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Analyzing the Legitimacy of

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, many new websites and domains emerge daily looking to capitalize on consumer demand. However, not all of these stores can be trusted. One such domain raising questions is Let’s take an in-depth look at this retailer to determine whether it presents any red flags.

Limited Company Information

Looking first at, very little substantive information can be found about the owners or operators of the site. No physical address, phone number, names or business registration details are published anywhere. This lack of transparency is the first cause for concern.

Legitimate online merchants typically disclose location data to build confidence they are valid enterprises versus fly-by-night operations seeking only quick financial gains illegally. Not providing basic company facts violates online trust standards and suggests something dubious could be afoot.

Hidden Store Policies

Similarly, shares very few specifics about important store policies on their public pages. Terms of use, refund procedures, shipping details and payment security practices have all been carefully hidden from view. Visitors are in the dark about transaction guidelines.

Trustworthy retailers understand transparency strengthens legitimacy and buyer confidence through clarity. Hiding terms signals there may be something being obscured buyers wouldn’t accept. Unclear procedures also make disputes very difficult compared to companies adhering to standard policy disclosure.

Newly Registered Domain

Checking domain records for further indicates this site was only registered on September 5th, 2023. A domain this new raises immediate concerns it could simply vanish overnight with customer funds and data.

Flash-in-the-pan operators seek transient quick wins rather than long-term customer satisfaction through building authenticity over time. Legitimate multi-national brands have standing domains reflecting maturity and permanence and compliance standards as businesses.

Overly Generic Site Design

The overall layout and structure of also look suspiciously bare bones and hastily thrown together. Template-based designs imply no real branding or visual identity was prioritized. Shop templates can easily be purchased ready-to-use by any aspiring scammer.

Unique custom sites authenticating ownership via professional designs stand out. Copywriting here too appears rushed lacking nuanced company details or assurances found on most credible commerce portals worldwide. DIY-esque text reflects a lack of care.

Inflated Discount Marketing

One of the primary marketing tactics used on involves promoting supra-competitive discounts like 80% off retail prices. However, reviewing alleged “original” and sale prices reveals the supposed markdowns are likely fabricated.

Trustworthy stores don’t openly mislead this way or risk legal consequences. False discounts exist only to lure buyers expecting bargains while harvesting private information unscrupulously through forms. Rapid domain dumps follow.

Absence of Social Authority

When browsing further, no other verified external profiles or presences exist tying the company to authentic businesses elsewhere. No LinkedIn, social mentions, referenceable physical locations, or PR signals highlight blocksupercc as a reputable brand.

Established legitimate online sellers naturally develop surrounding webs of credibility through multiple touchpoints engaged for accountability and visibility. The lack of any profiles here is yet another omission eroding this site’s believability and commitment levels.

Hidden Contact Information

Attempts to contact directly via phone or email listed on their site result in failed connections too. No live customer support reps or personalized inquiry solutions exist. Generic web forms provide the only means of outreach.

Trust demands accessibility via full transparent communication outlets like telephone numbers previously scrutinized by regulatory bodies. Hidden communication again screams questionable motives and an absence of legitimate business registration.

Unverified Product Authenticity

Finally, browsing’s product listings raises doubts over the authenticity and sourcing of goods sold. Low stock images may actually depict competitor items versus branded products shown.

Dropshipping networks enable scammers to sell anything without owning inventory while dodging legal responsibility too. Real companies protect consumers and brands through verified purchases rather than unregulated opportunism here evident.


After thorough research and analysis of, assessment indicates unfortunately this retailer likely constitutes an illegitimate online scam operation based on overwhelming factual evidence presented here. Lack of ownership transparency, policy hiding, unverified products and domain immaturity alongside other problematic aspects point collectively to misrepresentation present here unfortunately eroding consumer trust.

Anyone encouraged to steer clear of conducting business through this website until drastic legitimate verifications and assurances arise protecting buyer security above all which do not exist currently evidently. Continued awareness helps others avoid potential victimization too. Caution remains strongly advised with as currently analyzed.

Overall, numerous unaddressed concerning signals suggest avoiding until a time proven business standards arise protecting consumer spending – if at all. Independent verification provides the only means conclusively settling the legitimacy question definitively here. Healthy skepticism protects wallets best unfortunately in this instance online it seems at present time.

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