trustworthy track record and reliable reward systems.

Exercise Caution with Affiliate Marketing Claims

Users actively promoting certain “free diamond” apps as affiliates, particularly on forums or YouTube, may introduce potential conflicts of interest. Affiliates earn commissions for driving new app installs, potentially leading to biased or exaggerated endorsements.

While affiliate marketing has its merits, it’s essential to rely on independent, unbiased third-party reviews for a more objective risk assessment. Red flags, such as hidden subscriptions, unrealistic reward claims, and negative user reviews, should be thoroughly investigated. Do your own research with a discerning eye before succumbing to aggressive affiliate promotions.

In Summary: Proceed with Caution

While the allure of free diamonds in Mobile Legends is tempting, the app ecosystem leaves room for scams and deceptive practices. Opting for legitimate developers like Moonton and avoiding apps that manipulate in-game economies or security outside established policies is generally the safest approach.

Supplemental income through proven reward programs like Diamond Rewards is possible, but expectations must be managed – no app provides instant access to all premium content for free. Conduct thorough due diligence on apps, read terms meticulously, check reviews from actual players, and avoid apps with exaggerated marketing claims before installation.

In conclusion, yes, there are legitimate options for earning free Mobile Legends diamonds over time. However, users must exercise caution and verify that apps operate transparently and adhere to Moonton’s rules.

Finding Alternative Methods Beyond Reward Apps

While apps like Diamond Rewards can serve as supplementary sources of diamond income over extended periods, players seeking quicker rewards or alternative methods can explore lower-risk options:

  • Participate in Contests and Giveaways: Engage in ML contest giveaways on platforms like Facebook or YouTube, where major channels and fan pages regularly offer free diamonds and skins.
  • Complete In-Game Missions and Achievements: Utilize missions, quests, and achievements available directly within Mobile Legends to set short-term goals and earn free rewards.
  • Watch ML Streamers: Follow Mobile Legends streamers on platforms like Twitch, as some occasionally conduct diamond or skin giveaways for viewers. Active engagement in the chat may increase chances of winning.
  • Join Active Squads or Clans: Participate in highly active squads or clans, as top groups may offer perks or hold internal tournaments with gem prizes, fostering community while providing opportunities for earning.
  • Refer Friends Using Referral Links: Leverage referral links to attract new players, earning gems and rewards as incentives. Exercise caution and share links only with trustworthy peers.
  • Explore External Websites: Periodically check reputable websites like PlayerAuctions, where sellers offer gems and skins at prices lower than the in-game store. Ensure secure transactions through approved middleman services.

These alternative engagement methods carry lower risks compared to untested third-party apps. While rewards may be more sporadic, they align with Mobile Legends’ intended social and promotional systems, preserving accounts from potential risks.


In conclusion, the pursuit of free diamonds in Mobile Legends is an enticing endeavor, but it comes with its share of risks and challenges. As players navigate the diverse landscape of apps and tools promising these coveted in-game resources, a cautious and discerning approach becomes paramount.

The legitimacy of Diamond Rewards emerges as a glimmer of hope amidst the sea of dubious offerings. While the rewards may not be astronomical, the transparency in its earning system and the absence of hidden charges position it as a reliable supplemental option for those willing to invest time and effort over an extended period.

However, the treacherous waters of the app ecosystem harbor numerous threats. Apps peddling unrealistically high rewards or making promises of “no ban” should be met with skepticism. The integrity of Mobile Legends’ security measures cannot be compromised, and any app claiming to circumvent these protocols likely operates outside the bounds of ethical and safe gameplay.

Hidden subscription traps, a prevalent menace, lurk in the fine print of seemingly free apps. Users, unsuspecting of the automatic enrollment into paid subscriptions after trial periods, often fall prey to these predatory schemes. It reinforces the importance of scrutinizing terms meticulously and opting for apps, like Diamond Rewards, that remain transparent about their commitment to being free without hidden charges.

Reviews and ratings from fellow players act as beacons, guiding others away from potential pitfalls. The app store is a treasure trove of insights, revealing the experiences of users who have trodden the path before. Choosing apps with positive reviews and high ratings, such as Diamond Rewards, adds an extra layer of assurance in a landscape rife with uncertainty.

Affiliate marketing claims introduce an element of caution, where potential conflicts of interest may cloud the transparency of reviews. The motivations of affiliates earning commissions for driving app installs can skew their perspectives, making independent, unbiased third-party reviews all the more crucial for an accurate risk assessment.

In the quest for alternative methods, players can explore avenues beyond reward apps. From participating in contests and giveaways to completing in-game missions and achievements, the possibilities are diverse. These methods, while not as immediately gratifying as some apps promise, align with Mobile Legends’ intended social and promotional systems, offering lower-risk paths to rewards.

As Mobile Legends players tread this intricate path of seeking free diamonds, the need for official, secure, and transparent earning options becomes apparent. Games like Clash of Clans showcase how integrating consistent, low-risk earning systems directly into gameplay can empower free-to-play players and foster a healthier in-game economy.

While developers have yet to fully embrace these models in Mobile Legends, the landscape remains dynamic. For now, players can navigate with a blend of patience, skepticism, and informed decision-making. With diligence, it is indeed possible to supplement diamond income safely, unlock premium content, and enhance the gaming experience without compromising the security of one’s account.

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