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An In-Depth Look at is a relatively new website that claims to provide gift voucher and fundraising services specifically for military bases. However, upon taking a closer look, there are several signs that suggest may not be a fully legitimate operation. In this in-depth review, I’ll discuss what purports to offer, examine the website itself and various third-party site checks, and provide my analysis on whether should be considered trustworthy.

What is Supposed to Do?

On the surface, presents itself as a convenient solution for military bases, veterans groups, and other organizations. The site states that it partners directly with these groups to create custom branded gift vouchers that can be purchased and later redeemed on base.

Groups are said to earn a percentage from each voucher sale as a fundraising opportunity. Meanwhile, people can support bases by buying vouchers as gifts. Recipients would then be able to spend the vouchers like cash at on-base stores, restaurants, and vendors. handles all the payment processing, distribution of physical or digital vouchers, and customer service issues. Groups simply set the voucher amounts, design, and promotion while takes care of the backend operations.

This type of specialized voucher/gift card marketplace targeted at military communities could indeed be valuable if executed properly and transparently. However, upon further analysis, there are red flags that may not be operating entirely above board.

Analysis of the Website

Taking a close look at the actual website reveals several concerning issues:

  • The site was registered only 10 days ago according to domain history records. This is an immediate red flag, as legitimate businesses do not rush to create new domains and go live within such a short timeframe.

  • No external social profiles or links are provided. Most reputable companies have official Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. profiles to engage customers and build trust. has none.

  • Contact details are vague. Only a contact form and phone number are listed with no company address or representative names. Transparency is lacking.

  • Website content is sparse. Aside from a short description and generic hero image, there is little actual information on how the process works, partner testimonials, terms & conditions, etc.

  • Site speed and functionality are poor. Pages load slowly and the checkout process appears buggy, which raises doubts about the technical capabilities.

  • No SSL certificate is installed for an encrypted connection. Security is a must for financial transactions but is missing here.

  • Backlink profile is nonexistent. Almost no other websites link to, suggesting very little natural reach or referral traffic so far.

The barebones, hurriedly put together nature of the actual site itself is the first big red flag regarding legitimacy. Legitimate gift card marketplaces invest heavily in their digital presence and build trust over time.

Third Party Website Reviews and Analysis

Checking reputable third party review sites for an independent analysis of turns up even more suspicious signs:

  • Scam advisor sites like Scam Detector and Safe Web label the domain as “dangerous” and a potential scam.

  • DNS and website history records show the site was registered under Cloudflare merely 10 days prior, with almost no traffic or backlinks accumulated since.

  • A whois lookup reveals the domain is registered privately through Cloudflare with no disclosed owner or company information.

  • Running the website through scam database checkers like WebParanoid returns no positive trusted reviews, only potential scam red flags from the site analysis.

When multiple independent checkers and reviewers all flag the site as dangerous and potential scam based on various metrics, it’s a strong sign legitimacy cannot be assumed. Reputable companies do not trigger so many scam warnings across various verification services.

Analysis Summary – Is Trustworthy?

After taking an in-depth look at the website itself as well as various third party review sources, the overwhelming evidence suggests this domain should not be considered trustworthy or reliable:

  • The hurried domain registration and launch timeframe of only 10 days is a major red flag.

  • The lack of any external online profiles, very limited website content/functionality, and poor site speed/bugs further diminish confidence.

  • Anonymous private domain registration and non-disclosure of ownership/location raises legal and accountability issues.

  • Triggering of scam warnings across multiple verification services based on in-depth technical website analysis is the biggest red flag of all.

  • The complete absence of customer reviews, partner testimonials or any kind of social proof of legitimacy after launching highlights a lack of transparent reputation building.

All signs point to being yet another rushed, likely dishonest venture aiming to capitalize on gift card or fundraising services without proper vetting, licensing or infrastructure. Unless far more transparent operation and positive verified reviews emerge over time, this domain is best avoided due to an unacceptably high probability of scam activity or empty promises. Military communities deserve fully trustworthy partners.

Summing Up – Proceed with Caution

In summary, while the concept of a specialized gift voucher marketplace targeting military bases has potential value, the execution by raises too many legitimate concerns to recommend engaging with this new and untested site. Both the website itself and independent third party reviews uncover ample warning flags that scam activity may be involved.

Unless and until becomes fully transparent about ownership and operations, improves website functionality, builds a positive verified review history over many months, and clears independent scam database warnings – this domain should be considered highly suspicious and best avoided.

The needs of military fundraising deserve trustworthy solutions. For now, groups are best advised to proceed cautiously or seek alternative proven platforms rather than risk potential problems. Only with significantly improved reputation, transparency and legitimacy over time could possibly become a recommended consideration in future. But based on currently available evidence, caution is strongly advised.

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