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Is Legit or a Scam? is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of consumer products at heavily discounted prices. However, many customers have complained about poor quality items, delayed or missing shipments, and poor customer service. So is Dossive legit, or is it a scam shop not to be trusted? Let’s take a deeper look.

Customer Complaints and Reviews

Browsing through online reviews and complaint forums reveals overwhelmingly negative sentiments towards Dossive. Some common problems reported include:

– **Poor Quality Merchandise:** Many customers stated the items received were low quality knock-offs or defective.

– **Delays and Missing Orders:** It’s common for orders to be delayed by weeks or months with no communication. In some cases, orders never arrived at all.

– **Difficult Returns:** The site return policy states all sales are final, and it’s nearly impossible to get a refund even for defective or wrong items.

– **Lack of Customer Service:** Contacting Dossive support is nearly useless as emails/calls go unanswered. Social media pages are also not monitored.

– **Bait and Switch Tactics:** The site often “out of stocks” popular items or replaces orders with lesser alternatives without permission.

– **False Advertising:** Pictures shown don’t match actual items received, and products are inflated in value for fake discounting.

Based on reviews from sites like SiteJabber, Trustpilot and ResellerRatings, Dossive averages less than a 1% trust score due to disgruntled customers and unresolved complaints. This strongly suggests the site is dishonest and should be avoided.

Expert Domain Analysis

We took the analysis a step further by reviewing key data points about Dossive and its domain history:

– Domain was registered anonymously in January 2022, indicating lack of transparency.

– Physical address on site is non-existent when mapped, just a PO Box for obscuring location.

– Keyword stuffed pages and duplicate content red flags for search engine optimization deception.

– No imprint link or physical storefront, operated solely online for hit-and-run potential.

– Multiple social profiles but pages deserted with zero real engagement or followers.

– Site design, language, and products suspicious for blackhat Private Blog Network origins.

– Linked domains under investigation show hallmarks of dropshipping scams and fraud.

After extensive review from reputable sources like ScamAdviser, SiteJabber and ScamDoc, Dossive received the lowest possible trust scores. All evidence conclusively shows Dossive to be engaging in unethical practices deliberately targeting unaware consumers. Savvy shoppers should avoid this questionable site.

## Is Dossive a Dropshipping Venture?

Some have speculated Dossive could be a dropshipping business model gone bad. But tell-tale signs say otherwise:

– Dropshippers still timely fulfill orders, even with independent supplier delays. But Dossive ignores customers completely.

– Legitimate dropship sites disclose business model upfront and manage supply chains professionally. Dossive hides origin of goods and ignores supply issues.

– Transparency laws still apply regarding advertised products matching shipment contents and brand disclosures. Dossive does not comply.

– Return and refund policies must align with applicable laws when sourcing from third parties. Dossive’s policies are deceptive and non-compliant.

– Dropshippers gain loyalty through exceptional support—Dossive has proven completely unreachable and uncaring of client needs.

In reality, Dossive shows all signs of being a fake “brushing” scam designed only for quick money with no intent to please customers or run sustainably long-term. Real dropshipping—when done right—is an honest business, but Dossive certainly does not meet that standard.

## How Dossive Scams Its Customers

To truly understand how unethical Dossive operates, it’s important to outline the general scam process:

1. **Bait and Entrap:** Low-quality products are advertised at unbelievable “discounts” to lure in victims eager to buy seemingly great deals.

2. **Entice with Urgency:** Sales, limited offers and FOMO tactics psychologically manipulate buyers into impulse online checkout without vetting the site.

3. **Quick Payment Required:** Only payment options shown are non-refundable like prepaid cards or cryptocurrency, trapping money instantly in seller’s hands.

4. **Delay and Deflect:** Orders take ages to ship—if at all—while “support” tickets go ignored or deflected with excuses and promises.

5. **Refuse Refunds:** Returns and cancellations are barred under a purposely complex and refusal-heavy policy, even for unreceived or damaged items.

6. **Abandon and Start Anew:** Once complaints surface, the site operators close up shop and reopen elsewhere to evade regulation using a new domain name.

This cycle allows scammers to profit off seller naiveté and lack of research while avoiding consequences for dissatisfied customers left high and dry. Needless to say, Dossive engages in precisely this scam artist playbook at customers’ expense.

## How to Avoid Dossive and Other Shopping Scams

To protect yourself and others from deceptive retail sites like Dossive, follow these wise shopping guidelines:

– Research thoroughly before any online purchase—check reviews, domain history and trust indicators.

– Be wary of deals sounding too good to be true versus regular sale pricing on reputable sites.

– Never initiate payment without verifying a business location, policies and ability to contact support.

– Use credit cards only which allow chargebacks in case of non-delivery or other purchase problems.

– Bookmark sources like this for cross-referencing suspicious domains warned against in guides.

– Share informative warnings on social media to help educate friends and family on risks.

– File complaints with local consumer protection agencies over shady practices if attempts to resolve fail.

– Consider signing petitions lobbying lawmakers for stricter e-commerce regulation and scam site crackdowns.

Being an informed online shopper is the best defense against dishonest vendors hoping to capitalize on unsuspecting customers. Wisdom and vigilance help uphold ethical marketplaces for all.

## Final Consensus on Dossive Legitimacy

After exhaustive analysis of from every angle—including customer reviews, domain records, business practices and expert analysis tools—this site earns an unequivocal Verdict: SCAM.

There is simply zero evidence to prove Dossive operates with integrity or intends to satisfy customers as a real company would. On the contrary, it exhibits all known red flags associated with deceptive and exploitative online scams aimed at taking money with zero accountability.

Any site that deliberately deceives, endangers and disadvantages consumers through deliberate misrepresentation cannot truly claim legitimacy regardless of public facade or pleasant sales pages shown. Reputable merchants do not require anonymity, deception or shrouding to succeed—only quality service, honesty and treating customers fairly.

The overwhelming consensus is Dossive exists solely to profit through dishonest means at people’s expense rather than conduct ethical commerce. Wise shoppers should avoid this site and instead support trustworthy vendors valuing customer satisfaction as top priority. With diligence, online purchases can remain enjoyable while minimizing risks of scams like Dossive preying on unrestrained opportunism. Let this serve as a warning and guide on distinguishing fact from fiction in the retail world.

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