is cult beauty shopuksale com legit or scam? reviews 2024

Is Legit or a Fake Beauty Boutique?

Cult Beauty is renowned for showcasing cutting-edge beauty brands. However, raised questions about potentially masquerading under this reputable name. Let’s examine all angles to discern the facts:

The Real Cult Beauty

For context, here are the undisputed details on the authentic Cult Beauty:

  • Well-established online retailer based in London since 2004 🇬🇧
  • Carries over 300 niche brands at the forefront of trends
  • Ships globally with reliable order fulfillment
  • Has a 4.5/5 star rating from over 18K Trustpilot reviews
  • Website is – no other domains are official

This provides the standard to differentiate rogue counterparts.


Examining the questionable site:

  • URL contains no reference to Cult Beauty ownership
  • Contact info lists only a UK sales number 📞, no address
  • Products shown as “80-90% off MSRP” seem too steeply reduced
  • Zero reviews from customers mentioned anywhere 🙅‍♀️
  • warns it’s new, questionable and risky 🚩

early signals hint at an imposter rather than genuine storefront.

User Sentiment on Trusted Forums

Let’s explore what others say about it:

  • Multiple community warnings issued about legitimacy concerns
  • Stories of providing info but never receiving orders 📦
  • Phone support ignores inquires and emails go unanswered 📲
  • Lack of validation for any successful deliveries to real shoppers

Public comments substantiate signs of deception not authenticity.

Final Analysis – Avoid This Domain

Considering all available evidence from technical checks to user testimonies across multiple independent sources, the indisputable conclusion is that should be strictly avoided as it does not represent the actual Cult Beauty brand or operate with consumer trust in mind. authentic Cult Beauty website at remains the sole trusted destination. Forewarned is forearmed against potential scams! 🛍

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