Is Fatreio Scam Or Legit? Review

Is Fatreio Scam Or Genuine? Review

In the vast landscape of online shopping, it’s crucial to tread carefully. Not every website that offers products and deals is trustworthy, and distinguishing between genuine e-commerce platforms and potential scams can be challenging. If you’ve stumbled upon and are uncertain about its credibility, you’re not alone. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the details to determine whether is a reliable company or a potential scam. By the end of this article, you’ll have the insights needed to make an informed decision.

Safety Index: 20/100 (SCAM)

Before we dive into the specifics of, it’s essential to note that the website has been assigned a safety index of 20/100, indicating a high level of suspicion. This index is a strong indicator of potential risks associated with this online platform.

Website Highlights

Let’s begin by examining some key details about

  • Domain name:
  • Website name: Fatreio
  • Email:
  • Parent Company Name: WIN SUC LIMITED
  • Product Categories Available On Its Website: COLLECTIONS

Now, let’s explore the reasons behind the safety index rating and why is considered an illegitimate online store.

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Why Fatreio is Considered Illegitimate

  1. Lack of Contact Phone Number: A reputable online store typically provides clear and accessible contact information, including a phone number. However, fails to provide a contact phone number on its “Contact Us,” “ABOUT US,” and home pages, or at the bottom of its website. This lack of transparency raises concerns about their customer support and willingness to address customer inquiries or issues.
  2. Parent Company with a Problematic History: The parent company behind, WIN SUC LIMITED, has a history of operating multiple similar online platforms, many of which have been flagged as problematic or potentially fraudulent. This track record suggests a pattern of behavior that raises red flags.
  3. Heavy Discount Rates: lists a wide range of products at heavy discount rates. While discounts can be enticing, especially for online shoppers, it’s important to be cautious when deals seem too good to be true. Multiple scam websites have been found to provide such discounts as a way to attract unsuspecting customers.
  4. No Social Media Presence: In the digital age, a strong social media presence is often a sign of a legitimate and active online business. However, does not provide social media icons or links on its website. This absence makes it challenging to verify the legitimacy of the site and engage with the company through social channels.
  5. Website Design and Content Resemblance: Websites with questionable intentions often share design elements and content with other problematic sites. If the website design and content closely resemble those of other problematic sites, it may indicate a lack of originality or a pattern of potentially fraudulent behavior.
  6. Complaints Against Similar Sites: Reports of complaints against similar websites associated with WIN SUC LIMITED further raise concerns about the legitimacy of When multiple websites connected to the same parent company have generated negative feedback or complaints, it’s a clear warning sign.

Final Verdict

Based on a comprehensive review of the available information, it becomes evident that should be approached with extreme caution. The multiple red flags, including the absence of a contact phone number, the problematic history of the parent company WIN SUC LIMITED, heavy discount rates, missing social media presence, website design and content resemblances to other problematic sites, and reports of complaints against similar websites all contribute to a strong case for skepticism.

If you’re considering making any transactions on, it’s advisable to exercise utmost caution and conduct thorough research. The safety index rating of 20/100 is a clear indicator of potential risks associated with this online platform. To ensure a safe and satisfactory shopping experience, consider purchasing from well-established and reputable online retailers with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

Remember that in the world of online shopping, your awareness and diligence are your best allies. While there are countless legitimate and reliable online stores, there are also those with questionable intentions. By staying informed and vigilant, you can protect yourself from potential scams and enjoy a secure online shopping experience.


In the vast and sometimes treacherous landscape of online shopping, stands as a case study in caution. This review has unveiled a series of red flags that cast serious doubts on the legitimacy of the website. With a safety index rating of 20/100, the odds seem stacked against it. The absence of a contact phone number, a parent company with a history of operating problematic sites, enticing yet suspiciously heavy discounts, a missing social media presence, and resemblances to other questionable websites all paint a concerning picture. Moreover, the presence of complaints against similar websites associated with WIN SUC LIMITED further deepens the sense of skepticism.

In conclusion, if you’re contemplating any form of engagement with, whether it’s making a purchase or sharing your personal information, it’s imperative to proceed with extreme caution. The digital realm offers unparalleled convenience, but it also harbors risks, especially on platforms where transparency and accountability are lacking. To safeguard your online transactions and protect your interests, it’s advisable to stick with well-established and reputable online retailers with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Remember that while the internet presents numerous opportunities, your best defense against potential scams remains vigilance and informed decision-making.



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