is bloom supply legit or scam? Reviews and complaints


Is Bloom Supply Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Bloom Supply is an online retailer that sells various health and wellness products. However, with so many questionable companies in this space, legitimate consumers want to know – is Bloom Supply really on the up and up or just another scam to avoid? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Bloom Supply from multiple angles to evaluate whether or not it can be trusted.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Let’s start by analyzing what actual customers are saying about Bloom Supply on reputable third-party review sites. has compiled over 3,000 reviews of Bloom Supply with an average rating of 4.94/5 stars. The vast majority of reviewers on this site report having positive experiences with Bloom Supply.

Moving to Yelp, Bloom Supply has a 4.6 star rating based on 25 reviews there as well. Again, most customers express satisfaction with Bloom Supply and their products/service. While the review numbers aren’t huge, the consistently high ratings across two sites indicate Bloom Supply appears to treat customers well in general.

Diving into Reddit, we find mixed opinions. Some Redditors report Bloom Supply being legit based on orders they received. Others question whether monetization is actually possible or just a scam. The consensus seems to be it’s possible to buy products, but success generating profits may be low. Overall Reddit feedback is less conclusive than dedicated review sites.

Website Analysis

Next, we can analyze Bloom Supply’s actual website ( for any red flags:

  • Domain was registered in 2022 which is relatively new but not inherently suspicious on its own.

  • Online security scanning shows the site meets standard practices with no critical vulnerabilities found.

  • Contact details, physical address and customer support channels like phone/email are prominently displayed upfront providing transparency.

  • Products look professionally photographed and described with ample details. Selection seems genuine.

  • Only PayPal is accepted for payments which adds legitimacy vs disreputable sites asking for uncommon payment methods.

  • Traffic and SEO analysis reveals normal organic search rankings with no signs of shady link building or artificial traffic inflation.

Based on this evaluation, Bloom Supply’s website appears well designed, secure and transparent – meeting normal standards for an online retailer which suggests legitimacy. No glaring warning signs stand out.

Third Party Website Reviews

Let’s also get the perspective of independent review sites focused on detecting online scams:

ScamAdviser gave a trust score of 62/100 which is in the “okay, proceed with caution” range but does not flag it as an outright scam.

Meanwhile, WebParanoid flagged the site (different URL) as “possibly a scam” due to various technical irregularities. So multiple URL iterations should be vetted separately.

Scam Detector did not have its own evaluation of Bloom Supply but its methodology also focuses more on technical website attributes than just user feedback which provides another lens.

Overall, analysis from reputable scam detection sites points to some minor uncertainties around Bloom Supply but nothing conclusive proving fraudulent activity either based on current information. Reasons for caution still exist though.

Product and Service Quality

While trustworthiness and legitimacy look reasonable so far, the bigger question remains – are Bloom Supply’s products and services actually worth purchasing?

Reading through product reviews on their site, most commentary is positive with customers reporting items as described. No reviews stand out as obvious fake posts either.

On Trustpilot, Bloom Supply’s overall star rating is lower at 2.9/5 stars based on 56 reviews. However, examining the critical 1-star reviews more closely reveals they stem from shipping/logistics issues rather than major complaints about products themselves.

Bloom Supply’s Facebook and Instagram also present an engaged community of customers regularly showing off hauls and results. Again, this feedback leans more positive than negative overall.

When considering price points and included amenities, Bloom Supply’s offerings appear comparable in value to competitors in the broader health/wellness space at first glance too from an outsider perspective.

Nothing stands out as too good to be true that would raise eyebrows. So in summary, while occasional shipping problems seem plausible, the products themselves don’t seem to present inherent issues based on review patterns so far. Customer satisfaction with items received remains the norm.


After weighing all available factors from multiple sources – while not perfect and minor risks still exist – Bloom Supply does not exhibit clear signs of being a disreputable company or outright scam at this time based on current accessible information.

The bulk of customer reviews, website analysis checks, and seller activity tracked offer reasonable assurances about legitimate operations. Issues raised tend to focus on only isolated incidents rather than widespread problems.

Therefore, cautious consumers can feel reasonably confident purchasing from Bloom Supply with the understanding occasional challenges do occur as with any retailer, and to closely monitor for unusual changes at the company over time. But as of now, available evidence suggests Bloom Supply appears to deliver as promised for most users.

Of course, continued evaluation as more data surfaces is wise. But at present, Bloom Supply has earned a valid benefit of the doubt for prospective buyers conducting prudent research beforehand. Proceeding with care seems reasonably safe based on digging into available facts from multiple credible perspectives.

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