Is legit or scam? Reviews online in 2023 Unmasking the Potential Scam

If you’re considering shopping on, an online store claiming to offer sporting goods, toys, and games at discounted prices, it’s crucial to tread with caution. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the legitimacy of, exploring the potential red flags that may indicate it is a scam website.

Unveiling An Online Shop with Suspected Intentions

Fine2buy, also known as, positions itself as an online retailer specializing in sporting goods, toys, and games. The website boasts discounted prices and free shipping for orders over $35, making it enticing for budget-conscious shoppers. Additionally, advertises various payment options and claims to offer a 10-day return policy for buyers.

Customers’ Fine2buy Reviews: Alarming Trust Index

The reviews from real customers are instrumental in revealing the true nature of an online store, including its sales services, delivery process, and product quality. However, during our search, we found a glaring absence of customer feedback on external sites like ScamDoc or TrustPilot. Moreover, has a dismal trust index of only 1%, further indicating that the website is highly suspicious.

Online stores with low trust scores and minimal customer reviews often raise concerns about their authenticity. Shopping from such websites can be frustrating and disappointing, as they might be nothing more than scams aimed at stealing buyers’ money without delivering any products.

Reasons to Be Cautious: Raises Red Flags

Before placing an order on an online store, it’s crucial to consider various factors beyond the initial attraction of discounted prices. Here are some concerning red flags associated with

1. Fake Contact Details provides a contact address on its website, but upon closer inspection, it appears to be copied and potentially fake. Such deception in contact information is a common tactic employed by fraudulent websites.

2. Suspicious Discounts

The prices displayed on are remarkably low, raising suspicion about the authenticity of these discounts. Often, excessively low prices serve as bait to lure unsuspecting shoppers into a bait and switch scam.

3. Unresponsive Email

While displays an email address for customer inquiries, there is a likelihood that the store will not respond to emails, leading to dashed hopes for buyers seeking assistance.

4. Lack of Accountability lacks any information about the owner or the team behind the online store. The absence of real faces to account for the store’s operation is a significant red flag.

5. Copied Content Information

Another cause for concern is that has copied various contents, including return policies and product images, from other questionable online stores. Such practices aim to create an illusion of legitimacy.

Safeguarding Against Scam Sites: Useful Tips

To protect yourself from falling victim to scam websites like, consider the following tips:

  1. Conduct Thorough Online Search: Cross-check the website’s name, location, email address, and other details to verify its legitimacy.
  2. Verify Trust Seals: Check for certification and trust seals, such as the Trusted Site certification, to ensure the website’s security.
  3. Use Google Transparency Report: Utilize Google’s Transparency Report to determine if the website has been flagged for unsafe or compromised content.
  4. Check Social Media Presence: Investigate the website’s social media presence for signs of scam behavior, such as copied content or poor engagement.

Conclusion: Exercise Caution When Dealing with

Based on our findings, raises several red flags, similar to the questionable online store Sareehive. We advise shoppers to approach with caution and avoid making purchases from suspicious websites. Share your experiences in the comment section below to help others make informed decisions while shopping online.

If you have fallen victim to a scam from an online retail store, report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Additionally, contact your credit card company or payment platform to report fraudulent online stores. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from potential online scams.

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