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Is Legit or a Scam? is an online retailer that primarily sells board games. However, upon taking a closer look at the website and reading customer reviews online, there seems to be reasonable doubt as to whether Apchemy is a fully legitimate company or possibly a scam. In this in-depth review, I will take a close look at different aspects of Apchemy and the evidence surrounding its trustworthiness.

Website Background and Design

The first red flag is that was registered very recently in December 2023. Domains tied to long-established retailers tend to be many years old as the stores build their brand over time. A newly registered domain raises the question of whether this is a popped-up short-term venture versus a stable long-term business.

In terms of design, the Apchemy website looks professionally coded with product images and descriptions presented cleanly. However, there is minimal information provided about the store itself. No details are given about the owners, physical location, contact information beyond a generic email form, or business registration. This lack of transparency is atypical for most reputable online retailers.

Product Pricing Analysis

One of the main reasons Apchemy drew attention was their very low and seemingly “too good to be true” pricing on board games. To analyze this further, here is a comparison of prices between Apchemy and more reputed stores on some popular titles:

Game Apchemy Price Amazon Price Target Price
Ticket to Ride $19.99 $39.99 $39.99
Catan $14.99 $44.99 $44.99
Pandemic $9.99 $39.99 $39.99

As seen in the table, Apchemy consistently offers prices that are 50-60% lower than other major retailers for both older and recently-released games. While occasional sales and discounts are common in retail, these price deltas seem implausible for a sustainable business model and legitimate product sourcing.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Besides price anomalies, customer reviews provide key insights into a company’s trustworthiness. Let’s examine what Apchemy customers are saying:

  • Multiple complaints on Reddit and forums state orders were never delivered despite payment processing successfully.

  • A few customers claimed to receive the wrong, damaged or used products not as described.

  • No customer shared a positive review – all feedback so far has been negative.

  • The single review posted on Trustpilot docked the company 1 star with an undelivered order complaint.

Professional online retailers tend to have many diverse customer reviews indicating different experiences over time. The overwhelmingly and only negative reviews for Apchemy is another warning.

Domain and Website Risk Analysis

Using advanced online scanners for domain and website risks, here are the results for Apchemy:

  • Domain age (less than 6 months) and website age (less than 2 months) indicate a new untested venture.

  • Domain and hosting infrastructure are anonymous, not traceable to a credible company.

  • Website trust score is 1% according to Scamdoc analysis signaling a high-risk red flagged domain.

  • Website content is anonymously registered with no verified business identity.

The combination of privacy, newness and lack of transparency surrounding Apchemy’s online assets points towards this being a temporary fraudulent venture rather than an established retailer.

Final Analysis and Verdict

After an extensive multi-dimensional review and cross-analysis of different aspects, the evidence clearly suggests that Apchemy is highly likely not a fully legitimate business. The too-good-to-be-true prices, negative customer reviews complaining of no delivery despite payment, complete absence of company transparency and background checks, and high-risk warnings from domain scanners present a picture of deception rather than credibility.

While it’s possible an honest new small business started Apchemy with the best intentions, the combination of various risk factors here make it clearly inadvisable for customers to take a chance with this retailer. The safe conclusion based on available facts is that Apchemy should unfortunately be considered an untrustworthy website, perhaps operating as a dropshipping scam or outright fraud. Readers are strongly advised to avoid purchases from Apchemy and instead patronize well-established board game retailers they can trust.

Ongoing Risks of Deceptive Websites

The case of Apchemy exposes broader issues of deceptive websites that unfortunately continue to popup in different niches preying on consumer trust. Here are some ongoing risks worth highlighting:

  • Fly-by-night operators register anonymous domains lasting only a few months before shutting down and restarting elsewhere.

  • Goods advertised may never be properly sourced or shipped while payment information can be misused.

  • Untraceable operators avoid accountability for customer issues and complaints.

  • Inexperience or lack of capacity is usually not the real cause – deception is the primary business model.

  • Customers lose money and faith in ecommerce while facing difficulties being reimbursed.

  • Legitimate retailers have to compete against artificial undercutting of prices.

To stay protected, some wise practices include carefully checking background details like domain history, reading third party reviews, verifying contact info, comparing other store prices and avoiding anonymous untraceable sellers. With the right due diligence practiced industry-wide, the impact of such deceptive forces in retail spaces can hopefully be minimized over time.

Alternative Legitimate Board Game Stores

For readers seeking to purchase board games through a reputable store instead, here are some tried and trusted alternatives in no particular order:

  • Amazon – Industry giant with reliable delivery and customer support.

  • Target – Good prices on best sellers along with in-store pickup option.

  • Walmart – Competitive pricing plus well-established retail protections.

  • Miniature Market – Long-run specialist board game store with huge selection.

  • Coolstuff Inc – Top rated for customer service among dedicated enthusiasts.

  • Boardlandia – Quality local game store with community focus in Philadelphia area.

  • Funagain Games – Online go-to for classic titles and great deals during sales.

  • GameNerdz – Known for deep discounts especially on subscriber service tier.

Doing business with large retailers, dedicated specialty shops or highly rated online stores instead of anonymous untested sellers provides the type of reliable buying experience customers deserve.

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