is espn bet legit or scam? Espn bet reviews & complains 2023

Exploring ESPN Bet: A Comprehensive Analysis of Legitimacy in Sports Betting


The landscape of legal sports betting in the United States has witnessed unprecedented growth, giving rise to new platforms to cater to the surging demand. Among these entrants, ESPN Bet has garnered attention since its late 2022 launch through a collaboration between sports media giant ESPN and gambling company Penn Entertainment. This detailed review aims to assess the legitimacy and trustworthiness of ESPN Bet, considering its association with a well-known brand.

Licensing and Compliance

A pivotal aspect in evaluating a sportsbook’s legitimacy lies in its possession of necessary licenses and regulatory approvals. In the case of ESPN Bet, Penn Entertainment’s acquisition of licenses in 17 states is a positive indicator. The comprehensive approval process, including reviews of controls and financial backing, underscores ESPN Bet’s compliance with stringent regulations. The absence of adverse actions post-launch further enhances its credibility.

Payment Processing and Banking Partners

The reliability of payment processing partners is crucial for a legitimate sportsbook. ESPN Bet has integrated global payment providers like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, indicating a commitment to secure fund movements. The participation of renowned payment partners reinforces confidence in the legal and financial legitimacy of ESPN Bet, aligning with established regulations.

Ownership and Financial Backing

The ownership structure of ESPN Bet, falling under the domain of DraftKings, Inc., a major player in online gambling, adds substantial credibility. Penn Entertainment’s ownership stake in Barstool Sports contributes valuable experience to the sports betting space. This robust financial backing, coupled with the combination of ESPN’s brand, DraftKings’ technology, and Penn Entertainment’s resources, positions ESPN Bet as a financially stable and trustworthy platform.

User Reviews and Ratings

Real customer feedback offers invaluable insights into a platform’s legitimacy. Early reviews of ESPN Bet across various platforms are overwhelmingly positive. App Store ratings averaging 4.7/5 stars, commendations for polished navigation, and minimal complaints in discussion forums collectively affirm ESPN Bet’s commitment to fair and lawful operations.

Industry Experts’ Assessments

As the sports betting landscape evolves, independent analyst firms play a crucial role in vetting platforms. ESPN Bet receives praise from reputable review sites such as Sports Handle and, earning a “legitimate” label from Action Network. The unanimous approval from these industry watchdogs strengthens ESPN Bet’s position as a truthful contender in the sports betting space.

Protection of Personal Data

The stringent protocols in place for protecting user data further contribute to ESPN Bet’s legitimacy. Encryption standards, including bank-grade 256-bit SSL security, and a clean record regarding data leaks since launch attest to ESPN Bet’s commitment to user security. The platform benefits from the stellar reputations of ESPN and DraftKings in user data protection, assuring users of robust privacy controls.

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Comparability to Established Books

A comparative analysis with established sportsbooks reveals ESPN Bet’s alignment with industry standards. From available bet types to competitive odds and lines, ESPN Bet matches or exceeds offerings from industry giants like FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM. The congruence in sign-up bonuses and payout speeds further positions ESPN Bet as a legitimate player in the market.


Q1: What is ESPN Bet?

A: ESPN Bet is an online sports betting platform that emerged from the collaboration between sports media giant ESPN and gambling company Penn Entertainment. Launched in late 2022, it offers users the opportunity to engage in legal sports betting activities.

Q2: Is ESPN Bet Legitimate?

A: Yes, ESPN Bet is considered legitimate. It holds licenses in 17 states, reflecting compliance with rigorous regulations. The platform’s positive reviews, reputable ownership, and financial backing contribute to its credibility.

Q3: Who Owns ESPN Bet?

A: ESPN Bet falls under the domain of DraftKings, Inc., the largest publicly traded online gambling company. Additionally, Penn Entertainment acquired a 36% ownership stake in Barstool Sports, providing valuable experience in the sports betting space.

Q4: What Payment Methods Does ESPN Bet Accept?

A: ESPN Bet facilitates secure fund movements through integration with global payment providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. These reputable partners ensure a reliable and secure transaction experience.

Q5: How Secure is User Data on ESPN Bet?

A: ESPN Bet prioritizes user data security. Information, including names, bank details, and government IDs, is encrypted in transit and at rest using bank-grade 256-bit SSL security. The platform has maintained a clean record regarding data leaks since its launch.

Q6: What Do Users Say About ESPN Bet?

A: Early user feedback for ESPN Bet has been positive. On the App Store, it averages 4.7/5 stars, with praise for its polished navigation and extensive betting markets. Complaints about failed deposits or missing winnings payouts are virtually non-existent.

Q7: How Does ESPN Bet Compare to Established Sportsbooks?

A: ESPN Bet compares favorably to established sportsbooks. It offers a range of bet types covering major sports, competitive odds, and lines akin to industry giants like FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM. Sign-up bonuses and payout speeds are also in line with reputable operators.

Q8: Is ESPN Bet Trusted by Industry Experts?

A: Yes, ESPN Bet has received positive assessments from industry experts. Review sites like Sports Handle and have praised its competitive odds and trustworthy operations. Action Network declared ESPN Bet as “legitimate” after months of regulatory supervision.

Q9: Can I Trust ESPN Bet with My Personal Information?

A: Absolutely. ESPN Bet prioritizes data privacy, employing robust security measures. With encryption standards and a lack of reported data leaks, the platform aligns with the stellar reputations of ESPN and DraftKings in safeguarding user information.

Q10: Should I Choose ESPN Bet for Sports Betting?

A: If you’re seeking a licensed sportsbook with positive user feedback, reputable ownership, and a secure platform, ESPN Bet is a viable choice. However, individual preferences may vary, so consider your specific betting needs and preferences before making a decision.

Final Verdict

Considering the various dimensions explored – from licensing and banking to user reviews, ownership, and expert opinions – ESPN Bet emerges as a legitimate online sports betting platform. Thorough regulatory research and positive user feedback affirm its commitment to secure and fair operations. While time will be the ultimate judge, all indicators point to ESPN Bet operating lawfully and meeting player expectations in the dynamic U.S. sports betting market. Users seeking a licensed sportsbook can confidently consider ESPN Bet for their betting endeavors.

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