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Cost Plus Drugs is a relatively new online pharmacy founded in 2021 by billionaire businessman Mark Cuban with the goal of making prescription drugs more affordable and accessible for Americans. By eliminating middlemen and other hidden markups, the company claims to offer prices that are far lower than traditional retailers. However, as with any new online pharmacy, questions remain around Cost Plus Drugs’ legitimacy and reliability. This in-depth analysis aims to determine if Cost Plus is a legitimate option for consumers.

Transparency Around Pricing Model

One of the main positives about Cost Plus Drugs is their transparent pricing model. The company publishes the drug acquisition cost from manufacturers and charges a small 15% markup on top of that, plus $3 pharmacy fee and $5 shipping fee. This allows customers to clearly see what components make up the advertised price. Mark Cuban has also been vocal in interviews about pressuring manufacturers to be upfront about prices. Such transparency helps build trust compared to non-disclosing competitors.

Savings Compared to Cash Prices

Several studies have compared Cost Plus Drug prices against typical cash prices at pharmacies as well as underneath insurance. Results showed savings up to 85% on some generic medications vs retail prices and 40-50% savings compared to insured prices on average. Although patented drugs were less affordable due to lack of negotiation power, overall customer surveys have reported real monthly cost reductions filling their prescriptions through this outlet. This validates their promise of more affordable access.

No Insurance But Savings Remain

A major limitation is lack of insurance acceptance, forcing cash purchases by customers. However, even without insurance, out of pocket costs on many common generics were still found to be up to 70% lower than copays at neighbourhood pharmacies due to aggressively negotiated overhead-free rates. This seems to benefit the uninsured more, establishing Cost Plus as a viable stopgap solution for budget-conscious patients.

Secure Website & Verified Domain

The pharmacy website present professionally designed and securely hosts orders over HTTPS protocol. Domain records check as registered to MD II Holdings (Mark Cuban’s company) ensuring authenticity. No public incidents of exposed customer information or site hacks reported so far either lending to safeguarding practices. Overall basics of website security and management inspire more confidence compared to fly-by-night operators.

Transparent About Limitations

While the current generic only formulary of 1,000+ drugs covers many common conditions, Cost Plus Drugs is transparent about not stocking all niche medications or branded products yet due to patents. Contact information and quick response policies reassure patients. Absence of insurance fulfilment also does not come across as misleading unlike some rivals obscuring fine print. This establishes them as trustworthy despite room for growth.

Customer Support Accessibility

Support avenues include 24/7 live chat, phone line during business hours as well as email for slower responses. Question resolution policies seem helpful from interactions reported so far. Return policies in case of errors or dissatisfaction also appear straightforward, complying with industry standards. Early experiences do not suggest major complaints about poor response time quality that plagues some disk pharmacies post-purchase.

Pharmacy Licensing & Compliance

Cost Plus Drugs maintains valid licensure as a legitimate mail-order pharmacy in all 50 US states and multiple countries as well when shipping internationally. Regular third party safety audits and member accreditations like VIPPS bolster quality assurance signal. Prominent clinical oversight also alleviates legitimacy doubts as opposed to fly-by-night operators with shallow regulatory footprints. This significantly boosts trust for skeptical consumers.

Growing Support & Positive Traction

Despite limitations, the platform enjoys praise from advocacy groups and subscribers for catalytic effect on cost pressures already. Growing awareness via positive media coverage helps further more affinity with like-minded patients and healthcare access groups as a reliable alternative. Revenue models also depend on voluntary opt-ins exploiting goodwill organically built so far through benefiting cash customers. These success markers bode well for long term viability too.

Verdict – A Legitimate Option

In summary, while not a perfect solution for all, Cost Plus Drug’s transparent models, focus on brick and mortar pharmacy necessities like licensing and compliance coupled with savings authentications so far give it credibility as a legitimate option worth considering – especially for uninsured or budget constrained patients seeking affordable generics. As formulary expands with time to include biologics among patent expirations, it could top up accessibility mainstream further enhancing appeal of this innovative low cost service.

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