Top investment platforms in Nigeria

As we all know holyprofweb has been a site for reviews. Today, we are going to give the top 3 investments or online business platform which you can invest your funds. After checking website in Nigeria today and how they works, the systems, owners and mode of operation, we give the top 3 investment website to:


1. Grinset investments

Grinset rated as the best online business as far as Nigeria is concerned. Just like most online business, here, all what you do is to perform some daily task and get paid. This type of business has opened for so long and many of it has failed. It is not a mining platform and they don’t only make money from your money to pay others.
Initially, their goal is to provide our investors with a reliable source of high income, while minimizing any possible risks and offering a high-quality service, allowing us to automate and simplify the relations between the investors and the trustees. We have all talked about this whole project here

2. Minenaira

*What is Minenaira?*

Minenaira is a newly launched online website that was launched on the first of December, 2021. It is an automatic mining website. Which really means it mines automatically without needing to click mine!

*How Does Minenaira Work?*

Minenaira isn’t hard to navigate. As we know Minenaira to be an automatic mining platform, you just need to invest and that is all. Your money starts working immediately.

*What and how are the packages like??*

This is not like all this common online business. Here, the plans are timely.( 15days, 30days, 3months, e.t.c) so, you can invest any amount and get your profits when the timing is complete.
*Note: You can invest any amount in any plan!!*

What is Minenaira profits range?
Biweekly(15days) plan gives 9% daily, monthly gives 5.4%daily, e.t.c
*our profits may not be as much as other platforms because we will not pay people money we cant afford which will make us go back home(crashes)*

*When can you withdraw for referrals on MINENAIRA ?*

Withdrawal shouldn’t be a problem because you can withdraw when you have upto 1000 naira and withdrawal is anytime. So dont worry about it, because it is also easy like the registration process. Once you withdraw you will get the money before the end of the day.

*When to withdraw investment on Minenaira?*

Once your package has ended, you can place withdrawal. But if its at a moment you needed your money very important for emergencies or occasions, you can write a support ticket which will surely be approved but will take a whole day.

1. Withdrawal is anytime, anyday
2. Withdrawal is always opened
3. Customer care is fully active
4. It is flutterwave supported
5. Referral isn’t compulsory
6. Legit✌️
7. You dont need daily logins
9. Swift payment
10.No charges at all (we are not like other businesses who gives millions and take thousands back as charges.)

To know more about Minenaira , kindly visit


3. Adsreap

Adsreap is rated as one of the most legit business as far as we are concerned. We rate it as the third most legit.! There is different between ponzi and promotions.

What is Adsreap?
Adsreap is an Advertising platform that pays you reasonable amount for clicking on ads giving to you daily on their platform without with out you requiring referrals. The site have been active since the day it came on and uptill now it is still paying.

Adsreap is what we call a PTC because you are paid to click on ads.

How Does Adsreap Work?
Adsreap isn’t hard to navigate. As we know Adsreap is a PTC so you earn when you click on ads sent to you but the ads you click on is limited by your plan because Currently on Adsreap, they are 4 different packages on you can earn from and each have the amount of ads you can click on before your package exhaust.

How much do you earn per ads click on Adsreap?
The amount of money you make per ads varies from 20naira to 100naira. Isn’t that awesome, it is so simple to make money using it.

What are the Available Packages On Adsreap?

On Adsreap,Plan registration fees or ads you can click are not constant and they can change from time to time, so whenever a plan changes we promise to update this plans. Here below are the current plans and their prices.

This is is the smallest and youngest package on Adsreap it’s a Free . because you dont need to deposit before you activate the plan. As far as this is concerned, you can Only Click on 1ads on this plan daily.

2. Silver plan
This plan is the second smallest plan on Adsreap This plan is actually worth your money but the thing is that the ads you click on is limited. So, when you register with 1000, you will be able to click on 3 ptc

3.Gold plan
The third plan on Adsreap and the most recommended if you are to choose between it and silver plan, you click on 8 ads daily and The register fee for this plan is just 2500

4. Platinum plan
This should have been the best plan if not for the unlimited plan, because in the plan they is high possibility of you getting ×2 of your money, in this plan you can’t click more than 15 ads ads and registration fee is 5000 but dont worry cos you will make double your money back.

Asset plan
This is the highest plan of Adsreap as for right now and with this plan you can click on unlimited ads for 8000naira meaning that you can make 10 times your money back and also this is the most recommended plan.

Is Adsreap safe??
Adsreap is completely safe and your money wont go anywhere no matter what but if you have a complain just comment below, we will look into it.

How To Make Money On Adsreap?
Making money on Adsreap shouldn’t be hard because the site was made to be extra user friendly and so making the money wont be a problem. All you need to do is register, Select a plan, subscribe, wait for verification and start clicking ads. That’s simple and I dont think they is anything else except for adding personal information.
When can you withdraw on Adsreap?

Withdrawal shouldn’t be a problem because you can withdraw when you have upto 200naira and withdrawal is anytime. So dont worry about it, because it is also easy like the registration process. Once you withdraw you will get the money before the end of the day.

How To Withdraw Your Money On Adsreap
To withdraw from Adsreap
1. Login to your user dashboard
2. Click on the withdraw button
3. Fill the Adsreap withdrawal form with the right details and click submit and then wait for approval.
How to register on Adsreap?
Registration is easy on Adsreap, to register just follow the step below and you will be able to register without any issue.
STEP 1 : Visit Adsreap to sign up
STEP 2: After Registration click right on the deposit button to add money.
STEP 3: choose the method of payment of your
STEP 4: After successful funding, it will reflect on your dashboard and your investment will start counting.
Is Adsreap Scam Or Legit?
Adsreap is absolutely real and it is absolutely gonna last longer than any other PTC sites. If you think it is a scam maybe they once scammed you or something please comment below but as far as am concerned Adsreap is real.
Is It a must for you to have a referral on Adsreap
No, it is not a must for you to have a referral on Adsreap and your earnings is determined by the ads you click.
When Was Adsreap Launched?
Adsreap haven’t been online for long since it was launched on 20th Oct 2021 and it is still online upto now.

Adsreap have never been reported scam since no negative reviews gave ever been written against it so I know that definitely you will make some cash on Adsreap. If you have anything to add please comment below.


Litemox is financial company engaged in investment activities, which are related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges performed by qualified professional traders.

Due to the strictness and transparency performed by them, we will rate this website as the number 3 on our agenda. Some will comment or complain that this website is that good because of the time of creation (new) and not enough members. I will not be against the comment but this was reviewed because of their goodness and performance to members. Once we see any changes from them, this post will be changed with immediate effect.








Rating: 5 out of 5.


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