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Nigeria, like many other countries around the world, has seen a surge in interest in earning money online. In the past, many Nigerians relied on traditional jobs such as farming, trading, and other manual labor to make ends meet. However, with the advent of the internet, more and more people are discovering the potential of making money online.

The reasons for this shift are numerous. One major factor is the increasing availability of the internet and mobile technology in Nigeria. As more Nigerians gain access to the internet, they are becoming more aware of the many opportunities available to them online.

Another reason is the current state of the economy. Many Nigerians are struggling to find stable, well-paying jobs, and turning to online earning opportunities can provide a much-needed source of income.

There are many ways that Nigerians can earn money online. Some popular options include freelance work, online surveys, blogging, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce. With so many options available, it’s no wonder that more and more Nigerians are getting interested in earning money online.

However, with the increase in online earning opportunities, there has also been an increase in scams and fraudulent activities. It’s important to thoroughly research any earning site before investing time and effort into it.

One such site that has gained attention in Nigeria is Extranaira. If you’re wondering if this site is legitimate or not, read on for a detailed review.

What is extranaira?

Extranaira, a regular blogging website, boasts incredible features integrated into its platform with the intention of allowing visitors and users to perform specific tasks and earn actual cash.

Extranaira’s system is specifically designed to empower its members and users. Their primary goal is to address financial challenges faced by youths, students, the middle class, and anyone who desires to participate in online earning opportunities, as the website offers a channel for participants to earn residual income on a daily or weekly basis.

Upon registration as a member, Extranaira rewards you immediately with a sign-up bonus of N500, which is added to your dashboard and can be withdrawn once you have earned more.


The website has only 2 ways of generating revenue to their members. which includes the Ad revenue sharing, participant earns residual cool cash by reading news, commenting on articles, daily login into their Ebantel account, and also sharing of sponsored post on social media platforms.

The platform shares their Ad revenue earned through Google adsense monthly with their prospectives .

Anyone with cell phone or PC laptop generate extract income through this website called Ebantal or Extranaira, However there are only two ways to earn money from this website.

NB : or Extranaira is known to be a free website that requires no registration fee or investment, all in the website is absolutely free. everyone is allowed to register and earn money on the website freely and request withdrawal once meet the minimum withdrawal amount. Below are the details breakdown on how to earn and amount to be added to your account whenever you perform tasks.


  • Engaging On Posts : in this category you earn by doing the following activities below
1. Reading of news – N10 per news (earn on daily news)
2. Comment on post- N20 per article (earn on daily news)
3. Receive a data – 5 mb for daily login
4 .Data receive bonus – 50 mb ( first time registration)
5. Daily login – N50 ( once a day)
6. sharing sponsored posts -150 per share ( once a day)
7. Registration bonus – N1000 (once)
8 Invite member bonus – 500 per user (unlimited).
  • Referral Bonus :
    under this category is totally optional but suitable for earning unlimitedly, you can choose to increase your daily  earning using this method, with Ebantal invitation bonus program, you’re automatically as an inviter, after successful registration. As an inviter, you can earn a huge commission reward worth N500 per anyone you invite to join or Extranaira with your invitation link . The more people you invite to join the website, the more earn so, if you can possibly get like 10 people to take advantage of the extranaira opportunity, you be earning N5000 freely.

Requently Asked questions about

Question : Do I need money to join or Extranaira ?

Answer : No extranaira is not an investment platform as we explained earlier, it is free earning website for anyone who wishes to participate and earn money with phone.

Question: How much can I earn daily?

Answer :The amount you can earn depends on you , as long as you perform tasks provided by the website, you will earn the very amount attached to it, however earning with invite bonus is best and highest paid category on the website,

Question: Does extranaira have physical office?

Answer:Yes the website has physical office, you can chose to visit them @ The Business Center 132,my street, Lagos state , Ikorodu 12401 Nigeria.

Question : Is extranaira Risky or safe ?

Answer: There’s no risk involve in joining extranaira website because you are not registering with or investing any money on the website, however you can choose to do what other prospective are doing to earn or live it, no risk involved.

Is extranaira legit?

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