is big lots deals legit or a scam site? Reviews & complains 2023

Navigating the Landscape of Big Lots Deals: Legitimacy Unveiled


As the holiday season unfolds, shoppers are on the lookout for enticing deals, and Big Lots, a prominent discount retailer, has firmly established its presence with over 1,400 stores across the United States. However, the surge in Black Friday and holiday promotions brings with it the potential for scams to lurk in the shadows. In this extensive blog post, we embark on a journey to unravel the legitimacy of Big Lots deals. We’ll delve into historical deal analyses, scrutinize customer reviews, and compare the official site with potential knockoffs to empower readers in distinguishing between genuine discounts and deceptive copycats. Let’s embark on this exploration of savings and authenticity! 🚀🛍️

Big Lots History and Business Model

Foundation of Trust 🏢💼

Founded in 1973, Big Lots has evolved into a retail giant, boasting $6.2 billion in annual revenues. Unlike typical liquidators, Big Lots sources its products from manufacturers, wholesalers, and direct imports rather than relying on return items. With a dynamic inventory that constantly rotates to offer closeouts and promotions, the retailer has earned a reputation for delivering authentic goods at prices discounted 40-60% off regular retail. The consistency in delivering reasonable prices year-round has built trust among customers.

Big Lots Deals – Historical Analysis 📊

Decoding the Patterns of Savings 💸🔄

A retrospective analysis of major Big Lots promotions reveals a pattern of tiered discounts ranging from 40-60% across various categories. The Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday sales from 2021 exemplify this consistency, demonstrating that the retailer adheres to its discount model without inflating prices. The transparency in their pricing strategy fosters a sense of reliability among customers, who come to expect fair savings during major sales events.

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Comparing to Knockoffs

The Quest for Legitimacy

To separate the wheat from the chaff, a direct comparison between the official and a potential imitator,, is illuminating. The disparities are glaring:

Domain Age 19 Years 1 Year
Contact Info Full Address, Phone Number Only Email Form, No Address
Social Profiles Verified Facebook, Twitter Pages No Verified LinkedIn/Social Pages
Reviews 3.2/5 Rating on Trustpilot No Reviews on Third Party Sites lacks the legitimacy cues that the established proudly displays. The stark differences in domain age, contact information, and social presence raise red flags about the unauthorized nature of the former.

Big Lots Deal Analysis 2022 🎅

Unwrapping the Savings of the Season

A closer look at Big Lots’ deals for the current season, including Black Friday (Nov 2022), Cyber Monday, and the Christmas Sale, reinforces the retailer’s commitment to reasonable discounts. With offers like 60% off toys and 50% off small electronics during Black Friday, and an extra 30% off already discounted items storewide for Cyber Monday, the deals align with the expected discount tiers. Importantly, the absence of shady advertising or solicitations beyond official channels signifies a company that doesn’t engage in questionable marketing practices.

Customer Reviews

The Echo of Shopper Sentiments

Customer reviews serve as a crucial barometer of a retailer’s trustworthiness. On TrustPilot, Big Lots garners a relatively average 3.2/5 rating from over 8000 users. Positives highlight good prices for name brands, while negatives touch on issues like dented goods and occasionally unclear return policies. ConsumerAffairs reviews echo a similar sentiment, with a 2.2/5 rating from 350 reviews. Despite frustrations with damaged inventory and stock inaccuracies, there are no direct accusations of fraud. Social media feedback, especially on Facebook, showcases positive reviews commending in-store deals. While there are occasional Twitter complaints, they are evenly split between service and selection flaws. Overall, the reviews indicate normal discount outlet gripes without raising red flags of dishonest or criminal operations.

Spotting Big Lots Impersonators 🚫

Navigating the Sea of Imitations 🌊🕵️

With the holiday season in full swing, staying vigilant against fake Big Lots sites is crucial. Here are some tips to avoid falling prey to impersonators:

  • Shop Exclusively at Stick to the official domain and local retail stores to ensure authenticity.
  • Beware of Social Ads and Unfamiliar Domains: Exercise caution when encountering ads or unfamiliar domains using the Big Lots name.
  • Verify Destination URLs: Hover over links before clicking to ensure they lead to the authentic Big Lots destination.
  • Watch Out for Exaggerated Claims: Be wary of sites making exaggerated claims, such as 100% off or free shipping scams.
  • Check for Legitimate Company Information: Avoid sites lacking a company address, with low Trustpilot ratings, or minimal social presence.
  • Be Skeptical of Unusual Payment Requests: Big Lots only accepts cards and PayPal; be cautious of sites requesting electronic checks or crypto payments.

Following these best practices not only ensures that deals are legitimate but also guards against unauthorized credit card theft or personal data breaches that may arise from imitations like “Biglots-clearance” during this festive season.

Conclusion – Big Lots is Legit! 🎄

Certifying Trust in the Land of Savings 🏆🌟

After an exhaustive analysis covering pricing patterns, website legitimacy markers, and real customer sentiments from various sources, the verdict is clear:

  • Big Lots has consistently delivered fair and reasonable tiered deals for over two decades without significant issues.
  • The official site and stores adhere to the expected standards of a discount retailer, ensuring transparency in pricing.
  • Reviews highlight typical outlet frustrations but do not provide evidence of scamming behaviors or fraudulent activities by Big Lots.
  • New domains attempting to imitate the brand lack the extensive verification and trust built by over the years.

In conclusion, Big Lots emerges as a trustworthy destination for holiday shopping, offering genuine discounts and reliable deals. As you navigate the landscape of savings, armed with insights from this comprehensive analysis, may your holiday shopping be filled with joy, savings, and the assurance of legitimacy. Happy shopping! 🎅🛍️

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