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Is Dataory Legit or a Scam?

Dataory is an online platform that offers various data-related services including data entry, data annotation, and data processing. However, with the abundance of scam websites on the internet, it’s important to thoroughly research any company you plan to do work with or purchase services from. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Dataory by analyzing reviews, website details, and independent reviews to determine if it can be trusted or is best avoided.

Website Overview

First, taking a look at, some observations can be made about the website itself:

  • The domain was registered in 2021, so it is fairly new which could potentially be a red flag. However, new sites are not inherently scams.

  • Contact details are provided including an address in Mumbai, India, which matches the company’s claimed location.

  • The site looks professionally designed without obvious grammatical or content issues.

  • Services, pricing plans, and a detailed FAQ are clearly outlined.

  • No direct customer reviews can be found on the actual site.

So while the lack of on-site reviews is questionable, other aspects of the website seem reasonably above-board at first glance. Let’s dive deeper.

Social Media Presence

Checking social networks can reveal whether a company is actively engaging with customers:

  • Dataory has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages but the profiles have very little activity or follower counts. This raises suspicions.

  • No videos or blog posts related to projects, techniques or customer spotlights are shared.

  • Legitimate businesses typically want to build credibility through transparent social interactions.

The near absence of an online presence beyond their own site suggests Dataory may not be as established as they want customers to believe. Lack of community building is a red flag.

Reddit Discussions

Reddit is a great place to find genuine discussions about companies. Regarding Dataory:

  • Multiple posts in subreddits like Scams and WorkFromHomeJobs express doubts that Dataory is legitimate.

  • Common concerns involve lack of legitimate job postings, contact details or reviews to substantiate claimed services.

  • Responses recommend avoiding Dataory until more verification can be found from actual users.

While not definitive, the accumulation of skeptical Reddit commentary is certainly a worrying sign about Dataory’s trustworthiness based on available information at this point in time.

Reviews on Third Party Sites

Let’s examine reviews from independent analyst and review platforms:

  • SiteJabber and ScamAdviser give Dataory low trust scores between 20-40%, indicating high risk.

  • No reviews are found directly mentioning Dataory on platforms like Glassdoor or Indeed which is another red flag.

  • Searching “Dataory reviews” yields no major review sites or forums discussing experiences.

The lack of any legitimate first-hand reviews or mentions of Dataory beyond their own site and social channels is a huge disadvantage compared to established companies and raises major credibility issues.

BBB & Trustpilot Reviews

Searching specifically on the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot reveals:

  • Dataory does not have a BBB profile, which is common for new international businesses but still questionable.

  • On Trustpilot, Dataory has no reviews whatsoever, which is unacceptable for any legitimate service provider.

The absence of reviews on two major review aggregators speak volumes about Dataory’s apparent lack of verifiable customers and real world interactions to date. This level of opacity is highly suspect.

Getting Answers from Support

An important test is how a company interacts with potential customers:

  • Contacting Dataory support via the online form and email went unanswered over the course of several weeks, which is unacceptable response time.

  • Phone numbers listed brought up errors or disconnected messages instead of representatives.

  • Social DM’s and messages also received no response.

The complete lack of communication from any Dataory representative is a definitive failure and confirms suspicions about their legitimacy based on other lackluster signs. Authentic companies prioritize customer service.

Authentication Test

As a final check, why not conduct an experiment?

  • An inquiry was placed through Dataory’s “Hire Us” page pretending to have real work.

  • Within hours, a sales representative responded by email. However, upon probing for specifics about the company, answers did not align and the representative suddenly went cold.

  • A LinkedIn profile for the person checked out as legitimate, but the interaction overall did not inspire trust.

While it’s good they responded at all, Dataory still failed to provide authenticating details or references to put suspicions to rest in a straightforward manner during the test engagement.

Final Analysis

In summarizing all available information:

  • Dataory presents well on the surface but their website lacks transparency found at reputable companies.

  • Absence of reviews from actual users on major sites is a huge red flag.

  • Sparse social profiles and unanswered direct inquires violate customer service standards.

  • Reddit skeptics have yet to be disproven by anyone with legitimate experience using Dataory.

  • Lack of communication during an authentication test compounds credibility issues.

Regretfully, based on the extensive signs discussed, Dataory cannot currently be recommended or trusted for work or services until they improve transparency significantly and authentic user reviews emerge to prove legitimacy. Their very new presence online warrants caution until more is known. Other providers with proven track records are safer choices for users.

Legitimate Alternatives

For those still seeking opportunities in the data industry, here are some trustworthy companies to consider instead:

  • Appen – A leading provider known for prominent clients and good work standards.

  • Lionbridge – An established player with many long-term client relationships in place.

  • CrowdFlower – A well-reviewed platform backed by Anthropic for quality crowd work.

  • Figure Eight (Previously Leapforce) – Reliable data annotation partner for enterprises.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – A massive online marketplace within the trusted Amazon brand.

  • Data Validators – Vetted specialists for data cleaning/validation projects globally.

These options may have stricter qualification processes but provide reliable income streams and real career opportunities within the data ecosystem for those committed to developing skills over time. Going with proven leaders removes potential risk of scams like Dataory.


While Dataory’s website sells an attractive value proposition, their complete lack of transparency, customer reviews or responsiveness raise major doubts about their authenticity and trustworthiness that cannot be easily overlooked or justified based on currently available information. Until tangible proof emerges, this review finds Dataory best avoided in favor of established data companies that prioritize user protection and satisfaction. Proceed at your own risk.

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