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Is Legit or a Scam? An In-depth Investigation is an online store claiming to be having a store clearance sale. However, some aspects of the website raise concerns about its legitimacy. In this article, I will take an in-depth look at to determine if it is likely a scam or a legit business.

While clearance/liquidation sales are a common way for retailers to get rid of excess inventory, new websites like that pop up just to run sales can potentially be scams. Let’s analyze thoroughly to see if it passes the smell test.

Website Details and Registration

The first thing to look at is the WhoIs records and domain registration details of Doing a WhoIs lookup shows that the domain was registered on June 25th, 2022 through, which is a domain privacy service.

Domain privacy services are common and used by many legit businesses too for anonymity. However, scammers also often use such services to hide their real identities. The domain being recently registered in mid-2022 and using a privacy service right from registration are not very confidence-inspiring signs.

Legitimate businesses usually have a longer operating history than just a couple of months. Well-established retailers closing stores would also tend to have older domain names registered in their company name rather than something anonymous.

Contact and Location Information

Upon checking the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages on, I noticed they do not provide any specific contact details, address or registered business/company name. Only a generic contact form and email address are listed without a physical business address.

This lack of transparency in real identity or location of the business is another warning sign. Reputable companies clearly list their registered business name, address, phone numbers etc. for consumers to verify. An anonymous online store with no real address raises many red flags.

Payment and Shipping Policies

Looking at the payment and shipping policies, accepts payments via PayPal and major credit cards. Accepting reputed payment options does provide some confidence in their legitimacy for processing transactions safely.

However, the site does not provide clear shipping cost details or timelines. It only vaguely mentions “FREE Delivery For Orders Over £39” without clarifying shipping charges for lower amount orders. International/non-UK shipping policies are also not clearly defined.

Legitimate e-commerce stores always prominently display transparent pricing for all shipping/delivery options to set proper expectations for customers. Vague shipping policies raise doubts about their credibility and reliability.

Website Design and Product Selection

Design and navigation wise, appears reasonably well-designed as an online store. Products shown appear to be from well-known brands in categories like home goods, clothing and kitchen appliances. So far so good.

However, upon deeper inspection, I noticed that the selection of products seems too broad – from electronics to furniture to clothing. This is unlike a regular retail store that would focus inventory within few defined categories based on their business model.

The suspiciously wide array of random products from different suppliers/manufacturers indicate the store could just be dropshipping goods from multiple sources, which is a common tactic used by online scams. Return policies are also non-existent for such a store clearout sale, raising more red flags.

A legit closing down retailer would have an curated product assortment matching their retail history and suppliers over the years. The hodgepodge of loosely related items does not exude confidence in the trustworthiness of this “store closing sale”.

No Reviews or Social Proof

Another indispensable aspect to validate the authenticity of any business website is customer reviews, ratings and online presence/profiles on popular review sites and social networks. However, on I could not find any links or mentions to customer testimonials, reviews or social media profiles.

A quick search online also did not yield any credible third party reviews for on platforms like Trustpilot, Facebook, etc. This lack of customer validation and engagements is a huge red flag suggesting it could be a newly created scam site with little or no real transactions as of now.

Legitimate long-standing retailers would proudly showcase positive social proof and highlight customer satisfaction to establish trust – which is noticeably missing on raising major suspicions about their trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Too Good to Be True Deals Raise Doubts

One of the classic signs of an online scam site is the promise of unbelievable deals and prices that sound too good to be true. On too many such deals pop out as smoke and mirrors upon closer scrutiny.

For example, they are claiming clearance price tags on items like a 48-roll pack of Ultra Clean toilet paper marked down from $46.87 to a unbelievable $1.99, which comes out to be less than 5 cents per roll! No major retailer can afford such steep losses just for the sake of a final clearance.

Similarly, a 360-count pack of “Flushable Butt Wipes” is shown discounted from $29.06 to $8.72 which comes out to be around 2.5 cents per wipe. Given manufacturing and shipping costs, selling premium bathroom products at such throwaway prices does not seem commercially viable or rational for any real business.

No legitimate closing down store will price items at massive losses just to empty inventories. Such unbelievable “90% off” type deals that seem too good to be presented honestly are tell-tale signs of a fake online scam store. Customers should steer clear of buying from websites putting up too good to be true discounting tactics.

Repeated Discounting Pattern Is Suspicious

Upon further research, I came across some unsettling information about repeating its store closing discounting claims on multiple new domains registered within short spans, raising major alarms about its authenticity.

Some other domains like,, etc were found standing up similar inventory clearance narratives within just the past few months before being suspended. This increasing pattern ofFly-By-Night discount operations on anonymous domains reeks of a deceiving money-making scheme.

Legit businesses do not keep changing domain names and restarting their supposedly final “store closing sales” so frequently within short durations. Real liquidation events are one-off endeavors, not a repetitive money-spinner exercised across multiple anonymous domains.

This discovery of being part of a string of pop-up scam stores, strengthens the hypothesis that it too is likely a fake operation trying to lure people with exaggerated discounted deals before shuttering and resurfacing with new identities. Buyers should steer clear of such untrustworthy fly-by-night discount ventures.

No Positive Online User Opinions or Experience

With so many doubts around various aspects of analyzed above, by now it seems evidently risky to place any orders or trust this alleged store clearance sale. But the final nail in the coffin comes from lack of any verified positive customer opinions or feedback anywhere online.

A thorough search across various review sites, social media and general online discussions does not yield even a single credible post from a real user vouching for their pleasant experience with This glaring lack of social proof from purchasers further validates our hypothesis that people may not have made any genuine orders here.

Any legit business with some history should have generated some word-of-mouth, especially one claiming to be closing permanently. But complete absence of real user reviews, combined with other concerning evidence analyzed here overwhelmingly points to being an unreliable online scam site that people should avoid.

Conclusion – Highly Likely To Be A Scam

After an elaborate evaluation of various important aspects across different layers of transparency expected from an authentic online retailer, the preponderance of evidence unfortunately points to being an unscrupulous scam operation.

From its anonymous domain registration and absence of legitimate contact details, to the hodgepodge inventory, implausible discounting tactics and lack of any verified social proofs – virtually all warning signs investigated here align with classic bottom-feeding online fraud schemes.

Given the accumulation of major inconsistencies and improbabilities found during our research, it can be conclusively deduced with a high likelihood that is not running an actual store clearance sale, but is merely a well-designed ruse to con unsuspecting buyers before shuttering.

The takeaway is that extreme vigilance and logical scrutiny is required while shopping online these days due to rising deceptions. Unless a website very clearly demonstrates actual credibility through addressing all reasonable doubts, it is best assumed they are dishonest and avoided rather than risking one’s hard-earned money. I hope this detailed analysis helps readers identify and steer clear of such fake discount scams in future too.

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