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An In-Depth BeenVerified Review: Features, Pricing and More

When researching individuals, employers, or protecting your own identity, having access to reliable background check reports is invaluable. BeenVerified is one of the most popular public records search services available, making it easy to find people and gather details from a vast database of information.

In this BeenVerified review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features, pricing plans, service usability and support options to help you determine if it meets your needs. While public records access raises some privacy concerns, BeenVerified aims to simplify the process and present data in an ethical, transparent manner.

Comprehensive Search Capabilities

BeenVerified stands out for offering an extensive selection of search types to uncover different details about individuals. Some of the main record lookups offered include:

  • People search – Find names, dates of birth, potential relatives and more through cross-referenced public profiles.

  • Background check – Access comprehensive background reports encompassing criminal, education and work histories.

  • Phone records – Trace phone numbers back to owners and prior addresses.

  • Email search – Search emails to identify associated names and online accounts.

  • Address records – Lookup past and present street addresses linked to individuals.

  • Property ownership – Uncover property tax records, assessor details, ownership transfers and more.

  • Civil and criminal records – Browse legal judgments, liens, felonies, misdemeanors and other official documents.

Being able to search across multiple databases through a single platform saves considerable time versus searching individually at local courthouses or other sites. Reports also pull everything together in an organized, easy-to-digest format.

Monitoring & Alert Capabilities

Beyond one-time reports, BeenVerified offers a “Watch” feature for continuous monitoring of search subjects. Users can opt-in to automated alerts if any new public records emerge, such as address changes, legal filings and other updates.

This provides ongoing peace of mind, especially for purposes like identity protection, keeping tabs on ex-partners or verifying information on potential new hires remains accurate. Custom monitoring rules help ensure you only receive important notifications.

Mobile Optimization

Reflecting high consumer demand for accessibility on-the-go, BeenVerified developed fully-functional mobile apps. The iOS and Android apps replicate the full-featured website experience including running searches, viewing saved reports and setting mobile alerts.

This makes BeenVerified highly convenient to use from any location. Mobile optimization is an important asset for services dealing with timely background checks and identity monitoring needs.

Pricing Structure Analysis

BeenVerified offers flexibility through its month-to-month and quarterly membership plans:

  • 1 Month Plan – $22.86/month – Best for occasional, one-off reports. Only commit for 1 billing cycle.

  • 3 Month Plan – $14.86/month – Economy option when planning multiple regular searches. Works out to $44.58 every 90 days.

Notably, there are no per-search or per-person additionalfees like with some competitors. Unlimited searches, monitors and saved reports are included regardless of membership length.

Compared to pay-as-you-go rivals, the all-inclusive monthly/quarterly plans from BeenVerified offer exceptional per-use value for ongoing verification needs. And switching between plans is seamless if requirements change.

User-Friendly Experience

Overall, BeenVerified delivers an intuitive, simplified process aligned with their mission of making public records accessible to all. Some user experience highlights include:

  • Simple search forms – Minimal fields and descriptions ensure easy data entry.

  • Preview summaries – Clicking a result provides an overview before accessing the full report.

  • Bookmarking – Save reports locally or to your online account for easy reference later.

  • Responsiveness – Pages load very quickly and adapt well across devices/screensizes.

  • Comprehensive guidance – Detailed instructions, glossary and examples reduce the learning curve.

The clean, streamlined interface rarely requires support. But BeenVerified also offers responsive phone, email and online chat assistance as needed.

In-Depth but Responsible Reporting

When it comes to the depth and breadth of background report content, BeenVerified definitely delivers for users. Sample sections routinely included:

  • Personal details – Names, DOB, social profiles linked to the individual.

  • Relatives and associates – Immediate and extended family connections.

  • Property records – Addresses, ownership dates, assessed values, transfers.

  • Criminal records – Felonies, misdemeanors, charges, case details and outcomes.

  • Civil and legal cases – Liens, judgments, bankruptcies and other official filings.

  • Educational history – Schools attended, degrees earned, activities involvement.

  • Employment information – Current and past positions, dates of employment.

The extensive coverage helps paint a fuller picture to assess risk or make informed decisions. At the same time, BeenVerified responsibly notes limitations on how data can legally be used for things like creditworthiness decisions.

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Actionable Local Insights

While a national database provider, BeenVerified recognizes the importance of local nuances. Sample location-specific information reports may include:

  • Neighborhood safety ratings and crime maps

  • Transportation & infrastructure project updates

  • Nearby recreational activities, attractions and services

  • Local school rankings and performance metrics

  • Upcoming community events and news

  • Economic reports on job markets or housing trends

Staying tapped into issues affecting their immediate vicinity empowers users with relevant knowledge. It’s a smart value-add for those relocating, embarking on a new business or checking out a date’s credibility within their community.

Verification of Accuracy

One lingering criticism of any background screening tool is how reliably current and accurate collected data remains over time. So how does BeenVerified fair on this critical metric?

Fortunately, they implement strict quality control processes like:

  • Automated daily database updates from public record sources

  • Manual auditing to detect and fix reporting errors

  • Allowing subjects to dispute incorrect information

  • Monitoring legal/policy changes requiring data amendments

  • Providing updated reports for any information that changes

These diligent accuracy verification procedures lend BeenVerified credibility and build confidence their background reports provide a factual representation of public data available at search time.

Comprehensive Identity Protection

While background checks are handy, robust identity theft and credit monitoring take safety an important step further for those particularly concerned about vigilant identity protection.

BeenVerified covers these bases with Identity Watch, an optional identity protection program available to all members at $9.99 per month. Standout features include:

  • Daily tracking of the dark web, paste sites and more for personal info leaks

  • 3-Bureau credit monitoring with unlimited credit scores and reports

  • Bank and financial account activity alerts

  • $1 million identity theft insurance policy with individual case workers

  • Lost wallet protection and regular social security number scans

Paying a bit more through Identity Watch gives BeenVerified users additional layers of monitoring for complete, ongoing piece of mind.

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Final Thoughts on BeenVerified

When considering all the aspects that matter most for a background screening service – BeenVerified stands out as a leading choice that balances costs, capabilities and user experience.

Powerful people and public record searches are accessible from both desktop and mobile, while membership plans avoid nickel-and-diming users. Reporting depth, accuracy verification and identity protection upgrades also provide good value.

Some privacy concerns always remain around compiling and potentially misusing individuals’ public information. However, BeenVerified strives for transparency on data sources and limitations put in place by regulations like FCRA.

Overall, this review finds BeenVerified to offer reliable, responsibly-handled background reports that equip users with valuable insights through an organized, intuitive interface. Their extensive service scope and competitive membership models cement BeenVerified as a top pick worth considering for background verification purposes.

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