Is dazn scam or legit? Reviews and complaints 2023

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Understanding the Rise and Challenges of DAZN

DAZN has rapidly become a major player in the sports streaming industry since its launch in 2016. However, the platform has also faced significant growing pains and criticism around various operational issues. This in-depth analysis explores DAZN’s journey so far and the key challenges it continues grappling with.

Revolutionizing Sports Streaming

Prior to DAZN’s emergence, traditional cable providers dominated the sports broadcasting landscape. They offered bundles locking popular live events behind expensive packages. DAZN disrupted this model by offering a streaming-only subscription with no fees for individual events.

Initially focused on markets like Japan, DAZN expanded across Europe and Americas by securing exclusive rights to top leagues and tournaments. Its competitive pricing and user-friendly app gave sports fans an appealing alternative to cable. Rapid subscriber growth established DAZN as a genuine disruptor within a few years.

Attracting Users With Exclusive Content

A major factor in DAZN’s early success was outbidding competitors for exclusive streaming rights. High-profile deals included broadcasting La Liga football in the United States, the UFC in Canada and various boxing promotions globally. These offerings grew DAZN’s library of must-have live content unattainable elsewhere.

Partnering with rights holders also helped DAZN expand its footprint. For example, a tie-up with Eleven Sports saw DAZN enter new territories by airing Serie A football. Such strategic moves into new regions and sports genres accelerated user acquisition worldwide.

Issues Emerge With Operations & Support

However, as DAZN rapidly scaled, operational challenges began hindering the user experience. Complaints emerged regarding unclear renewal policies leading to unexpected charges. Cancelation processes also faced criticism for lacking transparency.

Perhaps most problematic was DAZN’s underdeveloped customer support. Lengthy response times left subscribers without service for extended periods. Inconsistency between regions and platforms further fractured the experience.

Slow fixes left a stain on DAZN’s reputation and saw frustration amplified via social media. High customer expectations born from exclusive content stood at odds with unrefined operational capabilities.

Transparency Report Provides Updates

In response to transparency demands, DAZN published a self-authored report in 2022. It outlined infrastructure upgrades like AI-powered support tools. Policy clarifications aimed to curb unwarranted charges through opt-in renewals.

While acknowledging issues, the report focused on solutions rather than quantifying complaint volumes. Independent verification was also absent. As a PR move, it fell short of reassuring all analysts and customers. Lingering concerns addressed transparency itself rather than all root problems.

Can DAZN Regain Lost Trust?

To win back trust comprehensively, DAZN must go beyond statements with demonstrable action. Priorities include:

  • Refunding mistaken charges as a goodwill gesture of accountability

  • Publishing support response targets with third-party verification

  • Standardizing self-service cancelation processes globally

  • Proactively contacting lapsed users acknowledging past issues

  • Continuing platform upgrades focused on personalized helpful tools

With subscription competition intensifying, DAZN’s early strategic edge risks erosion without customer-centric operational alignment. Regaining stability necessitates transparency and consistency across regions.


In conclusion, while DAZN revolutionized sports streaming through exclusive rights, its growth exposed immature capabilities. Substantial progress remains for DAZN to match world-class content with operations prioritizing subscriber needs transparently.

Admitting shortfalls demonstrates responsibility but restoring confidence demands tangible, community-driven solutions. If DAZN focuses onuser-centric remedies, it stands positioned long-term as a leader innovating the streaming experience globally. Comprehensive actions will show whether such ambition can become reality.

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