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Is Allkeyshop Legit? A Deep Dive

When it comes to buying game keys and digital codes online, safety and legitimacy are top priorities for consumers. Allkeyshop is one of the largest and most popular sites for finding deals on keys, but some may wonder – is Allkeyshop legit? In this in-depth review, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Allkeyshop to determine whether or not it can be trusted.

A Reputable Company With Strong Reviews

Firstly, Allkeyshop has been in operation since 2013, giving it a solid track record in the industry. As one of the earliest dedicated game key comparison sites, it has had plenty of time to build up trust with customers.

Allkeyshop is also transparent about its operations, clearly listing its ownership and providing full contact details on the site. This openness is a good sign that it has nothing to hide.

When browsing customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Facebook, it’s clear that the vast majority of Allkeyshop users have positive experiences. Most praise the wide selection and low prices offered. While no company is perfect, legitimate issues seem to be quite rare.

Secure Payment Methods

Allkeyshop accepts payments through all major providers like PayPal, credit/debit cards, and cryptocurrency. This gives buyers multiple safe options to make purchases.

The site is also designed with security in mind, using encryption for checkout pages. Payment details are handled directly by the payment processors and not stored on Allkeyshop’s servers.

Buyers should always feel confident using HTTPS-enabled payment pages from reputable companies. Allkeyshop passes these basic security checks.

Keys Activated Directly By Developers

Unlike some shadier resellers, Allkeyshop doesn’t actually stock or deliver keys itself. Rather, it aggregates deals from a wide network of authorized sellers and markets that are approved by developers.

This means all keys are obtained and activated directly through the original creators of each game. So there is no risk of receiving region locked, expired or fraudulent codes that won’t work.

Major developers like Ubisoft, EA, and Square Enix recognize Allkeyshop partner stores as legitimate distributors. So buyers can be sure their purchases are fully supported.

24/7 Customer Support

Issues can occasionally arise with any online purchase. But Allkeyshop makes it easy to get help through a dedicated 24/7 support center.

The site response team can be reached by live chat, email, social media or phone for assistance with orders, payments, deliveries or key activations. Most reports indicate prompt and effective resolution of problems.

This level of accessible support builds further trust that Allkeyshop stands by its transactions and wants each customer to have a positive experience.

Prices That Are Often Unbeatable

While safety and reliability should always be the top concern, competitive prices are also an important factor when shopping online. On this front, Allkeyshop truly delivers.

By aggregating deals from dozens of digital sellers, Allkeyshop provides customers access to discounts that average between 20-85% off standard retail prices across all games and platforms. Many deals are limited-time promotions too.

This ability to save big on games is a huge draw for savvy shoppers and why Allkeyshop has millions of users worldwide. When coupled with its security measures, the added value becomes clear.

Alternatives of allkeyshop

Here are some popular alternatives to Allkeyshop for finding game deals:

  • CDKeys – One of the largest sites similar to Allkeyshop. Offers keys for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo games. Interface isn’t as streamlined.

  • Instant Gaming – Large inventory of game codes at discounted prices. Simple website layout. Fewer payment options compared to Allkeyshop.

  • GamesPlanet – Popular European store that sells keys individually and in bundles. Mainly focuses on PC titles. Smaller game selection than Allkeyshop.

  • Gamivo – Another large marketplace for digital game codes. Wide range of products and deals. Can be moderately more expensive on some new releases.

  • Fanatical – Known for its regular “bundles” where you get 5-15 games for one low price. Best for building up your game library long-term.

  • Green Man Gaming – Veteran PC game store that now sells codes for all platforms. Loyalty program provides further savings. Prices slightly higher than Allkeyshop on average.

  • Eneba – Reliable site based in Europe. Large game library with daily deal discounts of 20-90%. Interface takes more browsing to find specific titles.

  • G2A – Longtime market leader but has faced some controversies over fraud prevention. Hit or miss customer service. Cheaper prices on average than competitors.

While these sites offer alternatives, most serious bargain hunters still consider Allkeyshop to be the best balance of price, selection, security features and customer service overall. Its competitive advantages make it a top choice.

How Allkeyshop’s Customer Support Compares to Other Platforms

When it comes to buying digital game codes, customer support is a major factor in determining how trusted and reliable a platform is. This is especially important if any issues arise during the transaction or redemption process. So how does Allkeyshop’s support stack up against competitors?

24/7 Live Support

Allkeyshop stands out for offering 24/7 live chat support handled directly by its own customer service team. This means quick responses are always available no matter the time of day.

Most other sites rely on email-only support during regular business hours or outsource to third parties with longer wait times. 24/7 live chat gives Allkeyshop a clear advantage.

Methods of Contact

In addition to chat, Allkeyshop support can also be accessed through phone, email, social media and an online ticket system. This level of flexibility for placing support inquiries is greater than some competitors that limit interaction to only 1-2 channels.

Speed of Responses

Customer reviews consistently praise Allkeyshop for resolving issues promptly, often within an hour or less of initially contacting support. Other platforms don’t always have a reputation for such fast response windows even during business hours.

Scope of Assistance

Allkeyshop agents are equipped to provide end-to-end assistance for the full range of potential issues – from payment or delivery problems, to key activation faults, account issues and more. Smaller stores may pass customers between departments.

Language Availability

With support available in 9 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and more – Allkeyshop has the widest language coverage compared to rivals focused only on 2-3 major tongues.

Overall Impression

Allkeyshop has invested heavily in customer support to distinguish itself from competitors. Its 24/7 live assistance, prompt responses, accessibility through multiple channels and preparedness to solve any problems leaves customers with a network far surpassing lesser options. This level of support builds considerable trust in the platform.

In Summary

Through many years of trusted operation, positive reviews, secure practices, direct sales authorizations and excellent customer care – it’s evident that Allkeyshop has established itself as a completely legitimate choice for gamers worldwide.

While digital resale will always carry some inherent risks, Allkeyshop’s many safeguards and protections for buyers make it one of the safest and most reputable sources for game deals on the internet today. New and experienced shoppers alike can feel confident using the site.

In the end, Allkeyshop has certainly proven its legitimacy through diligent efforts to satisfy and protect millions of customers over nearly a decade in business so far. Its combination of great selection, low prices and security is tough for any competitors to match.

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