is blissful farm tiles legit or scam? reviews and complaints

## Is Blissful Farm Tiles Legit or a Scam?

Blissful Farm Tiles is a fairly popular mobile game that allows users to earn real money. However, many people are questioning whether or not it is a legitimate way to earn and if withdrawals are actually paid out. In this in-depth review, I aim to determine if Blissful Farm Tiles is legit or a scam by taking a look at the following factors:

### Gameplay and Monetization

Blissful Farm Tiles is a simple puzzle/matching mobile game where the objective is to swap tiles around to create matches of 3 or more of the same color/object. As the player progresses through levels, new challenges, obstacles and powerups are introduced to mix things up.

The game is free to play but contains ads as well as opportunities to watch videos or make in-app purchases to gain boosts or extra moves. However, the core gameplay can be enjoyed without spending any money.

In addition to gameplay rewards, the game also offers a “cash reward” system where players earn virtual coins simply for playing levels each day. These coins can then be withdrawn as cash via PayPal or bank transfer.

On the surface, this type of core gameplay paired with a rewards system seems fairly standard for mobile games looking to monetize. However, questions still remain around the legitimacy of the cash rewards system.

### Developer Credibility

The developer listed for Blissful Farm Tiles is Dweqaada Apps LLP, an Indian company. Looking into this developer, it’s found that their online presence and credibility is fairly sparse:

– No official website found, only contact listed is a generic gmail address
– No other games or apps attributed to this developer listed on app stores
– Very little online discussion or reviews of other games by this developer

This raises some red flags, as legitimate developers usually have an established online presence with multiple published games and positive reviews from players. The lack of credibility here makes the legitimacy of Blissful Farm Tiles more suspicious.

### Player Experiences and Withdrawals

To get a sense of whether withdrawals are truly paid out as promised, I reviewed numerous YouTube videos, discussion forums and Reddit threads from players discussing their experiences:

– Many players report earning the promised daily coin amounts with no issues over time
– However, a concerning number of complaints exist from players who say withdrawal requests have gone ignored or payments were not received
– Some players still waiting months later without resolution from the developers
– Common reasons given for non-payment include random account bans or sudden lack of response

This mixed bag of player experiences suggests withdrawals may sometimes work flawlessly, but there is also a legitimate risk of requests getting denied or ignored with no recourse. Without proof of consistent, timely payouts, it’s hard to say withdrawals can always be trusted.

### Summary of Findings

After reviewing all available information on Blissful Farm Tiles and player experiences, here are the key takeaways:

– Gameplay itself seems legit and not a scam in terms of core mechanics
– However, lack of developer credibility and transparency raises red flags
– While some are paid, numerous complaints exist of ignored or denied withdrawal requests
– No way to independently verify payouts are consistent and reliable
– Risk that account could get banned with earned money forfeited

Therefore, while some fun can be had playing for free, I cannot confidently say the cash rewards aspect of Blissful Farm Tiles is fully legitimate or trustworthy based on the mixed experiences. There appears to be genuine risk of funds not being paid out as promised. As such, it’s probably best to avoid viewing this game as a reliable income stream.

## Alternative Games to Consider

If looking for mobile games that do reliably pay out cash rewards, here are some alternatives to Blissful Farm Tiles that have a stronger track record based on player reviews:

### SwagBucks

– Earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web and more
– Points can be redeemed for gift cards from brands like Amazon, Target and more
– Over $500 million paid out to members since inception
– One of the most trusted reward websites with millions of loyal users

<td>Well established since 2005 <br> Consistent payouts</td>
<td>Earning potential depends on time spent <br> Redemptions not cash</td>

### Mistplay

– Play selected mobile games to earn points
– Points redeemable for cash via PayPal once thresholds met
– Regular payouts and positive reviews from long-time users
– Additional ways to earn like answering fun trivia

<td>Actual cash payouts <br> Fun gameplay</td>
<td>Limited selection of games <br> Earning may get slow over time</td>

### GameKit

– Casual games across web, desktop and mobile platforms
– Cashouts start as low as $5 via PayPal or other wallets
– Transparent earnings and payout details
– Over $10 million paid out since founding in 2013

<td>Trustworthy brand <br> Cross-platform games</td>
<td>Lower earning potential than other sites</td>

All three of these monetization platforms have built strong reputations through consistent payouts over many years. While earning power may vary, players can feel secure knowing withdrawals are reliable – unlike the risk presented by Blissful Farm Tiles. For legitimate mobile money making, these alternatives are better options to consider.

## Final Thoughts

To summarize, Blissful Farm Tiles seems to present fun and engaging core mobile gameplay. However, legitimate concerns remain around the authenticity and reliability of the associated cash rewards system. Due to the mixed withdrawal experiences reported and lack of developer transparency, it’s difficult to say for certain this aspect operates as a fully legitimate business.

While some players may succeed in withdrawing funds, the risk of ignored requests or account bans without resolution is concerning based on available information. More reputable games and reward websites provide stress-free monetization alternatives where chances of unreliable payouts are much lower. For that reason, Blissful Farm Tiles may be best enjoyed without viewing it as a serious income opportunity. Taking withdrawals with a grain of salt is advisable based on the available evidence.

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